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  1. Yes. All people who have ever written in cursive are girls. No, but it's not the type of thing you would usually mention at the top of a song unless you were ensure your audience knew that your protagonist was either (a) a girl or ( a writer. And which one Sufjan was aiming for is completely clear in my eyes ears. Clarity can be fun. But he said in this concert that Palisades is a story about him and his buddy at summer camp... PS lol the wings
  2. Writing in cursive makes you a girl? 8O Not that I'm sure he's gay, but I would not at all be surprised! John Wayne Gacy Jr, Casimir Pulaski Day, The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts, The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades, To Be Alone With You, and Size Too Small all give me gay vibes. Otherwise, hi! I haven't posted on this board in like 2 years. Obviously Jennifer Knapp coming out was the reason for my return. ::blushing::
  3. Next up: Sufjan Stevens.
  4. My two cents: as an occasional poster, I think it's too bad to see that the politics & religion sections have been archived. The religion forum especially contains some of the most insightful thoughts I have ever encountered, and it was a privilege to engage them over the past several years. I'm sorry to see that it will not be continued.
  5. Ouch. Didn't do too well at the ratings. I thought it was a pretty good premiere. Silas was amazing, but David was sort of obnoxious. His whole "I'm just gonna be, like, real with you" at the press conference was so tiresome. I hope it picks up-- this show has the potential to be very zeitgeisty.
  6. I guess I just expected more after the LotR steamroller.
  7. Too bad, I thought it was a lock for Best Picture.
  8. . Oh yeah, that scene was absurd. I always hate cinematic butterfly effects.
  9. Best sequence in the film. Yes, radically different than the rest of the movie, which is much weaker in comparison. You
  10. Sundered


    Viola Davis was fantastic. I dunno, though. I laughed during most of the Giant Intense Stage Adaptation Moments, especially the ending. EDIT: I forgot to deplore the crappy direction & the multiple canted angles. C'mon, Deakins.
  11. The Huffington Post is publishing against global warming?! It's over.
  12. I saw it this evening. The courtroom and classroom scenes are very provoking. It's a difficult moral question-- national guilt-- and the script neither justifies nor lacks sympathy for Hanna. It all boiled down to the scene where the other student calls for Hanna to be shot at the same time he implies that she is merely the scapegoat for German society. And then the dialogue in New York with the lack of total forgiveness, it's good stuff. The romance was an interesting addition. I thought it brought up a lot of plot threads that it never resolved or explored as fully as it could have. Didn't think this story was quite as engaging, and at times it seemed sadistic (mainly the conclusion, and those letters-- whoo!). Other spoiler: Kate Winslet is great. EDIT: Speaking of Kate, I just pulled up the interview with her. Really? Isn't she going a bit far in characterizing their relationship? I thought the dramatic age difference made the movie more complex, and I certainly didn't see it as a beautiful love story...
  13. Personally, I'm waiting (and probably will be until hell freezes over) for scientists to start sticking to science, and stop pretending to be experts in public policy. Good point. I remember being annoyed by Michael Crichton's clearly political message to Congress, stating that global warming was not that big of a deal. I wonder whether both sides, however, are equally entrenched in politics. In this case, it makes it difficult for us non-scientists to sort through the truth.
  14. I read this online a few days ago, and thought it was very interesting, especially the document all those scientists signed. I know almost nothing about the actual science, so it's weird to hear that the consensus may not be so ironclad. I'd be curious to know how significant the The Manhattan Declaration really is. Below is a quote from the document, endorsed by hundreds of scientists.
  15. I saw the extended copy in a local bookstore as I was Christmas shopping, but the silly cover made me want to skip out on it. But then today, my Dad mentioned how ridiculous he thought The New World was, and I remembered that it was my favorite movie of the decade, so I thought maybe I should watch the new version with him. In order to convince him of its greatness. Judging from here, it is worth checking out.
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