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  1. Not sure if anyone else is too keen on these guys, but I've seen them live twice and loved their last album, 3 Rounds and a Sound. They've toured with Decemberists and Hold Steady among others and their new album drops on Tuesday. We Are The Tide is the title and it's beautiful. If you want a glimpse, here's "Keep You Right".
  2. Just saw Garrels Saturday night in concert. Love the album and enjoyed the performance. He performed The Resistance to close out the show and it was such a great reminder of how great the song really is.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that "Perth" is as stunning as anything else released this year? I also dig "Holocene" in particular, but man that first song kills me.
  4. I've been sitting with this album for a bit and it's really the greatest thing Josh has ever put together -- and even that's by a country mile. It's really an incredible disc. It's a 19 track effort with 14 full songs and five interludes and the whole thing plays wonderfully, believe it or not, in one sitting. The range of hip-hop to tender pop ballad is nearly impossible to pull off, but Garrels always conducts himself with a beautiful intensity that arrests your attention no matter what he's tackling. The lyrical play here is incredible and if you've never given him a chance, I can't say nea
  5. Man, I love me some Joseph Arthur and always have. Strange how no one else really seems to dig too much. I also realize there's some image issues that go before him as well. But each and every turn is always decent and often quite good. I feel the same about Ed Harcourt. Can never quite go wrong in either direction. Matt
  6. Not sure if anyone heard her last one Sea Sew, but it was actually a charming little album with a few very strong cuts ("Venn Diagram" being my favorite). You can hear the song here: I know there's a lot of Joe Henry fans here, and rightfully so, but Hannigan's a real gem. This should be great.
  7. I love this forum for the music it introduces me to, the opinions that are different than mine and all of that. But I have to say that I've wondered every now and then why Abigail Washburn hasn't had her own thread (that I can find) and so I thought I'd finally start a thread 'round these parts. Her latest album came out in January and even after withstanding a gajillion releases each week, City of Refuge is still my favorite record of 2011. Anyone else a fan? Here's her title track among a few others at NPR's Tiny Desk Concert of her: Here's a concert performance of my personal fa
  8. Josh, totally assumed Black Joe Lewis would be up there for you.
  9. Anyone know where you can find this track now that it's not on Haseltine's page or download section? What was the song called?
  10. Am I the only one who listens to this and thinks, 'Meh?' It's fine. It's decent. But people are posting about this like Radiohead just released something new (or as if they don't know there are 30 albums that sound like this out this year already).
  11. How about this Richard Thompson cover?
  12. So apparently I'm late to this party (World magazine article party) and I just cannot believe the irresponsible journalism here. I'm just floored. I wrote the author and magazine, so maybe I'll get a response. Then again, maybe I shouldn't care so much.
  13. Not sure if this is already posted around here, but I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. I just got a press release with the following: Rounder Records is excited to announce that Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame legend Gregg Allman will release his first solo record in 14 years on January 18, 2011. Called Low Country Blues for the coastal Georgia region Allman calls home, the record was produced by T Bone Burnett, recorded at his Village Recorder studio in Los Angeles and features Dr. John on piano, guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, and Burnett's brilliant go-to rhythm section: bassist De
  14. The new Interpol: totally agree with Andy. I'm totally enjoying it! This Twitter Feed: I'm totally enjoying it, too.
  15. Listening to Admiral Fell Promises for the first time. Seems par for the course, beautiful as always. "The Leaning Tree" and "You Are My Sun" are early favorites. What are others thinking?
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