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  1. A tale from a naughty kid who went to hell and returned to warn us all?
  2. Are you questioning the value of a list comprised entirely of U2 and Arcade Fire albums?
  3. As my sister was taking my almost three year old nephew home the other night, he said, "Goodbye, Unca Dad." Do not know where that came from.
  4. http://comicsalliance.com/melissa-rosenberg-jessica-jones-netflix-marvel/ Following up on the news that Cabin in the Woods co-writer and director Drew Goddard will be the showrunner for Marvel’s Daredevil series coming to Netflix, Deadline reports that Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of all five of the Twilight films, will be in charge of the Marvel/Netflix Jessica Jones series. Rosenberg was attached to the series in its original incarnation on ABC, which never came to fruition. She has other experience in comics-based TV, though, having written several episodes of The WB’s Birds of Prey series. ...
  5. Thom Wade

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Oh, I would say Superman is definitley a hodge podge of mythology, religion, pulp novel sci-fi and adventure and so on.
  6. Thom Wade

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Well, technically, they cribbed babies being grown from the 1986 mini-series Man of Steel by John Byrne. This is stated openly by Goyer. Much of the film borrows liberally from various incarnations of Superman. Now, many of those things over the years have been borrowed from other works I am sure...but they were sticking close to Superman territory there.
  7. I know it came up in the Marvel/Disney thread...but it seems like the TV section is the proper place to discuss this deal. So apparently: http://comicsalliance.com/daredevil-drew-goddard-netflix-marvel/ In auspicious news for Daredevil fans, The Wrap is reporting that Drew Goddard is in talks to script the recently announced Marvel series for Netflix. Goddard earned high praise for his work directing and co-writing the horror hit Cabin in the Woods, and his involvement with Marvel’s Cinematic/Televised Universe makes sense given the studio’s close relationship with Joss Whedon, with whom Goddard has collaborated on Cabin in the Woods, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also the writer of Cloverfield and a contributor to Lost, Alias and World War Z, Goddard is a self-professed Daredevil fanatic. When asked by Collider about the possibility of a filmed Daredevil project last year, Goddard threw down the geek cred gauntlet, saying, “You’re talking to a guy that had quotes from ‘Daredevil’ painted on his walls all growing up. When I was 18, I still had the blood-red door [with the quote] ‘I have shown him a man without hope is a man without fear.’” ...
  8. Just a wild guess, but I am betting the owners of the Raggedy Copyright gave a big no to that.
  9. It seems like they got that a "regular" love interest is a way to make a character like Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman and other mythic powered characters relatable to an audience. But they just got it on a surface level. Potts is mentally Tony's equal. But I never get the sense that Foster is brighter than Thor. She acts like a kid with a crush around him to extremes. I never feel like Pepper is so beholden to Tony. She does not need Stark, she chooses to be a part of his life. The rare moment for Foster for me was her initial arrival to Asgard... when they are scanning her and she starts figuring the equipment out is a fun moment. And it is a point where you see that Foster is probably smarter than Thor. And then it is gone. She falls back into totally bewildered mode. She is dragged around, and unable to figure things out...I would have liked to see her be able to problem solve for Thor, being a source of strength and wisdom to his brashness and brawn. It would certainly help sell the character. But really, Foster is merely the Macguffin of the movie until the end...
  10. I noticed a recent Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode did mention the Avenger's alien invasion being two years prior.
  11. It was funny...everything I had heard from people was totally positive until the reviews on this thread. I definitely enjoyed it more than those who have spoken up here so far (in spite of feeling like Foster does not match up to other female leads in comic films)...
  12. SAWland! Fun and dismemberment for all ages!
  13. If ever there was a comic book movie SDG and I just do not see eye to eye on...it is Superman Returns.
  14. I would expect not. It is very common to use existing scores from other films for trailers.
  15. Huh...all this time I have seen the work of special effects teams as artistry. Silly me, they are merely technlogy.
  16. Thom Wade


    That won't be true until the My Mother the Car reboot.
  17. Thom Wade

    Noah (2014)

    Nice post, Peter!
  18. SDG-Are you familiar with Bone at all? Also, Herobear and the kid. Both had nice animated art styles. Bone was pretty fun and full uof adventure in an original fantasy world. It has often proven very popular with younger readers.
  19. I liked Paranormal Activity 3 a lot, however, four did not work as well for me. I recall really liking Ginger Snaps, but saw it years ago. The Devil's Backbone is definitely a favorite. I did like the Serpent and the Rainbow... the Voodoo movie genre never seemed to take off though...
  20. So...if you cannot "fix it in post" you can now just plan to "fix it in the comic".
  21. Thom Wade


    . I sort of side-stepped it in my review, noting what motivates Carrie's use of that power rather than trying to explain the power itself. I think the genetic component came up in the sequel to the DePalma film which stated that Carrie and the girl at center of the sequel got their power from from their dad.
  22. Heh. I always assumed it was some type of wordplay related to ink.
  23. I believe they were Seperate, because Paramount has some controlling interest in the franchise I believe.
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