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  1. Hmmmmm.... Bummer.... I guess I should have followed this Facebook link to the actual A&F post, where the date said June 14th... Am I the only one who thought we had more time?
  2. This from the man who directed and shares screenplay credit on Dreamcatcher.
  3. Wow! That's only an hour and 42 minutes longer than the famous Dunkirk tracking shot from Atonement.
  4. Apparently Warner's owns all of the Rod Serling scripts, and the idea is to expand one or more of these into feature length projects. Full story here. Mandalay Productions is already in pre-production on Countdown, which was an episode written by Richard Matheson, based on his short story. The current version has Michael Brandt lined up to write and direct. Brandt was one of the screenwriters for 3:10 to Yuma and Wanted. I'd personally love to see a film based on the book Outrageous Conduct: Art, Ego and the Twilight Zone Case, which is one of the best books I've read on the backstage dealings of a Hollywood production, and the tragedies that resulted because of them. The trial that arose out of this event was almost as surreal as an episode of The Twilight Zone. Of course if anyone attempted an adaptation, they'd be blacklisted to the far side of the moon.
  5. Robocop (1987) January 1st - During POV sequences, as Murphy is becoming Robocop, the OCP staff celebrates the ringing in of the New Year.
  6. John Carpenter is currently working on a series of comic books entitled Old Man Jack, following Jack Burton on his last run in the Pork Chop Express.
  7. I finally got around to seeing The Black Hole Saturday night, on a double-bill with Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The only thing missing to make the event truly feel like time traveling back to 1979 was a Christmas tree in the lobby of the theater. Wow.... ummmm, The Black Hole was one of the most painful movie going experiences in many years. Horrible script, wooden performances (except for crazy Maximillian Schell), and a complete lack of suspense. I'm not even sure who this was aimed at. As an adult, I completely cringed at the cutesy robots, but I'm sure I would have been bored out of my mind as a kid with the ennnnndddleeessssss talk (although, I was 15 at the time of release). In that way, it reminded me of Disney's recent The Lone Ranger, another film that didn't seem to know who its audience should have been. The Black Hole started out with some interesting SPFX - I have to say I really liked its depiction of deep space, and the Cygnus is a marvel of a ship. IIRC, the motion control system that Disney developed for this film was the first that could incorporate movement of matte paintings (something not even Star Wars was able to do), which gave a certain depth to those background star fields painted by Harrison Ellenshaw. But as the movie progressed, the effects started to really go downhill. You'd think they'd want to up the ante in FX the closer they got to the black hole, and not go the direction they did. In the end, the black hole appeared to be outtakes of the maelstrom from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, processed through some Ralph Bakshi-style rotoscoping. John Barry's score is about the only thing worth praising in this film. I wouldn't mind owning a copy. I agree with some of the sentiment here, that this is ripe for a remake.
  8. Can't. Stop. Laughing.
  9. There's a moment in ALIENS where Ripley is briefing the marines aboard the Sulaco, Ripley informs Vasquez that in less than 24 hours only one of those things killed off her entire crew. I'm guessing that's from chestburster sequence to the end, but not sure if she includes awaking from hibernation to returning with Kane to the orbiting refinery.
  10. A New Leaf (1971) July 27th - The date at which Henry Graham only has ten days left to find and marry a woman of means, or be left destitute.
  11. Full Metal Jacket (1987) January 30, 1968 - The beginning of the Tet Offensive
  12. Sofia Coppola named Best Director at Cannes for The Beguiled FYI for Los Angeles area folks, the New Beverly Cinema will be screening both versions of The Beguiled on June 14th. Sofia Coppola is tentatively scheduled for a Q&A between screenings. Tickets go on sale June 4th @ 12:00pm and, if like other events such as this at the New Bev, will probably be sold out by 12:05. More info here.
  13. Title: Breaking Away Director: Peter Yates Year: 1979 Language: English IMDB Link: Breaking Away YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): No A&F forum.
  14. I'm not sure how many of you will be interested in this... it may only appeal to Opus and Jason Bortz, but I'm posting it just the same. There's a terrific article in the Sept/Oct issue of Film Comment about a massive restoration project devoted solely to Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers. Apparently, there was a 12-film Shaws retrospective at the current New York Film Festival. You gotta love that!
  15. This is incredibly sad news. Zack Snyder is stepping away from the post-production of Justice League to be with his family, after the death of his daughter (a suicide) this past March. Joss Whedon will oversee some last minute reshoots, and the rest of post-production. Story here.
  16. Alright, probably time to get this thread started. Ridley Scott has been doing the rounds for Robin Hood, and has started dropping hints as to possible storylines for the Alien prequel. From an interview with MTV, it looks like Scott is going to focus some of the story on the race of Space Jockeys, but he is also going to have a human element involved in the form of terraformers and the Weyland Corporation. Links to some earlier posts in the Alien: The Director's Cut thread, speculating some ideas that might be used in the prequel.
  17. Blackhat (2015) March 9th - News footage of the crippled nuclear reactor. I may have to watch this in its entirety. One, to see if there are more dates. And two, because the movie seems much better than was reported when it was released (I know it had some fans here).
  18. I know, it doesn't come out for another 5 months, but here.... Blade Runner 2049 From the trailer, this date - 6 10 21 - crudely carved into a rock. I'm wondering if this is Rachel's grave marker. Not sure if that date stands for June 10th, or Oct. 6th (which also happens to be this film's release date).
  19. I love the look. Some of the moments at Deckard's digs seem to be actually inspired by Philip K. Dick's descriptions in his novel, while also retaining Ridley Scott's vision. Yeah, I was feeling it with the teaser... not so much with the trailer. That date on the stone at the 1:31 mark - 6 10 21 - I wonder if this is where Deckard buried Rachel. The original film doesn't reveal her incept date, but it wouldn't be hard to believe that she was "born" in late 2017. Or, perhaps she was retired. Anyway, I kind of thought they would try to make a statement about our current political/corporate climate - I just wish they hadn't used a sledgehammer, which is what this trailer seems to indicate.
  20. Cary Fukunaga, director of Sin Nombre and last year's Jane Eyre, has been attached to direct a 2 part adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Story from The Hollywood Reporter here.
  21. Yep..... I was shocked at how much this film suffered on second viewing. Perhaps the death of Carrie Fischer put me in a mood to enjoy the film the first time around, but the second viewing made me wish I hadn't bought the blu-ray. Still, that Vader sequence at the end still works. But, I'm guessing Vader hadn't hit the old rejuvenation tank before encountering Obi-wan a few days later on the Death Star, hence his lack of aggressiveness when dueling his former master.
  22. No, I wouldn't adjust. The allowance makes sense, since we did start after the new year. I think we did the same thing with Top 25 Films on Memory, since that list wasn't compiled beginning in one year and concluding in another. I think the confusion may have come about because we started discussing possible topics in late 2016.
  23. Please take this with all the humor that's intended... Picking this topic kinda reminds me of Nancy Pelosi's infamous line about the Affordable Care Act - "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." The vagaries surrounding an exact definition of this topic seem to have opened up a lot of interpretations. I'm enjoying the variety of films I've seen nominated so far. Not all may conform to JP's definition, but perhaps to the nominators own personal experience. My own nominations have varied from darker themes to lighter fare.
  24. That was something I was a bit confused about, considering the way we did past lists. But then, most of our past lists nominations were begun towards the end of a year and continued into the following year - for example, nominations for horror began in 2010 and ended in 2011, so we excluded films that came out in 2010. Did we allow 2016 films because these nominations began in 2017?