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  1. Thank you all, I found some info saying that (by Canadian film board) 6 out of 10 major players in a production have to be Canadian in order for the film to be considered Canadian. Do any of you have more info on that? Or some other source? Any help would be great. Later
  2. Hello, My concern regards the following: I currently reside in Canada, but I'm not a Canadian citizen. I have a short film in the works and I wonder of what nationality this film will be. I work as a producer/writer/director/editor on the film, as well as one of the casting directors, graphic designers, production managers and camera assistants. The rest of the positions are mainly occupied by Canadian citizens (DoP, Sound, Makeup...). If I am to register a production company, would its nationality decide the nationality of my film? I inquired about this quite a lot, but it's always a challenging answer. If anyone can help me out, it would be great. Thank you,
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