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    MP3 Me

    I'm always up for this, and just loaded the ipod. Here's a shuffle: Elliott Smith - No Name #4 Poor Old Lu - Friday to Sunday Weezer - Falling for You Clams Casino - Brainwash Extra Fluffy - Guitars, Guns, & Girls Born Ruffians - Red Elephant Appleseed Cast - Poseidon Appleseed Cast - A Tree for Trials Poor Old Lu - Speak Soft Presidents of the USA - Lump Bis - Burn the Suit Born Ruffians - Humming Bird (good lord I love this song) Poor Old Lu - Cruciality Beck - Hollywood Freaks The Clash - Remote Control
  2. Saw him at the Orpheum last night. Amazing show, as usual. "All of Me Wants All of You is an R&B slow-jam. "Blue Bucket of Gold" ends with 5-10 minutes of ambient noise. They play the entire record, arranged for full band. Dawn Landes (who's often toured with Hem) on BGVs. A sermon about death in the middle of the show. Beautiful.
  3. Ooh, interesting. I wonder if that made the ending more sad/unsatisfying to you at all? If you want to hear Faber reading in the voice of an Oasan -- which sounds nothing like how I was rendering their pronunciation in my head, but totally makes sense -- you can listen to this interview. This was a riveting novel. Thinking of reading some of his others now.
  4. I just finished this. Wow, what a book. Sad and beautiful. One of the best portrayals of Christian faith I've read in contemporary fiction.
  5. My piece about Sprinter and Jamie Quatro's short story collection I Want to Show You More is in the new Christ and Pop Culture magazine. (Issue is $1.99)
  6. Here's a very thoughtful and interesting essay on curriculum reform in (Catholic) universities -- mostly about "goal-based" vs. discipline-based education -- really worth a read for anyone working in higher ed. One meaty excerpt:
  7. Anyone been listening to Shad? I haven't caught much of the show with him as host yet. I like the guy, but it seems pretty clear it will take him a while to get comfortable. An interested take on the new host from a commentator here:
  8. Went ahead and bought this -- a really good record. Does anyone know her first? Worth getting?
  9. The title track is huge. Can't get it out of my head. Think I'll head out to see her in Vancouver in a couple weeks!
  10. Also of note, the show's new host, Shad, is a rapper from Vancouver, and also a Christian -- I've seen his name pop up at Christian festivals in Western Canada and in the pages of Geez magazine, everyone's favorite vaguely anabaptist, somewhat anarchist Canadian Christian-ish magazine.
  11. Joel

    The Mountain Goats

    I want to wholeheartedly commend Darnielle's Wolf in White Van, which I just finished reading. Beautiful book.
  12. I haven't seen Death Cab since maybe 2006, but I always thought it was the other way around. Maybe I need to look into this more closely - I'm considering Walla the 'lead guitarist' for most songs, is that accurate? I'm thinking of, like, the riff in the middle of "Transatlanticism." Also I still can't figure out who plays what on "We Looked Like Giants." I love those dueling lines though.
  13. Here's some discussion I did about the record on a music-and-faith podcast, Burn After Listening (our own Jeff Overstreet has also been on this show!).
  14. Anyone? I listened through a few time and really liked the more pop-single-type songs at the beginning..."No Room in Frame" is classic. Probably the last we'll hear of those great syncopated Walla guitar lines.
  15. My piece out today. Every evangelical writer of a certain age has now written about this record. Here are some. There are a lot more. DL Mayfield at the Curator me at CT Tyler Huckabee at Christ & Pop Culture Ryan Hamm at Washington Post
  16. Fun fact: Nedelle was randomly the opening act for my college band's final show years ago, which took place at the Paradox Theater (!) at what used to be Mars Hill church in Ballard (!) I love the Nedelle and Thom record, but it's the only one of hers I've actually heard. Will have to check this out.
  17. I admit to being jarred at first, but it feels of a piece with the rest of the record, which is pretty aggressively devoted to examining thoughts, feelings, and actions (some of which he is clearly not proud of -- he calls his behavior "unexcusable" in the Pitchfork interview) in the wake of grief and depression, regardless of how uncomfortably personal that gets. After a few more listens it totally worked for me. And as somebody suggested on Twitter, I think it was, can you think of a more succinct summation of this generation's sexual dysfunction?
  18. I think I'm somewhere between 6 and 10 listens, and I have to say I still think it's a gorgeous record. It's pretty great to hear Stevens get economical with his songwriting.
  19. This record feels extremely personal (in fact, I thought the last one was pretty personal, but the aesthetic of this one underscores the autobiographical element much more), for sure. Christianity Today wants me to turn my review into more of a thinkpiece on what evangelicals want from an artist like Stevens. I think I'll actually draw on our conversation about Age of Adz, which I just reread. Some good thoughts there.
  20. Listening to this now - it is very pretty and sad. One blogger writes: "the closest we're ever gonna get to Sufjan ever coming out." I don't want this to be a big deal in my review, and I know we've talked about it here before, but I can't help but wonder if that is going to be significant in the critical reception of this record.
  21. "If you believe what Jesus said, which I almost do ---" What a line. I can totally see that as a Bazan lyric.
  22. Been listening to Bjork's whole catalog a lot lately. It's striking to revisit Vespertine and especially Medulla in light of the new record. Those albums are so much about the intimacy, vulnerability, joy, and trust of monogamy, domesticity, and family, which makes me see Vulnicura as both thematically continuous and all the more crushing.
  23. Definitely agree that the earlier artwork is better (and more in continuity with her previous record covers) but this one almost feels right to me, in that it graphically and uncomfortably depicts some of the same things the songs graphically and uncomfortably depict.
  24. Joel

    Chrindie 95

    That's the brilliance of it -- for all its bravado, it's a deeply self-conscious (even self-centered?) album about what it means to be an evangelical.
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