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  1. Hello there! I have just finished watching the whole Up series. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_series There is apparently no thread on these films, so i figured i start one! Some ideas: - I watched the whole series over a weekend (!) and while I appreciated the films, I'm kind of sorry I didn't watch them with a longer time between each. I agree the series is a great experiment, but I can't help to notice the progressively growing self-awareness of the films and the protagonists which, to me, gets in the way of telling the story of these people (one could say it becomes part
  2. I sortof enjoyed Be Kind Rewind but I do feel that the actual premise for the movie is better than the movie itself (when you think of it, how could it not be?).. And in some way, I couldve used more of Gondry's touch.. it's just not as bold as Eternal Sunshine or Science of Sleep worlds.
  3. I'm obviously a bit new here (not up to 5 posts yet hehe) but I saw this last week and loved esp. Faubourg Saint-Denis, Place des Victoires and 14e arrondissement. I think as a whole it fits nicely with its subject matter. My great disappointment is Quartier des Enfants Rouges wich is very promising in the first part and falls flat at the end.
  4. I recently attended a screening of The Fall (1969) by Peter Whitehead and the chicken/piano massacre is still very vivid in my mind. An other one that comes to mind is Le Sang des b
  5. Yeah it's a great movie. Check out the dvd extras, i enjoyed them even more than the movie itself. The deleted scenes really seem to have more of Daniel Johnston's input (King Kong remake, DJ's v.o. on his own film). His music is so honest, there's really nothing like it. e.
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