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    'The Straight Story' by David Lynch, 'Stalker' by Andrei Tarkovsky and 'The Gospel According to St Matthew' by Pier Paolo Pasolini.
  1. Check out this animations website
  2. Hi, I've just made a short minute film based on a poem by the Spanish mystic St John of the Cross. Please watch it & tell me what you think The Dark Night web movie Here's a still from the movie: God bless Leo
  3. Please take a look at my bro's short film about the symbolism of light + shadow ... http://leoearle.tripod.com/mart/ It was played at his end of year show on a constant loop. The music is by nuns from the Bethlehem order. Leao NB requires Quicktime 6.5
  4. It only took 3 days?! It's very, very good. I especially like Mary Magdalene drinking tea. Presumably, that's you playing Jesus? peace Leao Leo's portfolio
  5. I've just made a short film about finding God whilst doing the washing up. If you would like to watch it go to: http://www.leoearle.com/washingup/site.html looking forward to hearing your feedback Leao NB You need Quicktime version 6.5 to watch the film or else you'll receive an error message. You can download it for free at www.quicktime.com
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