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    I'm not entirely sure what I believe or what I can be categorized as. I'm just a Christian. I have many interests and passions but very little attention span, and I bounce back and forth between projects, never really finishing any. I love to travel but can't afford to go very far for very long. Cardinal's baseball is the best. I like cheesy musicals. I want to write but have terrible grammar. Does that matter?

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    security analyst
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    It's from the movie Nostalghia, which was uploaded to A&F from opus. I've never seen the movie and know nothing about it, but the picture resonated with me for some reason. I feel a bit like I am that person standing alone in the night.
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    In no particular order: Night of the Iguana LOTR Tremors (what? it's a classic!) Empire of the Sun The Mighty
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    Better question--what *don't* I like? Rap, heavy metal, and disco. All else is good. I'm slowly getting into indie rock. I love Celtic/Irish music.
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    Shusako Endo, if I ever get around to finishing Silence. Ian Rankin. Ludlum, at the moment. My father swears by Forsythe though.
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    Rembrandt. Always did, though I'm not entirely sure why. It jumps out at me somehow. Thomas Moran

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  1. Jeffrey, everything I've read on Vista recommends a clean install, NOT an upgrade. I don't know how much it costs, though. Alan, thanks! I didn't realize Google desktop was Toshiba's. I should have, but I'm tired. Is Avast compatible with Vista? In looking around, it seemed as though the only AV products that would work is McAfee (yuck!), Symantec (eh), Tempo something (I think) and Kaspersky. I know I was warned off AVG as there isn't a driver yet available and would crash the system.
  2. I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Vista. I've been looking at some sites to determine compatibility and security issues with it. One thing I want to do is disable any processes that I won't use. Google desktop, for instance, is going out the window (no pun intended). Any advice on other standard Vista processes, Alan? Any that you would recommend I disable? I've also heard good things about Kaspersky anti-virus. Would it be worth it to try? I hate McAfee.
  3. I got hooked on Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus series ever since watching Black Book on BBC America. I wouldn't mind it if they included more of those episodes. The others I'm not that into. My BBCA programming usually shows either Benny Hill/i] or Monty Python, which I quickly get tired of. As Time Goes By is a favorite, but as Ellen says, it's shown on PBS all the time. Plus, I've been thinking of buying some of the DVDs anyway. My dad likes the show The Last of the Summer Wine. I could never get into it.
  4. Finally!! Yay! I'd almost lost hope they were releasing this.
  5. Not for this book, but I'd love to join in again. Maybe next one?
  6. The reason I think so is because of new management. I'll be honest--I don't know much about Lou Piniella and even less about his win/loss ratio or management style, but I think having anyone other than Dusty Baker managing should help the Cubs. Dusty relied way too much on the Pryor/Wood combo, even when it was obvious that the combo didn't work. So I wouldn't be surprised if they placed second or third. I'm not concerned about the pitching so much as I am the outfield. Edmonds is slowing way down, our regular right outfielder is out for now, and they are rotating left and right fields between Preston Wilson and So Taguchi, neither of which are regular starters.
  7. I love it. Not a Cardinal in the lot. That said, I think the Mets have the best shot at NL East, barring injuries. I don't know about NL Central. Except that I highly doubt the Cardinals will be in the running this year. Of course, I was predicting a Mets/Yankees WS last year (I think), so what do I know? ETA: I think the Cubs are a sleeper team this year and will surprise us. I don't know if they'll get the division, necessarily, but I think they'll place well.
  8. Of all the consequences of the Fall, why did allergies have to be a part of it? And if it's not a consequence, then simply, why allergies? One of the many questions I'll be asking when I get there. Ugh.
  9. Editing because your question confused me. Dan, yes the second part is the last episode until 2008. Or, no, the episode where Tigh says the music is coming from the ship is the second-to-last. There is one more.
  10. They really did. Beth, it was awesome. Absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to see what happens in season 4. Laura is really slipping down the slope, isn't she? And I loved Lee's speech. Dan, I don't think I really can explain the fracas without spoiling. And trust me, you do NOT want to be spoiled.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love this show. I just bought the second season (both of them) and will watch the third when it comes out. I purposely didn't watch the first part of season 3 because of personal issues. It was simply too dark and I couldn't handle it at the time. Now, though, I'm much better and very gung-ho. I only recently started watching again, seeing part of "Dirty Hands" (with Chief and the strike) and then last week's. And wow. Last week's. I have no words for that episode.
  12. This is completely unrelated, but I will turn 30 on 07/07/07. Just thought I'd share.
  13. I don't love them, but I have gone from sheer hate to tolerable. I think because they did a series of commercials. I couldn't stand the first one and it ran on and on and on. Was so irritating. If they did a TV show, then I expect it to bomb out pretty fast. Something like this may be good for a commercial, but not for 20 minute episodes.
  14. I completely and totally forgot. Unfortunately, things are heating up at work and home, and I don't have time. :( I'm sorry. Maybe next year.
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