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    The Road

    I had this reaction to the book. My son was about 18 mths when I read the book and it destroyed me. I wasn't looking for that experience at all, I didn't know much about the book, but that made it all the more powerful. Like you said, Christian, not everyone in the same context will respond the same way. I've been emotionally impacted by Lawhead, Lewis and Tolkien in the past. But I know that being a father, and a new father of a son, caused a response in me that I've never experienced when reading any other story.
  2. MichaelRay


    . . . which will continue until the remakes.
  3. Bill Munny in Unforgiven. From deadly gunslinger to pig farmer, back to gunslinger back to family man.
  4. MichaelRay


    He did stay pretty close to the book, though. This final scene in the book, if I remember correctly, was abrupt without any build or tension. I would love to see the two sequel novels made into films as well. I love these characters.
  5. Although I love the 77s and have long held them dear, I can't see their influence extending to the emergent church. Same with VOL, one of my all time favorites but I don't know if either of these bands were well known enough when they were "big," to have held much sway in any church movement, let alone today.
  6. I really liked the Swell Season album that came out a bit before Once. I wouldn't be sad it they kept moving in that direction.
  7. Perhaps if they had stayed with the story of PC instead of re-imagining the whole thing it would have done better? I and a few others I know chose not to see it in the theater for two reasons: First, we were quite disappointed with the handling of Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, and the previews made it obvious that we would be even more disappointed with Caspian. I just didn't want to pay $10 a ticket to go see something that would piss me off by the end.
  8. An older film that I've found interesting and enlightening is You Can't Take it With You, directed by Frank Capra. Again, the presence of religion is deeply felt in the way the family lives their life and in the prayers that bookend the film. You may want to try out The Second Chance too, a decent portrayal of the two different worlds in America as well as the religious response to those worlds.
  9. These are the first ones that came to mind: Magnolia Punch Drunk Love Broken Flowers Fight Club Wings of Desire
  10. I thought Jordan stipulated that if he died his notes were to be destroyed and no one was to finish the series? Maybe that's just an urban legend. I had to stop reading these because they just went on and on with very similar plots in each novel. And I began to find his minor characters much more interesting than the main characters who seemed to get stuck developmentally in the second book. I may finish them someday if the movies don't come out first.
  11. This was something in the show that always bothered me, even though I was a huge fan for most of its run. Mulder's faith was consistent and steadfast, as long as it was dealing with paranormal occurence. Scully was skeptical of everything, though she seemed to have faith in God, though not without great struggle. It almost became annoying in the episodes in which Mulder and Scully would switch roles, and Mulder, in the cases of faith in God, was more skeptical than Scully ever was and he always seemed to come out on top. So hearing about this aspect of the film isn't surprising.
  12. I like Drowning, it's not a top pick of theirs, but Film at 11 is one of my favorite 77s songs. I saw them on their Tom Tom Blues tour and they were amazing! I've also seen Mike and Mark doing their acoustic thing a couple of times and those are just really fun shows, but I'm hoping to see the full band again, they just flat out rock!
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