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  1. Yes, he was born and raised in Waxahachie, about an hour or so from Fort Worth, a city that served as Wills home base off and on throughout his career. For what it's worth, Places in the Heart was filmed on location in and around Waxahachie. To some degree, that's true. You wouldn't have heard that much Bob Wills music at that time, although I can't remember a time when I didn't hear Cotton-Eyed Joe on a regular basis: from music class in elementary school (where we did rudimentary square dancing) in the early 1970s, through junior high (latter half of the 1970s), to high school (1979-1984). As a caveat though, during that part of my life I was living in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area of Texas (in the southeast corner of Texas next to the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana) where there was a very heavy Cajun music/dance influence. The last time I heard it was at a Texas Rangers baseball game about 10 days ago. I think they play it at every home game during the 7th inning stretch. I rarely go a month without hearing it playing in public somewhere. Yep. I have both of the Asleep at the Wheel Bob Wills tribute recordings. I listen to "Ride With Bob" on a regular basis.
  2. I don't really see the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" at the dance as significant of anything except that the story takes place in Texas. Every dance I've ever attended in Texas features "Cotton-Eyed Joe" at some point... even trendy rock-driven high school dances. I suppose the influence of Bob Wills has embedded the song in our culture. As you may or may not know, the Texas way to respond to the caller during the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" is: Caller: "Now what you say?" Dancers: "Bull -s--t!" Caller: "Y'all say what?" Dancers: "Bull -s--t!" Caller: "Still can't hear you..." Dancers: "Bull -s--t!" And for what it's worth, I believe the correct lyric is, "...I'd been married a long time ago..." That's a wonderful scene. The movie begins and end with bread and wine. (The sheriff had dinner rolls in his pockets and his drunk murderer had a bottle of wine.)
  3. Great to have you here. I just placed my order and will probably start reading your book this weekend. Hope you stick around. Thanks!
  4. From something I read recently (I don't remember where), I am under the impression that she doesn't have a contract with Nonesuch anymore. I'm not sure how she will distribute. Perhaps straight to iTunes?
  5. Sam has released a new song this morning, "Was It All In My Head?" Those who saw her on the Boot and a Shoe tour probably heard this one live.
  6. Isn't that sound titled, "In a Big Country", or something along that line? Sara and I were playing this game at dinner last night, and that's one of the ones she came up with, but then she withdrew it when she verified the title on All Music Guide. We are very strict.
  7. Sam has released a new song this morning, available for free download on her Web site. It's called, "A Piece of My Brightside."
  8. I think we would all be better off without the condescending comments. Feel free to delete what I posted if you really think I'm just "dumping" stories.
  9. Global and Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Activity [still] lowest in 30-years Tropical cyclone (TC) activity worldwide has completely and utterly collapsed during the past 2 to 3 years with TC energy levels sinking to levels not seen since the late 1970s. This should not be a surprise to scientists since the natural variability in climate dominates any detectable or perceived global warming impact when it comes to measuring yearly integrated tropical cyclone activity. With the continuation (persistence) of colder Pacific tropical sea-surface temperatures associated with the effects of La Nina, the upcoming 2009 Atlantic hurricane season should be above average, as we saw in 2008. Nevertheless, since the Atlantic only makes up 10-15% of overall global TC activity each year (climatological average during the past 30 years), continued Northern Hemispheric and global TC inactivity as a whole likely will continue. ... Bottom Line Under global warming scenarios, hurricane intensity is expected to increase (on the order of a few percent), but MANY questions remain as to how much, where, and when. This science is very far from settled. Indeed, Al Gore has dropped the related slide in his PowerPoint (btw, is he addicted to the Teleprompter as well?) Many papers have suggested that these changes are already occurring especially in the strongest of hurricanes, e.g. this and that and here, due to warming sea-surface temperatures (the methodology and data issues with each of these papers has been discussed here at CA, and will be even more in the coming months). The notion that the overall global hurricane energy or ACE has collapsed does not contradict the above papers but provides an additional, perhaps less publicized piece of the puzzle. Indeed, the very strong interannual variability of global hurricane ACE (energy) highly correlated to ENSO, suggests that the role of tropical cyclones in climate is modulated very strongly by the big movers and shakers in large-scale, global climate. The perceptible (and perhaps measurable) impact of global warming on hurricanes in today's climate is arguably a pittance compared to the reorganization and modulation of hurricane formation locations and preferred tracks/intensification corridors dominated by ENSO (and other natural climate factors). Moreover, our understanding of the complicated role of hurricanes with and role in climate is nebulous to be charitable. We must increase our understanding of the current climate's hurricane activity.
