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  1. The real question is: has anyone heard Bono's version of "Hallelujah" ? I think it was with Gavin Friday on a Leonard Cohen trinute of some kind. Frankly, it sucks. He essentially "raps" the verses and does his falsetto-gospel think on the chorus.
  2. some suggestions: "High and Dry" or "Bulletproof" by Radiohead "Do You Realize?" or "What is the Light?" by the Flaming Lips "Sailor" by Hem (or anything by Hem) "Naked as We Came" by Iron and Wine (or anything...) "the Inside of Love" by Nada Surf "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab for Cutie "The Rising Tide" by Sunny Day Real Estate (or any Fire Theft song) "Hallelujah" Jeff Buckley's version "I've Been Waiting" by Sixpence None the Richer
  3. Man. I feel like a jerk. For the BS comment, I was just going off what I read someplace on the thread and I shouldn't have said it. I assumed there was some sort of censorship going on. Please accept my sincere apology. One thing that interests me is that there are some artists who are covered in the Glimpses section who indeed are Christians, but aren't associated with the Christian market. I was thinking that this was probably my only real beef with the dichotomy that exists within Christian cultural criticism. Then I read this: This is important to note for clarity's sake. The Christian Music Today site, if I understand correctly, primarily intends to cover music that is marketed to Christians. And they've actually done a great job of going above and beyond that at times.
  4. Joel

    Rock vs. Non-Rock

    I concur. We're more on the same page than I thought. Oh, the Falcon... Kebbie -- I think that Image comes out at the end of June. If I ever start my elitist music mag, you're in ... as long as you, like me, long to be sincere and joyful about loving music but more often than not come across as a complete jerk about it. Also that book looks very cool; I'll have to check it out. (Literally. At the library.)
  5. Joel

    Rock vs. Non-Rock

    I guess it was you a bit, mrmando*. I have no beef with preferring one thing over another, but I bristled at the implication that rock is naturally more commercial than some other genres you mentioned. Also, I'm not sure that, for example, Sigur Ros makes 'lower' music than someone like Aaron Copland. (*are you the mrmando that used to post on the forum of a certain SPU publication?)
  6. Joel

    Rock vs. Non-Rock

    In the CT Music thread, I noticed a little anti-rock/anti-pop -ism. It got my dander up, but I'm not sure how I could defend rock, either. Some posters on said thread seemed to see rock/pop as something of a low art vs. the high art of other forms (classical, jazz, etc.). At first I wanted to be all sanctimonious and make some comment about the crass commercialism of movies, but I thought better of it. Anyone know of any books/articles that broach the topic of the inherent quality of varying types of music? I can't bring myself to believe that "rock" is inferior just because it uses electric guitars and drum sets. Would those with strong opinions about the worthiness of popular music care to share them?
  7. It is ironic. We Christians are big on paradoxes, I guess. Mostly, I'm jealous of the movie people. And what absolute BS that CT would not print OTR or Sufjan. I can't imagine a sensible justification for that.
  8. Is that what Paste really is, though? I know Josh & the staff are Christians, but I don't know if the writers are. Except for Jeffrey, and me, and Brian Q. Newcomb, and ... uh, actually, never mind...
  9. Joel

    2004 Music Journals

    Music I've liked thus far in 2004 by Joel Hartse albums (discovered by me this year, not necessarily released this year) Stars - Heart (left over from 03, but still good!) Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans Zero 7 - When it Falls Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site RJD2 - Deadringer Patrick Andrew - There and Then It's Gone Daft Punk - Discovery Sixpence None the Richer - Live at the Floodzone 3/22/1999 bootleg (courtesy of Jamie) Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous Mercir - As Small As the Center Nedelle and Thom - Summerland Hem - Eveningland John Coltrane - pretty much everything, esp. A Love Supreme songs Britney Spears - Toxic (I don't care what anyone says. AWESOME.) United State of Electronica - Vamos a la Playa Half-Handed Cloud - We Haven't Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved All Things Bright and Beautiful - The Wedding Feast of the Lamb Stars - Ageless Beauty intriguing record labels Sounds Familyre Arts and Crafts Hope to listen to more of Duke Ellington Count Basie Baden Powell Antonio Carlos Jobim John Coltrane [check!] Charlie Parker Blackalicious/Gift of Gab [genre of the year] BOSSA NOVA!
  10. Joel

