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  1. Alas, this is how remastering is often approached. It's analogous to colorizing Citizen Kane. I don't want the album changed from the way it was originally conceived and performed (where I'm sure the bass was rich and deep), I just want the remastered version to be able to take advantage of a broader spectrum of sound... much like the difference between the mixes of the cassette version (the format in which I originally owned this album) and the CD version. "Colorizing Citizen Kane" would be obviously be changing the creators intent for the look of a work of art. I was alive and well during 1985-1986, the era when The Joshua Tree was conceived, recorded and mixed, and I can assure you that while the bottom end of the musical spectrum certainlly existed in live performances, it rarely made it into the final mix in recordings because of the limitations of the home users mainstream equipment. And please notice, I am "interested to hear how the band will want the album remastered." I trust their instincts in this. So please spare me the comparison to those who believe that they should colorize older films. It is incredibly insulting!
  2. That's not nearly as bad as Amazon choosing to put movies in a Microsoft DRM that Microsoft has always made unavailable for Macintosh systems. Every service that uses that Microsoft DRM (almost all of them) does not offer the services to Mac users. Of course, the only one that seems semi-decent, other than iTunes, is Amazon Unbox. You can thank the music labels for the inability to buy digital music across borders.
  3. Other than iTunes, this seems to be the first online music store that finally "gets it." I haven't tried it out myself yet, but Mac people are very happy that there is now a good competitor to iTunes. The competition with make both better and the customers will be the winners. And since iTunes doesn't do as good of a job with their selection of classical music, Amazon has a great opportunity to service that market and build a clientele. I'm predicting that Amazon's service will survive and prosper alongside iTunes.
  4. Probably... I'm interested to hear how the band will want the album remastered. I hope they put more of a bottom end on the music since modern systems can handle much deeper bass. I have all three U2 Mobile Fidelity gold CDs (War, Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree). I was fortunate enough to find War and Unforgettable Fire in used CD stores around Fort Worth, and through diligent searches of eBay a few years ago, I found a brand new sealed copy of Joshua Tree for $29.99. It's hard for me to say. The first time I listened to each of the remastered CDs, I noticed definite improvement, but I've never really gone back to the old CDs. I also tend to listen to music differently now (through high-end headphones from lossless files on my iPod as opposed to mid to low end mini stereo equipment in my old apartment). But even on inferior equipment, it sounded better. I don't have the standard Joshua Tree CD anymore, but I'm guessing that Sara has hers somewhere within her massive CD collection. I'll see if I can located it and do a comparison.
  5. Have you ever heard the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab remaster of The Joshua Tree?
  6. Wow! I guess I saw them 22 shows into the tour... and they still hadn't worked out the bugs! In a way, that actually makes the PopMart tour an even greater disappointment, knowing now that they'd had months instead of a week or two to iron things out. It is my understanding that they only had about four or five days of rehearsal in Las Vegas to sort everything out (all the technical issues, the selection of songs, staging, learning how to perform the new material live, etc.) before opening night. They had painted themselves into a corner by scheduling the tour long before the album was finished... so when the album took much longer than they expected (like almost all of them do), they had almost no time to prepare for the tour. The scheduling of the tour forced a premature close to the recording sessions for Pop as well. They were still mixing and recording the album on the day it had to be delivered to the label so that CDs could be created and the marketing provided to get it out to the public before the tour began. As the story goes, the lyrics to the chorus of the song "Last Night on Earth" were written and recorded at 4 a.m. on the last day about the time that Bono had completely lost his voice. A few years ago I heard Bono say that the PopMart tour didn't really start to come together until the Chicago shows (after Oakland near the end of the first leg).
  7. If you saw them in Oakland, they were much farther into the tour than you think... I saw them in Dallas, which was the seventh show, and it was clear that they needed much more rehearsal. The new songs really didn't hold together that well and the video wall completely overwhelmed them at that point. They were still at the point of dropping songs and elements of the show that weren't working and Adam Clayton didn't leave Larry Mullen's side as they tried to figure out how to create a strong foundation to hold the songs together. They only loosened up when they were tearing through classic U2 material, such as "Where the Streets Have No Name." That's the feeling I had when I saw them the first time. Sara and I took a road trip to Houston, met up with a friend and bought ninth row seats from a scalper (less than face value!) outside the Astrodome the day after Thanksgiving, and saw a completely different performance. The show was essentially a dress rehearsal for the video they would make at the next stop in Mexico City, with identical setlist and staging. Well I think that the Mexico City show was a fairly poor performance compared to what they did in Houston a week before. I don't think Bono took into account what the altitude and pollution of Mexico City would do to diminish his voice. He sounded very weak and out-of-breath compared to the full-throated singing in Houston. The show worked very well in Houston... too bad they didn't make their video a week earlier.
  8. If you're a Mormon (which I am not), your religion would teach you that the religion and culture of Central America has been heavily influenced by the "lost tribes of Israel " Temple of Doom - polytheistic paganism Lost Ark - Judaism Last Crusade - Christianity Crystal Skull - Mormonism??? But it is probably something completely unrelated.
  9. Wow... They'll do anything to keep their failing format afloat! First, $150 bribes to content producers and now, passing out "working" phasers to Trekkers who buy the HD DVD format. But why would Trekkers want to "stun" or "kill" their HD DVD player?
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but what is "WM"? Is that "Windows Media"?
  11. I did too. Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. One of these days I'll need to have it autographed.
  12. TexasWill

