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  1. Both sides were stirring culture war in the last debate...neither side was innocent in that. Conservative certainty about how an ammendment in the Minnesota constitution banning gay marriage (even though it was already illegal in Minnesota at that time) would be fully supported by the public is pretty much the reason gay marriage is now legal in Minnesota.
  2. They did that with Lillyhammer as well...
  3. Um, just nitpicking here...but they felt their suspicions were vindicated. You would actually need to prove Obama did not actually change his mind for it to be an actual case of vindication.
  4. Well, but not the SECRET Rapture, right? (But a "pre-trib" rapture strikes me as wholly ridiculousy, but very American)
  5. Hmmmm...I thought season two dragged a bit until the final few episodes...but I found season three to be more solid than a ruin.
  6. I think the Dark Knight Rises would have been a far superior film had it's featured villain been the KGBeast. But yeah...the whole "Grizzled Vet Batman" makes no sense in the universe that the MS is kicking off. They (Goyer and Snyder) have said that Superman is supposed to be the starting point, and the other heroes arise in reaction to his presence. I could understand a claim that maybe Batman had been around a couple years, hiding entirely in the shadows...and Superman makes him think he can no longer stay hidden... but anything beyond a few years becomes impossible to believe that he is only a Gotham City urban legend.
  7. I have to say...this seems like a movie idea I would like with a cast I would like. But the trailers have left me entirely uninspired to make the trek out to see it.
  8. It is not like he doesn't still get money from viewer donations. People are sending him questions. Somebody other than the media and religion watchdogs are listening to him.
  9. I like this idea of visiting other parts of the magical universe sans the Boy Who Lived.
  10. Thom Wade

    Man of Steel (2013)

    You're trying to start another argument, aren't you Shhhhhh!
  11. Thom Wade

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Noah's flood or MoS...who had more deaths?
  12. I guess that is my main concern...yeah...Robocop was violent and bloody. Yeah, it was full of satire. But the film had genuine emotion beats that were very effective. And a melting guy exploding all over a car driven by Red Foreman.
  13. So, I put some thoughts up on my Tumblr page today... I must be honest folks...that RoboCop trailer has been bugging me. The primary problem? Murphy and his wife appear to know who he is from the start. But part of what makes the original RoboCop so great (Aside from the scathing satire of corporate culture) is that Alex Murphy is unaware he had a past. He is a machine. He is haunted by memories that he cannot comprehend. And as he learns who he is, he reclaims the identity that was ripped from him. In one of the second film's best moments, RoboCop's wife wants to meet with him, shocked that he is alive. But the corporate heads convince Murphy that he cannot truly return to being a husband. It would be impossible to fulfill the role, due to his condition. It would be better for her to move on in a life without him. When his wife tearfully tries to reconnect, Alex plays the role of machine...he claims he is merely a monument to the man who died. Weller does a great job with this moment, because the conflict within Murphy is evident. The new film removes all of that. Murphy has no self discovery...he is not a machine that rediscovers his humanity.
  14. Well, my PS3 went belly up last weekend, so I had to replace it...so all my gameplay is gone...so I started Infamous from scratch.
  15. Because...EVERY town should have a Robocop statue.
  16. Even if it turned out that his story is not a true story, I still love it.
  17. Really...what should the studio have done? "Gee, they are all free men now...what is the point in telling the story?! Lets shelve the deal. man. It's just money. I mean, plenty of bio pics get made after the fact...why is this one supposed to be discounted based on the fact that it does not have to convince us of their innocence?
  18. Same here (FYEO was my first Bond film). One of the things I like is that Melina (like Domino before her) has an actual story independant of Bond. Had their paths not crossed, I still felt like there could have been a whole story told about her and her "mission".
  19. I really do want to see this one.
  20. Paul was not an Edgar Right film. Just had Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
  21. I've had the suspicion that Blomkamp's movies aren't quite as politically correct or fashionably socialistic as many critics make them out to be, but this is a breathtaking accusation. Yeah, and not really persuasive, I think. Sailer seems to me to oversimplify a laundry list of topical themes around one particular pole, but this reading doesn't offer special persuasive power. (Why are both of his films' sympathies with the oppressed "Third Worlders"?) Yeah, District 9 seems completely unconcerned with the possible "end of civilization" for the first worlders. Heck, it is about a first world beaurocrat who sides with the oppressed once he finds he is starting to lose that status. The "Civilization" are the bad guys in District 9.
  22. Thom Wade

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Oh, I don't think more Green Lantern was in real question. He would be in a Justice League film for sure...and hey, the WB greenlit a sequel after they knew the movie was a failure.
  23. I am inclined to think they are not actually going all Frank Miller with this casting choice. So, that might be good.
  24. Thom Wade

    Man of Steel (2013)

    Some of the strongest defenders of the film I know are women. Some of the most aggressive detractors are men.
  25. I would note, Peter, that there are in fact pro-life groups that pay respect to people who have shot and killed doctors. The group Army of God (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_of_God_(United_States)) holds fundraisers and give awards to people in prison for shooting doctors. So, it may be exaggerated on the show, but it is not without precedence.
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