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  1. Will Microsoft beat Apple with 'giant iPhone'?
  2. Yep, I think this is the next step in UI. Congratulations to Bill Gates and company for rushing this product announcement out the door to beat Apple's unveiling of Leopard in three weeks. Many of us are convinced that the UI in the iPhone will be a standard part of Leopard and that we will see new portable and desktop Macintosh systems in last half of 2007 that are touch-screen based. EDIT: While I was going through the Microsoft site, in the section entitled "Find It" I noticed that Microsoft claims the first Surface devices won't hit the market until "Winter 2007." I wonder if that's a typo, means "December 21, 2007 and later," or the Web site copy hasn't been updated since last year after they missed a shipping target.
  3. TexasWill

    Sam Phillips

    Sam has given her Web site a fresh retro makeover.
  4. TexasWill


    U2 3D is heading for cinemas later this year
  5. TexasWill

    Bright Eyes

    He's not exactly liked around these parts... Back in 2005, Bright Eyes did a show at Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. According to the review of Bright Eyes' show in The Dallas Morning News, Oberst "drained another bottle of beer" and then began bashing the Lone Star State before a shocked audience. "I don't know about you, but I hate your f---ing state," Oberst announced. "I'd put a f---ing gun to my head before I'd live in your state." Later on in the show, he continued the verbal assault, noting that "if you came to this show tonight, you're not a normal Texan. If you were a normal Texan, you'd probably be roping steers and raping Indians."
  6. TexasWill


    Sara and I saw Grindhouse last night. The movie(s) were a lot of fun and it was surprising to hear how much the audience got into the film(s). It was definitely made to be shown in a theater, with the audience gasping and laughing, nearly in the same breath.
  7. Global warming is just killing us today... We've had snow flurries through much of Texas.
  8. Oh, I wouldn't do that. I'd suggest using Keynote instead!
  9. Apple Unveils Higher Quality DRM-Free Music on the iTunes Store DRM-Free Songs from EMI Available on iTunes for $1.29 in May CUPERTINO, California
  10. Perhaps they think that Christian=Walmart devotee? Or maybe that they associate Christians with small town America where they don't understand things like 1080p LCD televisions?
  11. TexasWill

    Microsoft XBox 360

    I agree, except for execs who have the clout to get what they want and on the higher end of things where Apple has traditionally had an edge, like graphic design/layout, 3-D rendering, marketing, etc.
  12. TexasWill

    Microsoft XBox 360

    Whaaaa?!? Who are you, and what have you done with Alan? Opinion: Why Microsoft should fear Apple
  13. TexasWill

    Microsoft XBox 360

    From the reports I've seen, the Elite is $479... only $20 less than the "low-end" PS3, and only $120 less than the top-end PS3. For the difference, you lose the pleasure of a built-in HD drive. While it does surpass the 30- and 60-GB hard drives in the PS3, the hard drives in the PS3 are designed to be user-replaceable. So in a year or two when terrabyte hard drives are down around $100-150, I'll just slip one in and massively leapfrog the XBox.
  14. That's a fair review. I like our AppleTV very much, but I'll be much happier when the iTunes store gets upgraded. Since yesterday, I have used conversion software to prep about 10 hours of video I have on my hard drives to sync/stream with AppleTV, and all of stuff that was originally high-quality source material looks very good.
  15. I think this is an interesting article. Here's a less insightful article.
  16. The only thing I will say about it now is that it works much better than I expected, and the picture quality surpasses my expectations. While I'm not convinced that a subscription model would be a good thiing for music, I think it would be very good for video. And AppleTV would be a great way to move that content to the television. I expect Apple to break down and offer "rentals" or a subscription model for video within the year. There are ways to set up an Elgato tuner to record and package video for replay on the AppleTV, but not yet a neat self-contained solution. I'm guessing there will be some nice third-party add-ons to provide this capability soon. I'm thinking that Apple had its reasons not to add that functionality, but they've left the AppleTV wide-open for hackers and third-party firms to modify and upgrade. The AppleTV has barely reached the hands of consumers and there are already multiple hacks, modifications and upgrades to the box.
  17. The way I understand that verse is "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman for the purpose of lusting after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." It is not simply the viewing of a naked body of the opposite gender. There are sometimes appropriate reasons to do so. But those who look at another person with the intent of lusting after them is committing adultery. As I've heard it said, "The first look is never wrong. The second look usually is." Furthermore, simply finding another person's appearance desirable is not lusting after them unless you cross the mental line into fantasy and begin imagining what an intimate physical relationship with that person might be like. For most spiritually and emotionally healthy people, there is a clear boundary that one must cross to do so. Unfortunately there are those who have trained themselves, often through the indulgence of pornography, lustful fantasies or libertine sexual history, to see everyone they meet as a potential sexual partner... and they cross the line without even noticing that they have done it. If you are one of those people, you should be very careful about the firms you see and the places you go or you will likely sin.
  18. Does anyone have an AppleTV yet, besides me?
  19. WooHoo!! Then again, maybe just a Woo... For its time and 1980s white-bread evangelical context, Camp's "Justice" album was prophetic. I don't think I bought another Camp album or attended another concert after that one.
  20. Amazon.com sent me the following notice this morning: Hello from Amazon.com. We are pleased to report that the following item will ship sooner than expected: Jeffrey Overstreet "Auralia's Colors (The Auralia Strand Series)" [Paperback] While it is very cryptic, I received this message for Jeffrey's earlier book and Sara Zarr's book last year. Both of them shipped a week or two early. But I've never received this message more than a few weeks before ship date.
  21. That's how he told it in 1987. It is almost certainly the same incident (if it happened at all). And the last shred of his credibility slips away... He's a very bitter man... and as I remember, that's not a fruit of the Spirit.
  22. Oh that's a bit disturbing... I heard the Prince story in 1987. He's still telling the story 14 years later? Did he say it happened "recently"?
  23. Did you get the original case/packaging for it or did it simply come in a sleeve?
  24. Multi-Touch Coming to a Mac Near You? by Aaron Wright Mar 06, 2007 A recent article on Ars Technia has a snippet of information that got me wondering, will Leopard feature multi-touch technology capability or, more to the point, will Apple be releasing some form of hardware this year with multi-touch technology built right in? The article states as a rumour the following:
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