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  1. Andrew

    By the Grace of God

    I never would've expected a serious film from Francois Ozon about pedophilia in the French Catholic Church, but whaddya know? And Ozon bends over backwards to make it clear he's not attacking the Church, but is attempting to thoughtfully criticize its (ongoing) misconduct. I go into full detail into my longer-than-usual review, which I won't repeat here. But it's not a stretch to state this is France's Spotlight, arguably more relevant in showing that the same criminal violence and neglect are continuing under Pope Francis' watch. I'll end by strongly urging Ecumenical Jury voters to make every effort to see this before year's end. My review: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2019/11/by-the-grace-of-god-under-pope-francis-unpunished-pedophilia-is-still-business-as-usual/
  2. Andrew

    Harriet (2019)

    Until seeing By the Grace of God yesterday, this had been my favorite film since TIFF, and it's still a near-run thing. This is excellent on damn near every level (with a week's hindsight, I'm less convinced of Leslie Odom's thespian prowess): a high level of historical fidelity, respect but not hagiography of its protagonist, top visuals, and an incredible lead performance by Cynthia Erivo. My full review: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2019/11/harriet-an-epic-worthy-of-its-hero-relevant-to-our-time/
  3. Andrew

    Parasite (2019)

    This doesn't play in Asheville till next weekend. I'm dying to see it. Up till now, I've hated everything of Bong Joon-ho's that I've seen, so I'm eager to see if this breaks that chain.
  4. It wouldn't prevent my participation here, but I'd rather keep A&F ad free if possible. A yearly or semi-yearly fund-raising drive would be preferable in my book.
  5. That's a great question - I'll need a bit to think on it.
  6. Hopefully not the last hurrah part, but that does sound like a good time to make an app.
  7. I'm travelling at the moment, so limited consistent time on the internet - but if you could put the donation bar up for a few days next week, I'd like to donate as well.
  8. Yep...it's easy to say I'd ask for a lower key desk job, but the excitement of a gig like his would be so intoxicating.
  9. Yeah, my limit, even at shorter festivals like Full Frame, is 3 films per day. Though in the case of Kore-eda, the response to his newest has been tepid.
  10. Either serial killers or major psychologist characters are normally deal-breakers for whether I'll like, let alone watch, a movie or TV series, since both are usually handled so badly. Mindhunter is one of the few exceptions for me. For the most part, it handles the violence respectfully and without sensationalism. Likewise, I have no beef with the psychology aspect of the show, which feels quite authentic to me. I felt like Season 2 was a mild letdown, suffering from more pacing issues, with dialogue missing some of the punch and dark humor of Season 1. But it's engrossing, even if not in the pantheon of great TV series. (And though Jonathan Groff is set up to be the scene-stealer, I adore Holt McCallany here; to me, he perfectly captures the aura of 1970s/1980s male, for whom work is prioritized over family - he easily could've been one of my friend's dads when I was a kid.)
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your wife as well, but that's very exciting news on the gaming front. My two sons are deep into D&D, and my wife and I would be, if we could find a good group locally...
  12. Ugh, given Eastwood's far-right shift in his most recent movies (Sully excepted), I have a bad feeling about this.
  13. As we say in Tennessee, it's been a minute since I shared one of my reviews here. But this is a film I loathe like few others: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2019/10/joker-is-socially-reprehensible-garbage/
  14. That's a very appealing list - a couple of my TIFF faves (Pain and Glory, Beanpole), plus a few I would've liked to make time for (Bacurau, Waves, Portrait of a Lady on Fire).
  15. I'm sorry it was a disappointing year at TIFF for you. I half- or three-quarters expect you'll find that wow experience you're craving with Synonyms - it definitely blew Jessica's and my socks off, and the audience seemed fully onboard with the director's project. It only added to our fascination to learn that it is largely autobiographical. I would've loved to see Portrait of a Lady, but I couldn't fit it in our schedule; same with Serra's latest, since I loved Death of Louis XIV.
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