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    I work in the incredibly lucrative world of Theatre (tongue firmly planted in cheek)
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    It 's always changing... so in no particular order, except for the first: Blade Runner Dr. Strangelove The Big Lebowski Gallipoli Lawrence of Arabia Chinatown Millers Crossing and many others too numerous to detail.
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    Classical: Saint Saens, Mozart, Saint Colombe, Marais Rock: Rolling Stones, U2, Talking Heads, Prince, REM, Simon and Garfunkel, Jeff Buckley All time favorite is guitarist/singer Michael Hedges. I highly recommend his albums "Oracle", "Aeriel Boundaries" and "Taproot".
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    Fiction: Larry McMurtry "Lonesome Dove", Clive Barker "The Great and Secret Show" and "Everville", Frank Herbert's Dune Series... again, too many to list. Shakespeare Non Fiction: many writings on WW2 including Dan Kurtzman "Fatal Voyage", Cornelius Ryan "A Bridge Too Far", the writings of PJ O'Roarke... Bloom County

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  1. Ken, maybe you could move this thread to the Film forum now that this trailer has been released. This is supposed to be getting a big awards season push.
  2. Hadn’t seen this thread, but I have seen the trailer. Maybe since HALLOWEEN did it last year, Hamilton’s return to this franchise feels more imitative of Jamie Leigh Curtis’s return, than it does an inspired return for Hamilton.
  3. BLADE RUNNER 2049 - the last five numbers (52318) of this serial number represents Rachel’s incept date, May 23, 2018. As far as I can determine, the rest of serial number stands for Nexus 7 Female Advanced(?) Archetype(?) 5 23 18 (incept date).
  4. GOTTI has been streaming on Amazon Prime (apparently within weeks of its disastrous 2018 release). Is it as bad as its critical drubbing would lead you to believe? No... That’s not saying it isn’t a bad movie (it definitely is), but if you go in with a certain frame of mind, and a good history of mafia movies under your belt, it has certain entertainment value. It does pull out every cliche from the Hollywood mafioso playbook, and it’s kind of fun to check them off the list in the moments before they actually happen onscreen.
  5. Now this is a surprise (not the Red Sparrow part).
  6. THE PELICAN BRIEF Newspaper article dated May 6. (Might have to watch this again - lots of dates throughout)
  7. Thread needs to be retitled. I really have zero interest in seeing MIB: INTERNATIONAL. But I am curious to hear from anyone who sees the film confirm whether or not it follows the typical cliché that if someone tells you to “Trust no one”, it’s probably a good idea to start with the person who just said that.
  8. THE EAGLE HAS LANDED (1977) Opening narration - September 12, 1943, German paratroopers snatched Mussolini from his mountaintop prison in Italy. November 6th - date that Churchill will be in a remote part of Norfolk, England. February 22 - Molly’s (Jenny Agutter) birthday.
  9. —The phoenix rises, And prison is transformed to The rain on the roof.— By any chance is this IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK? I loved the use of rain in that film. BTW, you were correct on my STALKER haiku.
  10. LADY BIRD (2017) Thanksgiving November 28th, 2002 Christmas December 25th, 2002 Ash Wednesday March 5th, 2003 March 21, 2003 - News report on the previous day’s (3/20/03) launch of the Iraq War.
  11. ESCAPE FROM L.A. (1996) An earthquake destroys the Los Angeles basin on Aug. 23, 2000.
  12. Whoa! I’m just catching this. I checked the list a few days after volunteering to write a blurb, but saw that it still hadn’t been assigned. Now I see that changed. I’ll get on it.
  13. SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ is the first film released by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new production company Stolen Picture, and it looks as though they should have pilfered a different project. Apparently this opened in only 10 theaters in the US on May 17 (it opened in Britain last Oct. 31). As of last Thursday (5/23) the total box office intake was $4,665. Even if it were showing only once a day during that 7 day release period (70 showings), that’s only a $66.65 intake per showing. If the national average price of a ticket is $8.97, that means that only 490 people in the US might have seen this film. Probably a lot less, considering evening ticket prices (the one theatre in LA that this played in charges $15 for evening shows).
  14. THE DEAD (1987) John Huston’s final film takes place at an Epiphany dinner gathering on Jan. 6th, 1904.
  15. Possible spoilers. I saw PARABELLUM about a week after seeing TOLKIEN, and I’m of a mind that the John Wick films have entered into a strange parallel with the Middle Earth books. The original John Wick, like The Hobbit, would have worked satisfactorily as a one-off film. Now JW plays as a self-contained preamble to the much larger world that JW C2 and JW C3:P are inventing, much in the way that THE LORD OF THE RINGS expanded Middle Earth beyond the limited scope of THE HOBBIT. I enjoyed PARABELLUM. Not as much as I enjoyed JW C2, which floored me with its spectacle. I think I rated JW 4/5, and JW C2 4.5/5. PARABELLUM, which I admit runs longer than it should, rates a 4/5, with the admission that it could fall to a 3.5/5 on rewatch.
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