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  1. It's hard to tell whether he's speaking solely about Bv.S's financial success, or if he's speaking to artistic merit (which would still make him an idiot). FWIW, I put about as much stock in the ratings system of RT and Netflix as I do the ratings (and Top 250 list) I've seen for a decade or more over at IMDb, which isn't much stock at all. And, truth be told, I'm do not miss the forums on IMDb. Good riddance.
  2. 50 First Dates Opens on Nov 5th.
  3. Anthropoid (2016) Dec. 28th, 1941 - Date that Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis are dropped into Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. Dec 30th, 1941 - Jan and Jozef recruit Marie. Dec.31st, 1941 - Jan and Jozef recruit Lenka. May 27th, 1942 - The attempted assassination on Reinhard Heydrich takes place. June 4th, 1942 - Heydrich dies from wounds suffered during the attack of May 27th. June 17th, 1942 - The Morevec home is raided by the Gestapo. June 18th, 1942 - The 6 hour siege at the Karel Boromejsky Church takes place.
  4. I'm always intrigued when a birthday movie shows up.
  5. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.
  6. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.
  7. I may spend too much time looking for dates in movies (thanks to Ron Reed), and occasionally a date will appear that seems to nullify the need for an earlier scene. Case in point is a date that appears towards the last third of Captain Fantastic. The headstone for Viggo's wife reads July 15th, 2015, which questions the need for the earlier sequence where Viggo and family get pulled over by the state trooper on their way to her funeral, other than to get the filmmakers jab at Christians into the story. The only reason the state trooper boards the bus seems to be because of the presence of all the kids, which the trooper finds strange and questions why they aren't all in school. This leads to the pretty contemptible "whacko Christian" performance they put on to get the trooper off the bus, without answering his question directly. Of course, being the middle of summer, these kids wouldn't be in school.
  8. Based on that, I may just go see this tonight at the $3 movie palace.
  9. Straw Dogs (1971) Sept 17th - written on a placard in the town square (seen in the opening credits). Lenny (1974) Nov. 7th - birth of Lenny's daughter, Kitty. Oct 10th, 1961 - an arrest date Dec. 16th - date of a court continuance hearing. Aug 3rd, 1966 - Death of Lenny Bruce
  10. Is it just me, or does this strangely feel like one of those 1980's Roger Corman ALIEN knockoffs (Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World, Creature, etc.) on steroids, rather than a continuation of the original?
  11. LION (2016) February 12, 2012 - title card near the end.
  12. My only fear is that getting rid of the message boards will lead more of the trolls to begin posting in the User Review section of IMDb, potentially leading to the dismantling of that portion of the site. I've used that section to discuss films with folks much more than the message boards.
  13. Let Me In (2010) March 8, 1983 - Opening scene in the hospital. There is a television at the nurses station which is showing Ronald Reagan deliver his "Evil Empire" speech to the National Association of Evangelicals in Orlando, Florida. The story then flashes back to two weeks earlier.
  14. Link to our thread for Rob Zombie's 2007 reboot. Normally, I would have just posted this in the thread linked above. But the names associated got my attention, so here we are. Is the world ready for a Halloween reboot from a couple of the guys behind Pineapple Express and Eastbound and Down? FWIW, here's a link to the announcement of the new reboot.
  15. I enjoyed the hell out of this. While the first film had more nihilistic undertones that at times took away from the fantastic choreography and inventive "underworld-building", this one is approached with much more humor, and nearly as successful in action scenes and expanding the underworld universe. Question for SDG - I seem to remember you (pretty sure it was you) linking to an interview with Keanu Reeves promoting the first film. Something in that interview where Reeves talks about aging seemed to really connect with you. I didn't see that link in the first film's thread, so perhaps it was something you posted on Facebook. If by any chance you remember where that interview ran, could you post that link here, or in the original film's thread. I'd be interested in rereading it. Thanks!
  16. A couple of dates caught on messages received on iPhones or Android's... John Wick: Chapter 2 December 1 - Date that Santino D'Antonio takes out the $7mm contract on John Wick. Winston receives the notification on his phone. La La Land January 25th - Mia gets a call regarding an audition. The date is kind of odd, considering later that same day she attends the party with her roommates, and ends up wandering into the restaurant where Sebastian is playing a set list of Christmas songs, a month after Christmas. Stranger still, Sebastian tries to appeal to JK Simmons' sense of decency by playing the "It's Christmas" card when Simmons fires him.
  17. Blades of Glory March 14th, 1987 - date of the tragic car crash that takes the lives of the parents of Stranz, Fairchild, and Katie Van Waldenberg.
  18. Truth be told, this is not mine. I just found it hilarious... A supremely crafted PSA for fireplace safety.
  19. Directed by Mario Van Peebles, no less. Yeah, this was out for about a week in L.A., and got scathing reviews.
  20. Don't forget... if you stick only to the trilogy titles, 3 word titles have now drawn even with 4 word titles.
  21. "What would his people back home want if they ever learned just how far from them he'd really gone? He broke from them and then he broke from himself. I'd never seen a man so broken up and ripped apart..." Capt. Willard - APOCALYPSE NOW SPOILERS AHEAD A lot of thoughts went through my mind last night while watching (experiencing) Silence. But, for some reason, I kept coming back to this line from Apocalypse Now. I don't think I've read any comparisons yet between these two films, but I believe they share much in common. The line above not only applies to what Father Rodriguez finds when finally confronted with the man who once was Father Ferreira, but also with what the Dutch trader finds with the man who was once Father Rodriguez. I hope to have more thoughts later, but this film is still percolating.
  22. For anyone who has wanted to read all of Willard's V.O. narration, this is the place to go.
  23. While this would make more sense, I guess A Thousand Solar Systems Divide was one word too many, and just not as EPIC.
  24. We did, but I think that is what got renamed Crime & Punishment. The more I think about it, the more I like NBooth's Small Town/Village theme. It feels like there are so many possibilities there, a world wide range of films from many eras, which I think the best of our lists exemplify. It also is closest to another of my favorite themes thrown out there, Joel's Coming of Age theme. So many of the films I think about when considering that topic also fit into NBooth's suggestion. I know we're getting down to crunch time her, but I'm going to throw out another possible theme. This one is kind of personal, but I think many here might be able to relate. My stepson recently went into the Marines - toughed out the grueling basic training while suffering from both bronchitis and a strained hamstring, both of which hit him less than 10 days in (he missed by 2 points becoming the battalion's lead marksman). Talking over his experience with him, he was quick to say that any preconceived notions of idealism or romanticism he may have had going in was quickly erased. I didn't know what changes might occur within him during this time, but he told me that it was his faith that got him through as pretty much the same decent/caring person he always had been. He went in with two friends, whom he said really changed in attitude - not for the better - which for my stepson was very sad. He said that may have been the toughest lesson to learn, that not everyone is going to hold onto the standards they had going in. Anyway, his experience got me to thinking about this - Top 25 Films about Idealism vs Reality. Films that examine characters whose perceptions about certain conditions are not always in line with the reality of those situations. Some films that come to mind... Amelie The Mission Sicario Gallipoli The Big Chill The Candidate Mr. Smith Goes to Washington