  10. I didn't care for the song the first few times I heard it until I had the subconscious revelation (while I was hard at work on other things and NOT listening to any music) that the song is an encounter between a person (Bono?) and God... something along the lines of the Book of Job. The chanted portion of the song is the voice of God confronting the wrecked person. In the Book of Job, God doesn't explain anything but instead reveals his majesty. In "Unknown Caller", the singer shuts his mouth after God speaks the second time and listens to the music. "Unknown Caller" has suddenly shot up to one of my top ten favorite U2 songs.
  11. TexasWill

    Star Trek

    THAT'S what has been bugging me about the trailer. I couldn't put my finger on it, but Kirk driving the Corvette seemed very wrong. I kept thinking that it had something to do with the age the car would have to be for Kirk to drive it, although I could conceive of multiple ways that could be explained... He hasn't driven an automobile yet.
  12. True, I suppose, but as a great sage once said, "you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows". Of course "something" happened! Human beings consume things, they expel waste and they have sex. These are absolutes. We have to eat and we have to "expel waste," but we have no essential requirement for sex. This is far more information than anyone needs to know, but I've lived 38 of my 43 years without significant sexual relations. I've been a single man for the vast majority of my life and have lived relatively chaste through all of it except for a period in late high school and early college. And in my first marriage, sex pretty much ended after the first eight months when my wife started having second thoughts about being monogamous. So the myth that a person can't be human and abstain from sexual relations is complete BS. It's not easy, and it means you don't indulge every passion or take opportunities that are offered... even if you really want to. (And yes, I had numerous opportunities for sex.) I'm not trying to make myself sound more virtuous than I am. I have plenty of sin issues. But promiscuity is not one I have gotten caught up in. But beyond all of that... Bono is married and has a legitimate and God-encouraged way to express his sexual passions with his wife! Most people don't subscribe to the "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" philosophy. Moreover, how do we know for sure that his wife and family were not on Edge's yacht? Bono and Edge's families often accompany them on portions of the tours and vacations in various parts of the world. I haven't seen Bono's gut, but I take your word on it. I don't think you can easily shove people into categories like rock stars, musicians, accountants, writers, plumbers, pastors, etc. and make blanket claims about the moral specifics of their lives though. I'm not on your case. I have enormous respect for you. I just want some evidence or admission before I assume anything of anyone. I've just spent too much of my life getting condemned for crap I didn't do. Most of my teen years, my mother worried I was "on drugs" and made decisions regarding the boundaries she would extend based on that belief. I've never used a drug that was no prescribed to me in my life, and I had my first drink of alcohol at age 33. For years, certain people I know have considered me a "liberal" (which they believe also includes a life of wanton immorality) because I'm not a fundamentalist. When I was living in seminary housing, one of my seminary student neighbors decided there was "immorality" going on in my apartment, and I face having my apartment secretly searched while I was in class. (I figured out what was going on because I used to have a bad habit of leaving cabinet doors open when I was hurrying to get ready for the day. One day I came home and the medicine cabinet door was close, the cupboard door was closed, and things were much more neatly arranged in the medicine cabinet than I had ever had them. I started leaving doors open on a regular basis in order to monitor how frequently my place was searched. Of course, they never found anything and the housing office didn't deny they had searched the place when I went to talk to them about it and see if I could help them find what they were looking for.) Late afternoon yesterday, I walked out of a bar with two of my female coworkers and walked them to their cars. Both of them are very attractive by anyone's standards. While we were walking out, I was thinking of this conversation. If someone had been taking pictures of me with them (and the public cared about my life) I could see how someone could write a gossip story about how I was cheating on Sara by going to bars with other women. They probably wouldn't have reported that I was there with my group from work and that we were celebrating the end of a very hard, but successful, six weeks of intense deadlines. They also wouldn't have known that Sara was invited, but she was teaching students and then going to early vote instead. I could go on and on about being falsely suspected and accused. Part of that is due to being somewhat confrontational with people, with is occasionally a virtue, but mostly a flaw. I can get people irritated/worried, and they often assume certain things about me. I'm just fortunate that the public has no interest in my life. I would. Why not?
  13. You're absolutely right. Scandalmongers make quite a bit out of the fact that the young women are wearing bikinis in the photo. But they are at a beach resort, so it would be strange for them to be dressed in urban attire, as one would dress on the streets of London or Paris. Yes, they are showing a lot of skin, but less skin than many young women show on the beach or at the pool.
