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    movies, television, reading, writing, blogging, tweeting, grilling, dinners with friends, snuggles with my kids, exploring what it means to be church, photography . . . .

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    freelance writer
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    my kids' feet in the sands of the Florida Panhandle
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    The Mummy, Pan's Labyrinth, 50 First Dates, Fellowship of the Ring, Out of Africa, A Room with a View, Signs, Casablanca, Hellboy, Serenity, Blade Runner, Jaws, My Neighbor Totoro, The Incredibles, The Wrath of Khan, Star Wars, The Searchers, Open Range, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ...
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    Jennifer Knapp, Mozart, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Billie Holiday...
  • Favorite creative writing
    Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Crossing to Safety, Hannah Coulter, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, Starship Troopers, Atticus, Stones for Ibarra, anything by Jack McDevitt, Girl Meets God, Jesus Creed, The Divine Conspiracy, Soul Graffiti, The Rest of the Gospel
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    favorite artist: Van Gogh; favorite buildings: The National Gallery of Art on the Washington Mall; the Lincoln and the Jefferson Memorials are amazing, too

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a joyful pragmatist, hopeful realist, and pragmatic optimist

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