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  1. Don't Do Anything tour dates are starting to be posted on her official site. Heads up Chicago and the Northeast!
  2. Here's the complete Hollywood Border's show Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  3. I found some video of her first Border's appearance last night: Little Plastic Life (mislabeled as "Signal")
  4. When I have the time I really need to devote to the album, I'll share more of my thoughts... but the transition from Another Song to Don't Do Anything took my breath away. A quiet song about rejection and questioning whether love was real transitions into an intense roar of loving affirmation. It's stunning just by the placement of those songs next to each other.
  5. Downloaded it about midnight last night. I'm about halfway through it for the second time. W o w !
  6. I would if she would come to Texas again! I mean, she lived here for a couple of years and recorded The Turning at a little studio over on South Main in the hospital district. It's not like she doesn't know where we are or where to get good barbecue!
  7. Sam Phillips is catching up on her reading before her tour begins:
  8. Hollywood Attacking Film Grain For Blu-ray or me, the first "ooooh" moment when I got my first HDTV was watching SportsCenter...and I don't even watch sports. Never before had I seen such a crisp, vibrant image in my life. It didn't look real. It looked more than real. My second "ooooh" moment was exactly the opposite. I was watching a movie on something like HDnet. And I was worried for a moment
  9. Hollywood Studios are Removing Grain for Blu-Ray Movie Reissues If Hollywood has its way, Blu-ray releases of old movies are going to end up looking like Speed Racer: all shiny and clean. Apparently people in focus groups are complaining of excessive noise and muddy colors on high-definition reissues of classics. The reason? Grain. Like digital sensor noise today, film grain was once considered a problem, but evolved into just one more character of film that could be exploited for its gritty look. But these uninformed consumers, brought up on a diet of Toy Story and other CG 'enhanced' movies, don't like it. So what, you might ask. Well, it was these kind of morons who led to pan-and-scan renditions of wide aspect-ratio movies, and the same thing is happening again.
  10. My father was also born in Port Arthur in 1925 and was only a few months older than him. Although I don't they they knew each other very well, oddly enough, my father used to work with his father at Gulf Oil Refinery many years ago.
  11. New tour dates have just been posted. HEADS UP SEATTLE AREA! 06/11/08 Redmond, WA Borders Redmond Time: 7:00pm. Admission: Free Address: Redmond Town Center, Redmond, WA 98052 Acoustic in-store performance to celebrate the release of
  12. Her Web site samphillips.com is now up, featuring news, a blog, store, and even a couple of tour dates.
  13. Oh that... Well we don't talk about that very much, but I can assure you that everything you've heard is true. Except I've started wearing pajamas now...
  14. This is a stale type of question, but I am interested in her creative process. I'd also like to know how her years of steady work on the Gilmore Girls has affected her creative methodology.
  15. There was a cryptic reference to that song many months ago on her Web site. She mentioned revisiting the song and doing something with a portion of it in the studio. At least, that's my interpretation.
  16. Have you heard any musical/lyrical references to her Leslie Phillips song, "Psalm 55" on the album?
  17. You're absolutely killing me...
  18. Oops... Actually, it is just Batman: The Movie. Carry on.
  19. Nice. I'm interested in hearing about the noise levels idle and under load (does it have the "Windows whine and clicks"?) as well as the battery life.
  20. What flavor of Vista are you getting? Ultimate?
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