    Sex in rock and pop

    "Bendy Line" is extremely erotic. I'm surprised it got past the Christian bookstore censors! Another good one to remember is Bon Voyage's "Kiss My Lips." My local CCM Merchant refused to sell their debut album to me back in the day. Again, married couple! And the most risque line, other than "kiss my lips" was something like "keep me up all night." I think Stu is on to something there. When I think about my favorite "Christian" artists, like Sixpence, Starflyer 59, Luxury, the Prayer Chain (OK, yes, all of my favorite Christian bands are from the mid 90's), they have almost all embodied a certain healthy sensuality, or at least don't have that virginal sheen about them that many Christian artists do. My fiancee once commented that Jason Martin sings like he's seducing every woman in the room.
  11. (Ir)Relevant -- now THAT is funny. I am dying to see someone do this. If it's not too poorly written, I hope some of you can pick up the next issue of IMAGE, in which I tried to put forth some ideas about Christians and pop music. I don't think I did a great job, but I'm hoping to move forward from there. My long-term goals aren't to do pop criticism in Christian publications, but I do have a dream to bring excellent pop music criticism to certain places. In fact, I did a tiny review of Sufjan Stevens for the newly resurrected Seven Ball Magazine recently. Hear Hear!
  12. I think Bazan's cleverness has finally caught up with him. He's too clever and incisive for his own good. "Years ago, in my earliest and pastiest days as a would-be writer, I once read a new story aloud to S. and Boo Boo. When I was finished, Boo Boo said flatly (but looking over at Seymour) that the story was "too clever." S. shook his head, beaming away at me, and said cleverness was my permanent affliction*, my wooden leg, and that it was in the worst possible taste to draw the group's attention to it. As one limping man to another, old Zooey, let's be courteous and kind to each other." - JD Salinger (* or Achilles Heel, if you will? eh? -joel)
  13. Initial thoughts: - It's not a concept album (which is OK!) - He's really hoping to alienate the last remaining legalist/fundamentalist fans (there's that pesky f-word) - Much poppier/catchier than the last 2 records, and in a way is reminiscent of some of the upbeat stuff from It's Hard to Find a Friend, which feels kind of nice and comforting. Always good melodies. -Some good lyrics (the Holy Spirit telling an evangelist to shut up), some bad lyrics (some kind of love triangle invovling U.S. States?). Pitchfork sums it up pretty well. It's less that I'd expect from a songwriter of Bazan's caliber. Anyone else?
  14. This brings up a question that has plagued me: do the people voting in the Christian music categories have any idea what they're voting on? I know that the Grammys are a farce for the most part, but I picture someone looking at the list and saying "Hmm...Third Day, I've heard of them, they get my vote." Who votes for any of it, for that matter? Have they heard all the records they're voting on? My bet is no.
  15. Joel


    It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, CCM sucks. Yes, it's derivative. This article didn't tell me anything I didn't know, and clumsily at that. Intellectually, I think he's being lazy. The Jars of Clay/Innocence Mission album art comparison seems pretty arbitrary, not to mention irrelevant, and although the SWB fellow looks like Elton John, the album covers don't really look alike. And what does that prove, anyway? CCM = bad. We've moved on...
  16. Joel

    Fun With

    I've been reading the plugged in reviews for a healthy does of laughter and outrage for several years. I love what he says about Radiohead's Kid A: " 'Optimistic' " tells fans that doing their best is good enough."
  17. Joel

    Sounds Familyre

    Ha! I almost mentioned Asthmatic Kitty but I thought I'd seem too much of a indie-label nerd. I guess I'm among my own kind... also Soul-Junk.
  18. Joel

    Sounds Familyre

    After all the talk of Sujfan Stevens, I thought I'd mention (and see if anyone else has checked out) the record label he's on, Sounds Familyre, which is run by Daniel Smith of the somewhat polarizing and bizarre Danielson Famile (who I used to hate, but now love). Everything I've heard from this label has been so...I don't know...uplifting? inspiring? I sound like I'm talking about Sandi Patti or something, but I really feel that way. Danielson, Sufjan, this guy called Half-Handed Cloud who writes these amazing 1-minute pop songs (!), someone called The Singing Mechanic...I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying the mp3s I downloaded from their site. There seems to be so much care and love there. I'll stop being sappy, but give some a listen ... http://www.soundsfamilyre.com/soundsfamilyre/index.asp
  19. Joel

    Quick Question

    based on what you like, you should get Sexsmith. based on what is super amazing and exciting (and new-ish): Sufjan.
  20. I always used to get them mixed up with Built to Spill, since Isaac Brock has an even whinier voice than Doug Martsch. I'll have to say that although I think they've written some very catchy songs (I don't care what anyone says, "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes" --the one where he sings "I'm gonna punch you in your glasses--is just great), but he's not a great singer and most of their songs are too angular and angry for me. That song from the minivan commercial is quite pretty, however.
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