    Sam Phillips

    Very nice. Can't wait to hear the new stuff and see her in person again.
  13. TexasWill

    The Simpsons Movie

    About a week after Panic Room came out, I was bored on a Thursday night and went downtown to The Palace theater to see it. I saw the 7:15(?) feature completely alone in a theater built to seat about 600. Within a week, the movie completely dropped off the radar around here until the DVD release.
  14. Nearly a year ago I heard a radio commercial (on the local Classic Rock station) promoting an appearance of a Christian professional wrestler at a local Christian [sic] bookstore [sic]. The wrestler proudly proclaimed that he had been on a fiery road leading straight to Hell, but Jesus took him by surprise and "turned [him] around - a full 360 degrees!" I was very impressed.
  15. I received this e-mail notice from Daniel Lanois' Web site today: "The mystery of the recording studio is what keeps me coming back. Many rewards have come to me through this laboratory. It is my temple, my domain, my frustration and my love. But most importantly, it is my place of innovation. The ultimate drug for me is the ever slippery creative process. My greatest joy in this has come from my associations - the creative, musical and lyrical minds that I've been lucky to work with through years of record making. A friend recently suggested that I turn on a camera and try to capture the elusive process. Adam Vollick followed me around the studio to see if we could unveil some of the mystery." - Daniel Lanois -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Here Is What Is" is a sonic, filmic, journey to unique and captivating places from the last year and a half of Lanois" life. The camera work is classic, uninterrupted and deadly committed. The film opens with a magical performance on the piano by Canada's national treasure, Garth Hudson. The film includes moments of Lanois philosophizing with his old friend Brian Eno during an exotic visit to Morocco, where the Eno Lanois production team has been working with Irish friends, U2. Lanois also travels to the birthplace of the groove - the Deep South, Shreveport, Louisiana and sits in with Brian Blade at the Zion Baptist Church where a roaring rendition of "This May Be The Last Time" is delivered by Brian's father, Brady Blade Sr. Lanois' psychedelic past continues to haunt him throughout the film as the hyper-realism of the in-studio documentation is contrasted by moments of wild fantasia. The heart dedicated to verite is also hungry for the unknown. Lanois also invites us into his studio to look over his shoulder at a mix being performed live, while he explains his moves and the musical reasons for making them. He explains how he stumbled into being a record producer, naively, through his love of music. "Here Is What Is" is arguably the best rock-n-roll film of 2007 with guest appearances by Garth Hudson, Brian Blade, Eno, U2, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Aaron Neville, Billy Bob Thorton and maybe even Sinead O'Connor. A full festival schedule will be announced on August 28, 2007. For more information on how to purchase tickets please call (416) 968-FILM or 1-877-968-FILM or visit www.tiff07.ca. ----------- There is also a trailer available on his Web site: www.daniellanois.com
  16. I buy Eddie Bauer socks in five basic colors (black, navy, olive, khaki, grey) in large orders about once a year. I don't waste time pairing socks, I just put them in the drawer and fish out two of the color I want each morning. If a sock wears out or disappears, I usually have several matching socks in a color. The only issue comes from the fact that black and navy socks tend to fade over the years, so it is a little more challenging to match them at times, although more than half of my socks are black and navy, so it isn't that big of a problem. Especially if you use Cheer Dark (love the name).
  17. Has that EVER worked? Is the jiggling of the phone cradle switch routine a throwback to the days when you had an operator physically make the connection for you?
  18. --content deleted-- Apparently, not yet. That will likely be changed in a coming software update. Wait -- Palm devices don't have multi-touch interfaces?
  19. --content deleted-- Yep. That's the going price for the cutting-edge technology. No one is putting a gun to anyone's head to get one.
  20. That figure is based on hardware costs alone, not counting shipping, manufacturing, marketing, and (most of all) massive R&D costs to conceive, develop, and perfect the technologies brought forward in the iPhone. After those costs, the markup percentage is much lower. And there's nothing wrong with an innovative company making a nice profit without the use of monopolistic practices. --content deleted-- As I understand it, all of the data plans are for unlimited data, so the higher priced plans have more to do with the number of minutes and text messaging package you want. Compared to my regular AT&T plan, the iPhone will only increase my phone bill by $20 a month, and that's not bad at all considering that it adds unlimited data usage.
  21. Yes they were. I think all of them are long out of print, but you can still find them on CD on eBay if you are desperate and have lots of cash. But you can save a lot of money by purchasing them online. They are all available on the U.S. iTunes, as well as the French iTunes.
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