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    Yep. That segment is worth catching. Favorite of the whole film.
  2. I cannot IMAGINE that DoS is worse than a three hour duck dynasty marathon.
  3. No, they were planning a follow up to Nemesis, and it involved Spiner...it just got dumped after Nemesis failed so spectacularly.
  4. Thom Wade


    This is pretty intriguing to me, mainly the JGL connection, and according to JGL, Neil Gaiman (the creator) is involved...at least according to JGL's twitter announcement, which makes it sound like this is a go.
  5. The Hobbit is more...Episode one:Phantom Menace. Now I am just trolling.
  6. Did Brent really hang it up though? It was pretty obvious at the time that the plan was to do a Next Generation follow up with the older model that was left at the end of Nemesis.
  7. Seems to me folks could flip that argument and defend the bloat of the films. Everyone loves Tom Bombidal. But the location of the 100 page diversion completely undermines the power and threat of the Ring. It is not good storytelling to do that in what is practically the beginning of the story to show a guy completely uninterested and not tempted by the Ring. It could be good thing later, as with Farimir in the novels... But Tom Bombidal occurs in the worst place for building up the story. It doesn't re-enforce a major theme in a way that is needed or added. Instead, it suggests the Ring is a bit less of a danger.
  8. I cannot lie, guys. The more negative reviews the more it makes me suspect I will enjoy this one. Not a classic, but I found the first obbit film to not be as nearly as terrible as some made it out out to be. It wasn't a classic...but I don't find myself feeling nearly the passion against the films. But in fairness, the books were largely the same experience for me. After reading the LotR books, I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by them. They were interesting ideas and characters....but I found the books every bit as bloated as Jackson's movies...in fact, truth be told, the bloated nature of the LoTR and Hobbit films seem keeping perfectly in spirit wih Tolkein. His books would stop the story entirely to give us backstory on characters who not involved in the story, but maybe loosley connect to Aragorn's romance by way of metaphor.
  9. This should be, like a regular series...maybe ten seasons long.
  10. Bummer. I was hoping they would actually use the title "Terminator: Revival?"
  11. His character has actually been killed before the trailer hit theaters. It was a tragic moment.
  12. Thom Wade


    Um, you have to meet your fate no matter whether you close the door or not. If you close the door, you are meeting your fate. If you fail to close the dooor you are meeting your fate.
  13. Has she finished Return of the King yet?
  14. I have found it tremendously odd that I have seen many people slam Gadot for having a slim resume and being in the Fast and Furious films and turn around and declare Carano as their ideal choice for Wonder Woman. You know, an actress with almost no acting experience (she has only three movies and a video game under her belt) who has appeared in the Fast and Furious franchise. Yeah, that makes sense.
  15. There has apparently been talk of other heroes appearing in this movie. So clearly, WB is pushing madly to establish the Cinematic DCU and be all caught up with Marvel.
  16. Thom Wade

    Dr. Who

    I happen to favor that interpretation, and I think it is a fun one...
  17. Thom Wade

    Tolkien (2019)

    This will become a bloated trilogy.
  18. For the sale, I picked up 12 Angry Men and Repo Man.
  19. Inverting the plot for a sequel is not new, and a pretty predictable option for a story like it's a wonderful life. It is kind of the obvious plot for a sequel. And as I said...laaaaaaazy.
  20. More than anything...I think this approach is a lazy device. Simply flipping the script is an obvious ploy. I also think it has the opposite effect on our feelings towards the protagonist. Mean Grandson George Bailey now runs the risk of being the guy the audience hopes gets a much deserved comuppance rather than sympathize with his struggles. I mean, yeah, in the original, as George sinks into misery and depression, he becomes an aggressive jerk. But you still sympathize, because you get the circumstances driving it. How do you pull that off when your starting point is that he is just a really bad guy?
  21. I do not find the "culture of death" argument compelling (it tends to lead me to believe there is a "Cult of Life" though), the story would be arguing to the new George Bailey that had he not existed at all...tell me...can you honestly say that you have never looked at, say a historical figure like Stalin and wondered if people would not have been better off had he never existed? Can you truly say death is never a positive release? Or a good thing? Ever?
  22. I oppose the idea of a sequel...but the basic idea of a person who thinks they are basically good being shown how cruel they are is hardly the problem. Josie is right that a Christmas Carol is pretty much covers the ground of a guy who thinks he is an upstanding person being called out as a cold hearted jerk. The assumption that a person who see themselves as a basically decent guy being unable to change because he would not believe it just doesn't really jibe with my life experience at all. Most people I know that were not raised in Christian homes and came to Christianity late in life were convinced by someone they were wrong about being basically good. (I would also note that "never been born" hardly is the same thing as "had been aborted"...even the Bible, bastion of hope for many declares at least one man as having been better off had he never been born at all. The statement can just as easily be "was never conceived.")
  23. 4K TVs have not even begun to take off. And they are going to 6K?
  24. Preacher had a dedicated fanbase...but I cannot see there being a larger untapped audience. Maybe I am just being negative...but I cannot see this getting a Breaking Bad fanbase. It is pretty rough material. I say this as someone who liked the series. But it pushed the boundaries of good taste in ways I have not seen television willing to do. So, if they tone the series down, if they make it friendlier to a wider audience...it will bother the fan base. If they give the fanbase what they want? I cannot believe it would make it past a first season.
  25. I will be pretty amazed if they can pull this off.
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