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  1. Back in 2011, I took my 12 year old stepson to a theatre that was showing the Indiana Jones trilogy - his introduction to those films. I've always been a fan of Temple of Doom, but I could tell that this film seemed to capture my stepson more than Raiders (I think that Short-Round factored into this quite a bit), and I found myself enjoying it even more than usual because of his enthusiasm for it.
  2. Unconfirmed release date Dec. 1st, 2017? (Take that with a grain of salt, the source is The Irish Sun). Sept 8th, possible release date of the first single - You're the Best Thing About Me
  3. Kept meaning to come back to these two... Bringing Up Baby Suddenly, Last Summer Here's another... The closer they get to their heart's deepest desire, their path and faith wanes.
  4. Some quick thoughts I posted last week on Letterboxd, after sitting down and watching the Criterion disc... Also, in doing some follow up research, I came across some news items that WGN and Sony produced ROADSIDE PICNIC, a pilot for a new series in 2017, which seems more closely associated with the Strugatskiy brothers novel, than Tarkovsky's interpretation. WGN has since passed on the pilot, but there's talk that AMC may pick it up. This link was the only one I could find that still had the trailer available to view. YouTube and other sites have had to take it down.
  5. This could also be a sly wink and nod to HARD TO BE A GOD, one of ROADSIDE PICNIC author's the Strugatskiy brothers other famous works.
  6. Detroit (2017) Film begins on July 23, 1967, and continues into July 24th. The bulk of the film takes place on July 25th-26th, the night of the Algiers Motel killings. May 12th, 1968 is highlighted during a montage of the post-riot trial.
  7. Count me in as another fan. Definitely the highlight of this years summer releases. I'm not a huge fan of 3D, but I happened to see this trailer in 3D when I saw Dr. Strange last year, and knew I'd be have to see it in that format. I was more impressed with the worlds created here, than I was with Avatar.
  8. ATOMIC BLONDE Lots of dates for Atomic Blonde, which takes place over several days in Nov. 1989 as the Berlin Wall came down. June 12, 1987 - Film opens with a clip of Ronald Reagan's Tear Down This Wall speech in Berlin. Nov. 6th, 1989 - A title card say "Nov. 1989". Moments later, a watch is stolen from an assassinated MI6 agent - the date on the watch shows 6. Nov. 16th, 1989 - Film jumps ahead from the assassination, with a title card saying Nov. 1989 10 Days Later. Bulk of the film takes place on Nov. 7th - 9th. VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS One date I'm sure of, the second I saw fleetingly and may be wrong. July 17, 1975 - Date of the Apollo/Soyuz capsules docking, which opens the film. March 18 - On a display screen on a sub, when Laureline is searching for Velarian.
  9. The problematic rights issues over J.R.R. Tolkien's <b>The Hobbit</b> may be cleared up, if Time Warners bid for MGM goes through. Sony Corp. seems to be the only other serious bidder... story <a href="" target="_blank"><b>here</b></a>.
  10. Checked back in at my B&N, and picked up a copy of the restocked Kagemusha blu-ray. Then I went over budget and picked up Stalker, which they only got in today. I must say, Kagemusha may have the most beautiful accompanying booklet of any Criterion film I've come across.
  11. West coasters, the TV adaptation of Story of a Girl premieres tonight on Lifetime @ 8pm.
  12. The Andromeda Strain (1971) Several dates during the opening credits appear on top secret government files for Project Scoop, and Project Wildfire including - 07-27-1970, Oct. 4, 1970, Nov. 11, 1970. The crisis takes place over 4 days, beginning Feb. 5th, 1971 and ending Feb. 8th, 1971. A secret congressional hearing on the matter takes place April 14th, 1971.
  13. The Little Hours is a better version of The Beguiled (well, a least for me a better time at the movies). edit: Just realized this is the second Sofia Coppola film I've bagged on in this thread.
  14. Martin Landau has passed away at 89. Story here.
  15. She does a lot of voice work, but Buffy the Vampire fans know Juliet Landau as the vampire Drusilla. She also appeared in Ed Wood, playing actress Loretta King in scenes depicting the production of Wood's film Bride of the Monster. Strangely, I don't think Juliet appears onscreen with her dad, although the actors King and Lugosi share quite a bit of screen time in the Wood film.
  16. Envious. Kagemusha was at the top of my list, but I couldn't find a Blu-ray copy. Maybe later in the month I'll order it, or try again in November.
  17. Picked up these three tonight. A bit of a theme going on this time (a few more of these sales, and I should have all the Criterion samurai titles).
  18. Ahhh... The Lion in Winter! (I admit some help from google) Others in your list... #3 - The African Queen #4 - Adam's Rib I'd never even heard of this film before. And apparently, you're the only Letterboxd friend I have who's watched it. I was reading some background history of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and saw mentions of this film pop up several times. Apparently this film was watched many times by Lucas, Spielberg, Kasdan, and several of the main crew during the pre-production for Raiders. Costumer Debra Nadoolman seems to be the only crew person to have revealed this information in interviews, and has said that Indy's costume is lifted from the costume Charleton Heston wore as Harry Steele (<--- mettle ) in Secret of the Incas. The movie has never had a DVD release in the US, and rarely plays other than the occasional showing on TCM, leading many to think that Lucas, Spielberg, and Paramount Studios (who also released the Heston film) have suppressed it from the North American video market. It can be watched on YouTube, but in all honesty it's a pretty dull affair, with only one scene that seems to have inspired the Well of the Souls sequence in Raiders. Fans of The Big Lebowski might recognize the Yma Sumac song that serves as the main title here...
  19. You are in the right ballpark. The film I'm looking for has loose ties to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Also, one of the words in my haiku is a homophone that relates to the lead character's name.
  20. Meanwhile, from The Hollywood Reporter.
  21. The Campaign (2012) Oct 19, 2012 - this scene... The election takes place on Nov. 6th, 2012. I haven't seen this all the way through, but it probably has many more dates.
  22. Not Blade Runner. First hints - older film - no Harrison Ford. Still working on yours.
  23. If it's not from Mad Max: Fury Road, that haiku certainly could work for it.
  24. It is Apocalypse Now. Somehow I read the Seven Samurai answer, and skipped the Apocalypse Now answer. And to answer another of yours that has slipped by... Heathers? No, not The Fugitive. Like I said, this one will be tough, but everything needed to solve it is in there. I'll drop some more clues later.
  25. Still no winner on this one ^^^ (and I thought it would be easy). Here's another to ponder (this one I think will be tough, but watch it get guessed right off the bat)... Though I look like him, I'm not Indiana Jones. My mettle's tougher.