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  1. The "Lost Boys" and "Hannah And Her Sisters" have already been mentioned; I'd like to add the film of "Parenthood", and also "Rabbit Hole": Dianne Wiest is the Kevin Bacon of family films for me!
  2. Has anyone suggested John Sayles' "Limbo"? "Witness"
  3. I'm not sure whether he has much of a profile in North America, but Britain's Cliff Richard, an evangelical, has defended homosexual partnerships.
  4. I'm English, so please forgive me if I'm lyrically illiterate, but I understand Peter Case's "Wilderness" to have one verse from the perspective of a Civil War soldier. Also, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (The Band)?
  5. Thank you, SDG, I think you're quite right...
  6. (Spoilers) I'd echo Jason in suggesting that the "redeemed antagonist" is very much a trope in Joss Whedon's creations; in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alone, Cordelia, Anya, Willow, Faith and Andrew could be listed alongside Spike. Come to think of it, Edmund and Eustace in the Narnia Chronicles, and perhaps Saul of Tarsus?
  7. Sorry about that, Peter- too bad...
  8. I live in the UK, and the films are available to watch here, on a Channel 4 website. I hope that this is viewable abroad...
  9. She was wonderful as the voice of Luanne in "King of the Hill."
  10. Another science fiction story is "The Time Machine".
  11. There's a Ken Loach film, MY NAME IS JOE, with a scene or two in an AA meeting, if I recall rightly. Certainly the film title refers AA meetings, anyway... And um BLADES OF GLORY has a meeting for sex addicts.
  12. dziga

    Funerals on film

    My memory's fuzzy, but doesn't "Gandhi" begin with something like a funeral procession? A funeral is central to "The Big Chill".
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