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  1. Yeah, I just recently read this news also. It is very troubling considering I like Owen Wilson as an actor, particularily his work in Wes Anderson films. I don't understand why such a successful actor as him would attemp suicide, but I can't pretend to understand the minds of actors. I am just thankful that he is still around, luckily one of his family members walked in on him just after. Thank God.
  2. Yeah I would agree that many of the shots included in the trailer seem to be inspired by Days of Heaven. Also, there is a shot in there where Jesse James is running his hands through the wheat which is almost an exact take from Gladiator. I find it funny how the more you watch movies, the more you pick up how unoriginal so many shots are.
  3. It seems odd to pair up Grave of the Fireflies, one of the most depressing films ever made, with My Neighbour Totoro. Yes they are both Studio Ghibli but they are such polar opposites I could not see myself watching them both together. My Neighbour Totoro is possibly the most G rated film ever made, with absolutely nothing in it to warrant a warning and Grave of the Fireflies is brutally realistic and uncompromising for an animated film. That just strikes me as such an odd choice. On a different note, I was thoroughly disappointed with Pom Poko, one of Isao Takahata's films after Grave of the Fireflies. I just don't understand hwo the person who made Grave of the Fireflies could make such a poor film as Pom Poko. I thought him a great director but I was proven wrong with Pom Poko.
  4. A very interesting long take and one that sticks out in my mind (aside from the obvious tracking shot of Children of Men), is the opening shot of Army of Shadows. The shot follows hundreds of German soldiers as they march into Paris in front of the Arc D'Triumph. The camera never moves and it honestly lasts around five minutes until the soldier leading freezes right in front of the camera. I would be interested in finding out how long it took Melville to accomplish that shot and how he was able to clear out one of the busiest parts of Paris.
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    The Simpsons Movie

    during the credits was cute too: But wasn't there an episode many years ago in which ? If memory serves, the big guest star that episode was Elizabeth Taylor. This is true. I can't remember the exact name of the episode but her first word was definitely "Daddy" in the episode in question. I wonder if the writers of the film realized this or just thought it wasn't important enough to get in the way of a joke.
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