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  1. MLeary, Do you draw a distinction between being a critic and being a reviewer? I have heard some people insist that such a difference does (or should) exist. Others disregard such notions and claim the two terms are interchangeable. (Me? I'm still undecided.)
  2. I confess I did NOT read every last post in this thread. So if what I'm about to ask has been asked above, I apologize. But I want to know if everyone here agrees upon the definition/classification of "Horror" films. I personally would not include the Left Behind film as "Horror" and I also don't truly classify Jaws as such either. I see some films as "Occult Horror" and/or "Supernatural Horror". Then there's the "Thriller", sub-categorized into "Suspense-Thriller" and "Action-Thriller" (and a few other sub-sub-categories I won't get into right now). Silence of the Lambs is--in my estimation-- a "Psychological Suspense Crime-Thriller. Frank Paretti's angel books have been labeled by the Christian publishing industry as "Christian Horror", but I disagree with that designation. I would more classify his works as "Supernatural Suspense-Thrillers." My own criteria is that I very simply ask myself if the PRIMARY SUBJECT MATTER of the story is "horrifying." To me, a continuous focus upon blood and guts, and gratuitous violence are automatic qualifiers for "horror." Extreme cruelty, sadism, particularly viscious murders--those to me are the essence of true horror. Silence of the Lambs was more concerned with solving the crime, not with showcasing violence. While I admit that the violence and cruelty of that movie was not watered down to a mere PG or PG-13, it still wasn't the main focus. Solving the crime was, and the method of solving it heavilly centered upon exploring--in admittedly grusome detail-- a dark corner of criminal psychology. Halloween was more "Horror" to me. But very good horror, and even very admirable horror (it was just a brilliant film). While it also dealt with a dark corner of criminal psychology, the focus was NOT solving a crime, but escaping the villain's latest rapage.
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