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  1. Andrew

    A&F Site News -- Please Read

    I've been kicking around A&F for 15 years - during that time it has nourished me and nurtured my artistic appreciation and critical sense immensely, through the wisdom of too many folks to name. I've also learned a lot about how to express my points-of-view in articulate ways - admittedly, sometimes by first making an ass of myself - but the people here have still by and large welcomed me back graciously. It's saddened me to see the wane of this board over the last couple of years, and I would love to see it thrive again. Ken, your announcement surprised me, but I trust your decisions here. You've been a good friend to me, and I think you do a fine job in helping to lead the North Carolina Film Critics Association, so I'm hopeful that you will do good things as well with A&F.
  2. I would love to see this move forward, and I think a companion book is a great idea - with my current writing commitment, I couldn't be pointperson, but I'd love to contribute a longer essay if the book gets off the ground.
  3. Andrew

    A Star is Born (2012)

    I'm pretty sure this is what became of Eastwood's project - I'm hoping to check it out tonight.
  4. Andrew

    Man In The High Castle Season 3

    My wife and I just started Season 1. It strikes me as fairly interesting, with inventive visuals and imaginings of how American life would've been, had we lost WW2. I'm not sure yet if we'll keep watching, but I'll gladly post my thoughts here if we do.
  5. Andrew

    TIFF 2018

    Of the 17 films that Jessica and I saw, only 3 were disappointments. My favorites, in order, were If Beale Street Could Talk, Birds of Passage, and American Dharma. After that, in descending order were Wildlife, Roma, The Load, Transit, Meeting Gorbachev, Beautiful Boy, Styx, The Wedding Guest, The Factory, Museo, and Putin's Witnesses. The biggest disappointment for me (perhaps of the entire cinematic year) was Paolo Sorrentino's Loro - such a letdown since Youth and The Great Beauty are deeply loved by me. I ended up posting 9 reviews this year (my last will go up tomorrow morning), which is the most of the past 4 years that I've attended, so I'm quite happy about that as well. Anders, did you make it to Toronto? And Darren, what were your impressions?
  6. Andrew

    TIFF 2018

    As I posted on Facebook, I did better with the lottery this year than in previous years, getting 9 of my top 11 choices. Here’s my schedule, for now: - Sat, Sept 8 - The Wedding Guest – Michael Winterbottom - Sun, Sept 9 - American Dharma – Errol Morris - Putin’s Witnesses – Vitaly Mansky - Mon, Sept 10 - If Beale St Could Talk – Barry Jenkins - Meeting Gorbachev – Werner Herzog - Tues, Sept 11 - Birds of Passage – Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra - Wed, Sept 12 - Maya – Mia Hansen-Love - Transit – Christian Petzold - Thurs, Sept 13 - Roma – Alfonso Cuaron - Museo – Alonso Ruizpalacios - Fri, Sept 14 - The Public – Emilio Estevez - Loro – Paolo Sorrentino - Sat, Sept 15 - Styx – Wolfgang Fischer - Wildlife – Paul Dano I aim to see two films a day, giving me time to write a review each day, and my wife and me time to enjoy the city. But with the gaps in the schedule, I'm hoping to score same day tix for Beautiful Boy, Fahrenheit 11/9, and Boy Erased.
  7. Andrew

    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    I think your critiques are solid, Rushmore. For many years, I've had no desire to rewatch these. I sold my extended version DVDs pretty rapidly, after realizing that the extended Return of the King was just an excuse for Jackson to insert several more minutes of violence porn into his movie.
  8. Andrew

    TIFF 2018

    We've got some overlap there: the films by Hansen-Love (I loved L'Avenir), Petzold (ditto Phoenix), Pawlikowski, Dano, and Mansky are high on my list, too.
  9. Is anyone besides me going to be there? My wife Jessica and I will be there for essentially the whole festival, so I'm in the process of narrowing down the festival list from 300 to 20. My priorities: - American Dharma - Errol Morris chats with Steve Bannon - Beautiful Boy - a new film from the director of Broken Circle Breakdown will always excite me - Birds of Passage - ditto the creators of Embrace of the Serpent - Burning - ditto a Haruki Murakami adaptation - Fahrenheit 11/9 - Michael Moore takes on Drumpf - If Beale Street Could Talk - Barry Jenkins meets James Baldwin; I'm there - Loro - Paolo Sorrentino does his version of a Berlusconi biopic - Meeting Gorbachev - Werner! It's always fun to create my festival spreadsheet; right now, I've got 61 films that are moderately to extremely appealing to me. -
  10. Andrew

    Spotlight (2015)

    Well, that's gracious of you to write, Evan. Actually, I was thinking about Spotlight as I read about the PA grand jury report. And I'll be honest, I'm more than a little puzzled by the strong reaction to the report, since to me it seems to say nothing really new. Evan (or any other believers for that matter): is the reaction because it makes irrefutable the reality that the RC hierarchy's response is still deny and hide, or is it something else entirely? (And in case it's not clear, I'm asking from a place of genuine curiosity, with no hidden agenda.)
  11. I think this may be the Top 100/25 discussion you were asking about, Joel:
  12. Andrew

    First Reformed

    Hmm, to each their own, but I find this film so stylized and far enough removed from ultra-realism that I felt little to no ethical distress in observing the relationship between Hawke's and Seyfried's characters. Ultimately, in my eyes, it's a relationship of great beauty and transcendence. This is in contrast to, say, Lost in Translation, where the affair between Murray and Johansen is morally troubling. On the other hand, I think we're supposed to be troubled by Hawke's treatment of the choir director. He was a definite shit there.
  13. I mostly agree with you here. If the voting ends up being done exclusively by longtime A&F regulars and established film critics, then absolutely yes. If we have newer folks or less seasoned cinephiles on board, then some weighting is called for.
  14. How many participated in our last Top 100? I think we'd need a certain minimum to make such an endeavor worthwhile and valid.
  15. Andrew

    Stranger Things (Netflix)

    Agreed - it was still entertaining, but a major quality dip from Season 1.