  14. I happen to wholeheartedly agree with the general sentiment, Jeff. My concern is whether the same courtesy applied to the Beloved Bono is extended to all artists, writers and creative people who happen to regularly traffic in things like uh, say...marital infidelity involving two foreign teenagers at a beach resort. Yet there is no evidence of marital infidelity (as far as I know), the rest is assumption and innuendo. I've always had a fairly large number of female friends. I also have a very high percentage of female coworkers, at one point being the token male in my department. My heart (and body) belongs to my wife, and I never forget that. My female friends and coworkers also know that. The boundaries are very clear and no one steps over them. Yet anyone who wanted to follow me around with a camera could put together a number of photographs of me with women other than my wife, and insinuate that there is something unseemly going on. Knowing that, I try not to make any assumptions about other people and what they may or may not be doing behind closed doors. During and after my divorce a number of years ago I heard all kinds of suggestions (even to my face) from coworkers, fellow church members and seminary students, and even a few friends that I must have been having an affair or I was interesting in dating someone else when I decided to legally end my marriage. With that kind of withering criticism to my face (all of it false) I can only imagine what was being said behind my back. I know what it is like to be unjustly accused without any way to demonstrate innocence. I don't know what was going on with Bono, but that's not really my business. In the book, U2:At the End of the World, the writer mentions the aftermath of the Zooropa concerts in Austrailia, where Bono and others in the traveling crew met up with a young woman and some of her friends late one evening after a concert. They stayed out all night talking, having a few drinks, and ending up on the beach for the sunrise. (The author mentions that Bono knows people all over the world, and this was not an unusual thing.) I can imagine the same kind of thing going on in this circumstance. Would I do it? Probably not. With that many people following me looking for scandal, I would avoid situations like that. But then again, I'd hate to be famous and would probably lose my sanity if I had people following me around with cameras. But Bono deals with it all the time, so maybe he has a different way to deal with it.
  15. It's from a reliable source, but it's still a rumor: New MacBooks to be announced on October 14th May even be less expensive than previous models
  16. No, I'm with you on this. Especially his reaction to what Trivette, er, Gilyard said about his faith. At least from the interview, Cameron seems to be clinging to the "the only TRUE Christians are the ones that believe exactly what I believe" mindset. I could be wrong, of course. Since he's part of a ministry called, "The Way of the Master" which, IMO, reduces (and distorts) the gospel message into a series of propositional truths to be affirmed, this is not surprising. Roman Catholic spirituality would be completely foreign to them. While I am not Roman Catholic for a number of reasons, there is no inherent biblical excuse to automatically assume that a Roman Catholic person's faith is non-Christian.
  17. It seems very strange to me that people who profess not to "think a lot about religion either way" have spend an enormous amount of time and money to create a film that expresses a very definite point-of-view about religion. Is he directly lying to his audience? Or does he somehow mean he has not thought deeply about religion, but thinks he has something relevant to say about that validity of it? Either way, he completely undermines his own credibility for those who don't have an axe to grind against religion.
  18. My copy should be waiting on my porch when I get home today.
  19. Live a lie? Do you mean now? No, no, no... The afro-mullet wig. That is --> "lie" = "wig" not "lie" = "gay". The levity that I was trying to inject into this difficult discussion was centered around the irony of choosing a horrible hairpiece as a way to misrepresent yourself to the public instead of a good hairpiece (or better yet IMO, going with what God gave, or didn't give, you). Not much could be worse than the hairpiece. Never spent much time in Nashville. I have known a small number of people in CCM. (Sara used to be the guitarist for a minor-level Christian singer.) I've met several that impressed me on a personal level to some degree (Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael Card, Wayne Watson), some that didn't impress me very much (members of the Cruse family when they were "CRUSE", Bryan Duncan in the "Holy Rollin'" period, Steve Camp in his "Shake Me To Wake Me" days), and a smattering of Southern Gospel folks (generally very negative experiences, although it didn't help that I didn't care for their genre of music at all). No doubt. Much more seriously, I feel really bad for the guy. The thing I don't get is that he felt real sexual attraction to his wife for a number of years (as well as having same-sex attraction), so he had an outlet for his sexual energies (which is more than many people have, "gay" or "straight") and the support of a loving spousal relationship. I think everyone has inappropriate sexual attractions and urges from time to time whether they are heterosexual or homosexual that are outside the bounds of the God-given monogamous male<->female order. While I've never had homosexual desires, I've had plenty of inappropriate and potentially destructive heterosexual desires both as