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  1. His response is already available with a Sunday time stamp...it was...uh...not his wisest move. Interesting about the Crossan stuff... But then, why trust Woody's memory on this?
  2. Hey, Corbin Bernsen was there as well.. Andy Garcia looks unhappy to be there in every picture.
  3. Thom Wade

    Sophie Scholl

    I never noticed anything bad with the picture...but I have need seen it for a few years...
  4. As long as Catholics have the confessional, there will always be secrets in the Catholic hierarchy. Then the Catholic Church is just another man made institution we can never truly trust.
  5. Though, does his account of the homelife with Farrow count more than Ronan or Dylan in regards to her supposed abusive ways? And what proof has he that she was *definitely* not molested by Allen? Does he really expect us to believe that they were always in a big communal group? That there was no possible privacy? It is certainly plausible she was demanding and Dylan got molested. His version of their homelife is possible as well as her statement of being molested. Frankly, manipulation seems to be something both sides are quite skilled at in this discussion (in spite of the portrayal of Allen as some unlucky sad sack by those who jump to his defense). When filming Silver Linings Playbook, he groped his 19 year old niece at a gym, but she "invited" him to, or some absurd claim like that. Yeah...that was his defense, she did not tell quite the same story. Honestly, even if it had been consensual, fondling his niece is just to skeevy.
  6. I don't disagree on that point. (It is pretty rare that someone admits right away, tho. Polanski and David O. Russell are the only people I can think of that admitted pretty much right away)
  7. Although, Mia is in the same side of that as Soon Yi....a ridiculously older man with a very young woman. She is still not comparable to Woody in that area. I know someone as well. Though the kids never backed their mother up. And there was zero physical evidence. To this day the kids deny any abuse. But then, us each knowing someone does not make it not rare. Even in custody battles, it is less common than people think. http://www.villainouscompany.com/vcblog/archives/2012/04/child_supportcu.html The problem for Woody is this is a no win. An innocent guy is going to deny guilt. So is a guilty guy. It is pretty rare that a high profile person accused of molesting kids comes forth and admits it.
  8. Have not seen the movie...but have almost grabbed a bag of popcorn for this interesting debate.
  9. A friend of Mia Farrow who is a journalist writes a critical blog peice? So? As if there are not journalist friends of Allen defending him? http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/01/27/the-woody-allen-allegations-not-so-fast.html#url=/articles/2014/01/27/the-woody-allen-allegations-not-so-fast.html Why is the article about Kristoff acting like they got caught trying to pull something over our eyes?
  10. No, it does not challenge her "high moral ground"... cheating on Woody is not somehow in his favor. The court clearly thought there was a pretty good likelihood he did what Dylan accused him of. There is little to suggest this was fabricated. When we have people suggesting that Dylan is just doing this to help promote her brother's career, I find it pretty hard to be sympathetic to the pro-Allen side. Cheating is bad, molesting children is flat out worse. On the moral ground, Farrow would still be ahead. Added: I do not see good evidence that this is just Mia mad about the Soon Yi situation. I will, however, point out that it was a pretty sleazy situation, no matter how his supporters want to paint it. Also, false accusations are incredibly rare, and often, people do not report rape and molestation specifically because the public will often leap to the defense of the accused and attack the accuser/the accuser's family.
  11. Wait, are they still writing and filming this? Or would he really be for ASM3?
  12. People are gonna long for the simple uplifting days of the Man of Steel when this mash up hits the screens. Since they pushed this off another year, how many pages will this thread reach before release date?
  13. I was only able to access two of those articles...but they had nothing to do with business people and special interest groups buying out auditoriums. They were about the representation of minorities within film. And really, that seems to be a tactic that is pretty uniquely occuring withing Christian circles. I did not hear about black business owners buying out auditoriums for Soul Plane. Or Women CEOs buying up tickets for Gravity... encouraging consumers to go out and support a movie opening weekend is very different from one person or a company buying up tickets that might not even get used.
  14. The thing I find problematic is it totally makes it impossible if a film was actually a success or not. And it seems like a pretty dishonest way to inflate numbers.
  15. Up to three negative reviews and one ten stars out of ten stars calling it a colossus of cinematic achievement. and 151 user ratings. almost one full theater auditoriums worth of people have seen it, apparently. Seriously, though, this is probably the best thing that could have happened to the film.
  16. Yes. Peter made Newsbusters because they are doing the very thing Peter predicted. Kind of amusing, especially as they seem oblivious to that fact.
  17. It is pretty hard for me to take them seriously when his wife is throwing out absurd ideas like they must be "terrified" of the song.
  18. Suddenly, turning the Hobbit into three films seems to lack ambition.
  19. Thom Wade

    Dr. Who

    I do like that it is very much its own thing, without losing that touch that makes the Doctor recognizable.
  20. Oh, I think that was pretty deliberate. My mom noted last night how so much of the show is just McConaughey and Harrelson talking (to each other or being interviewed by the two investigators)...but we all find it captivating.
  21. My mom's reaction to community? "I don't get it...what is the point of it?"
  22. Hercules, Superman, and the Newsboys. This movie is about thirteen years too late. And the Robertsons! Don't forget the Robertsons! Good write up, Ken. Not going to lie...this seems like the type of movie my mom would totally want to watch on Netflix...and I kind of dread having to sit through it with her.
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