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  1. It's been a while since this was posted, but I wonder if anyone has heard anything more about the animated Noah's Ark movie?
  2. CITA is a pretty cool thing - it could be helpful to you. The name of the org says it all - it's for Christians who do theater, no matter where or what level. The majority of the people who attend seem to be people interested in "Christian" theater - but it's not restricted to that. The last time I was there I ran into people from all walks of theater life, and at the least was encouraged as a Christian artist. The big thing about the conference is that it's for networking - so you meet and meet and meet people and get out of it what you put into it.
  3. You know, there is a rumour on the web that Clint Eastwood has been offered a role in the film. (has that been mentioned here?) The internet buzz is that he would be playing Professor Ravenwood, Marion's father. Although she says he is dead in Raiders, it would be an interesting twist to have that have been Marion's lie, and Blanchett somehow mixed up in it as Marion and Indy's daughter. Don't you just love this sort of speculation?
  4. Hmm... That's an interesting notion - to have Blanchett play the daughter. she could definitely hold her own opposite Ford the way Ford does opposide Connery!
  5. www.cita.org Go find out about the upcoming CITA conference in Chicago this June. I went in '05, and really enjoyed it. It's a great time for networking with other actors who are Christians, and to pick up new materials and resources, and in Chicago - it'll be a great time for picking up a few deep dish pizzas, as well! If anyone has any questions about this, I'll be happy to do my best to answer! -sadida
  6. My last posting on the Borat thread came out as #777 - the number of perfection, right? Do I get a prize?
  7. There's a long standing tradition of filmmaking here, and many great filmmakers. The national filmmaking company is called Kazakhfilm, and they are educating and putting out new films regularly. The country also hosts the Eurasia film festival, which could become the premiere film festival in this part of the world. The issue I have with KZ filmmakers is that they aren't producing much in the way of modern films. The "Nomad" movie is a case in point - a movie about people centuries ago instead of life now. I am hoping to make films here that deal with the here and now, God willing.
  8. Hey all, I am going to be coming back to the US this summer, and would like to invest in a laptop and camera to begin my indy film venture. I'm not looking for the best camera out there, but a digital camera that filmmakers would recommend for beginners. Also, would anyone here recommend that I switch to Mac? If so, what would be the best Mac for the money for a filmmaker? Thanks!
  9. *note: I have been a lurker here for a month or so, and thought you folks might like to hear the perspective on Borat from someone living in KZ.* I remember one occasion during college when a touring theater company visited our campus, and offered a class on theater improvisation. My roommate and I volunteered to participate, and almost immediately launched into a routine that included some pretty juvenile
  10. The obvious redemption is what happens to Red (Morgan F). If you are looking for Andy (Tim R) to be redeemed, it's there, but it's a bit more subtle. I'd be curious to know what that critic meant by that statement.
  11. Since this is the only thread you've posted on, I imagine you don't have a feel for the board overall, but this community is more of a "critic" focused forum - the primary discussions take place around discussing and evaluating art, not creating it for whatever reason. But if you're really looking for info on film schools and equipment, you can probably find a lot of boards out there with a lot more information than what you'll get here. Just the way it is. Fair enough. The thing I was hoping was that this would be a place where I could discuss making film with other believers. Any idea where that sort of place exists? By the way, love your av. I just hosted a film discussion night with some students, and we watched "Shawshank". Funny little tidbit: in Russian (I live in the former USSR) they translated it "Shawshank Escape". How's that for missing the point?
  12. This is a most quiet board. I was hoping for a bit more activity to help me sort out things, rather disappointing.
  13. Thanks! I'll look into these choices you give.
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