a single man, a married man, an unhappily married man, a post-divorce single-again man, and a very happily married man (thanks Sara!). Christian men and women are called to resist (and even flee) from the dangers of inappropriate relationships and be faithful and fully committed to God and our spouses (or future spouses). I don't take the issues surrounding same-sex attraction, homosexuality and Christian spirituality lightly. I have a few friends who identify as gay, one is in seminary to be a vocational minister, and I know there are some issues I don't completely understand. But then again, from all of my reading of pro-gay Christian literature and interaction with gay friends, I get the sense that the standard for being gay is that one feels, at least from time to time, a same-sex physical attraction, and that the definition of one who is no longer gay (if they even concede that it might be possible) is that one no longer feel any attraction toward the same sex. But sexuality is not always that simple. A number of people potentially feel attraction toward both genders. For instance, one of my very close friends was really interested in the woman who ended up becoming my first wife. At the time I met her, he was very interested in her, but she ended up eventually connecting with me. Several years later, he was interested in a female friend of mine but they didn't really hit it off much past casual friendship. But he has also told me he feels same-sex attraction. He ended up getting influenced by a local affirming congregation affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, and they encouraged him to focus on same-sex relationships. It seems to me that my friend has been open to going either way, but a church with an agenda* pushed him toward it. In my opinion, if one can live in a heterosexual relationship (like Boltz apparently could), then they should do it. If one has only same-sex attraction, then they have a much more difficult road. But one does not have to have sexual relations to have a full and meaningful life. Most of us have lived for significant amounts of time (years and decades even) without sexual relations. It is certainly possible. -- *He no longer has ties to the church because they tried to be too controlling and don't actually believe much of the traditionally-accepted gospel of Jesus. <--Not trying to be ugly, but factual. They are very much tied to the Jesus Seminar strain of Christendom.
  20. A wig?! I can understand the temptation to live a lie... but why THAT lie?
  21. It's clear that the reviewer don't know beans about what he is supposed to be listening for:
  22. Starting at about eight-years-old, I moved from the likes of Beatrice Potter and Hardy Boys to a series of older-oriented books that usually involved a boy as the lead character: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Dolphin Island by Arthur C. Clarke Old Yeller by Fred Gipson (At age 9 when I saw the movie, I hated how Disney softened Yeller's demise) All of James Blish's Star Trek novelizations Somewhere around 10-years-old, I read Logan's Run. While now it's pretty tame as things go for a novel targeted toward adults, there was a hefty amount of erotic and drug-oriented material for a kid that age in the early 1970s.
  23. Ugh. I hope not. One, it's the sort of thing that junior-high and high-school kids are more than capable of doing with a little coaching, and for collegians or seminarians to mess with it would indicate a severe lack of ambition. Two, it's a skit, not drama, and no serious postsecondary drama program would allow such a thing to be done under its auspices. I hate to break it to you, but in the circles I used to be trapped in (Southern Baptist fundamentalism), I was surrounded with this stuff. I was considered "unspiritual" for not getting emotionally worked up by these displays.
  24. Some of us can't just turn our brains off and watch something. The reference he made to the last Raiders movie was spot on. For instance, I used to make black powder (from carbon, sulphur, and saltpeter) back when I was a kid so I could make my own fireworks, and I know very conclusively that there's no metal in gunpowder. When Spielburg used gunpowder as a way to find the appropriate crate, it took me straight out of the movie.
  25. I finally watched it... Ugh. To be fair, I usually don't get caught up in youth pantomime productions. As others have noted, they are usually designed to appeal to the emotions, not the heart or mind, and I've endured so many manipulative assaults on my emotions in religious settings, I am nearly immune to it. However, I can tear up at the drop of a hat when someone shares something real at church, or I see a skillfully made piece of art that has substance. This performance seemed calculated and predictable. I've probably seen 35-40 performances like that over the last 30 years I have been an active follower of Jesus. It seems every college and seminary drama group does the same sort of thing. I really disliked how the "sins" the girls got caught up into were the really obvious ones of sex, drinking, drugs and suicide. That only reinforces the popular perception that Christianity is a religion to reinforce popular perceptions of propriety, not a calling to radically reshape the world through living out the gospel of Jesus in the power of His transforming love. I also really hated how "Jesus" spent most of His time passively waving His arms (even bullied by one of the temptations) instead of something more active. God is a God of pursuit and rescue, not "niceness" or safety. Oh well, I don't think I am the target audience anymore.
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