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    I'm 33 years old, I have a daughter and son. When I'm not at work you can find me spending time with my family; discussing philosophy, pop-culture and politics with my friends; watching movies, reading or listening to music; hanging out online; or doing any of the above to avoid working on my real ambition -- writing.

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  1. A Ghost Story

    I liked it for what it was. Although I wouldn't say I'm an ardent fan.

    Oops! I forgot to add the link! Haha. Thanks.

    I wrote 3,000 words on Twin Peaks: The Return. I'm not sure how coherent any of it is. But I was grateful for the conversation here which helped solidify some of my thoughts.
  4. Wind River

    I wrote some thoughts on this film, a powerful exploration of pain and grief, specifically male grief:
  5. Atomic Blonde

    Apologies if there's already a thread for this, I couldn't locate it if it exists. I wrote a review of it for my debut at Rise Up Daily:
  6. A& F Top 25 Films 2017 Discussion

    Consider The Top 25 about cultural conflict to have my vote.
  7. Silence (2016)

    That was such a fantastic moment - and not because I entirely understood it. I think it could be read a few ways. But it was an unexpected reaction.
  8. A& F Top 25 Films 2017 Discussion

    Ooh. I like that.
  9. Silence (2016)

    Here's my reflection/review:
  10. 2016 lists

    I completely forgot about this album when compiling my lists. Shoot.
  11. A& F Top 25 Films 2017 Discussion

    So... The 25 Most Woke Films?
  12. 2016 lists

    My Top 25 albums of 2016. My Top 50 songs of 2016.
  13. A& F Top 25 Films 2017 Discussion

    That would be a consideration. But I suspect we here might put together a list that might serve as a mirror but also something of a counter balance to the cynical and dark energies. I am certainly interested right now in the intersection of art, faith and politics. That said, I'm not sure how much I want to advocate for this theme, but at the moment it would have my vote from the themes put forth. Lean into it, I say. Or to quote Churchill, “If you're going through hell, keep going.”
  14. A& F Top 25 Films 2017 Discussion

    You know, that might actually turn out to be more prescient this year...
  15. Penny Dreadful

    This is super-slick, Eva Green is amazing, and the over-arching storyline is something I am sympathetic toward, but it just feels like a disappointment on so many levels character-wise. Nothing particularly interesting done with characters like Dorian Gray or how Frankenstein's Monster is left to wander outside the main narrative.