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    House Dad, amatur artist
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    The Exorcism of Emily Rose The Passion We Were Soldiers Blackhawk Down Lord of the Rings series Star Wars series
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    Christian Metal, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, Zao Steve Taylor... Terry Taylor... Guardian
  • Favorite creative writing
    Sophia House and Father Elijah by Michael D. O'Brien C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein David Drake, Timothy Zahn, Orson Scott Card, Robert A. Heinlein for science fiction...
  • Favorite visual art
    Doug TenNapel for comic book and other interesting artwork. Bill Watterson and Gary Larsen for the best Sunday Comics to date B.C. and Wizard of Id for runners up (cartoonists name currently escapes me right at this moment). Frank Franzetta set a high standard for any style of painting for me (even if his material wasn't always so moral). Virgil Finlay was a master of ink, and in particular stippling
  1. Just like pretty much every other medium. Precisely! And like a comic book or graphic novel, sometimes it combines the talents of people layered on top of each other (penciler and inker and colorist... 3D graphics, texure artist, animator...)
  2. Its interesting that a film man feels gaming is an inferior art. I don't think its inferior, or superior, to film as an art form. Its its own genre now. Film and computer games have much in common these days. It takes a team of people to produce a 'blockbuster'. Writers, programmers, concept artists, digital painters, 3D sculptors, and editors that do the same jobs as film editors. Obviously, this requires a new approach to critiquing it... I enjoy great art in some of these games. Telltale Games has some great 'adventure games' that are almost a computerized graphic novel/movie. "Sam
  3. Due to lack of money, I no longer play MMORPGs... ...but before I was married and had kids to feed and put diapers on... I played Star Wars Galaxy's when it first came out and loved it, but my internet connection was so SLOW even though it was DSL. So I rarely was able to enjoy it when I was around large numbers of people on a busy server. Going it alone really didn't work well when you started out... ...at the same time, I played City of Heros also close to when it first came out and enjoyed it a bit more than Star Wars Galaxy's. Maybe its the comic book fan boy in me, or that the serv
  4. Creating games combines the arts of writers, digital painting (for texturing 3D models, or making 2D terrain maps or pixel based sprite characters), and 3D computer graphics. There is some good art out there... What is lacking is good Christian games that don't strike folks as overly cheesy...
  5. Board games are a fantastic past time when I was growing up. My parents weren't the norm, and didn't get us Nintendo or Sega... We had PC's though, but when you use a Commadore 64... You might as well set up a board game while your game loads ("Jumpman" anyone? "Gunship"? "Donkey Kong"?)! My dad and I were very into the strategic and tactical simulations using hex or square based maps, war gaming! Afrika Corps by Avalon Hill, a great campaign game about the North Africa Campaign in WWII prior to American involvement in WWII, Germany versus the British. Tactics II by Avalon Hill was an in
  6. I dabbled in 'Second Life' a bit. Its a pretty strange world, and you really have to watch where and what you do in some cases as you might wander into some of the darker side of the Internet! However, for the most part it was relatively clean when I tried it. I erased it after dealing with the temptation factor and my own weakness, and the inherent lack of plot that I enjoy when I play games. What did impress, and what might get me back into it, is the ability to manipulate your part of the world in Second Life. Using Photoshop/GIMP and Blender (and other proprietary 3D software) you c
  7. Definitely the loss of a great gaming pioneer! While I never got into fantasy, or Role Playing Games in general, as a war gamer I respect the effect he had on the genre of fantasy gaming. In recent times we have seen that industry come full circle. Inspired by LOTR, Gary Gygax and others started out playing games and writing rules for war games using historical medieval figures of varying scales and toys (a dragon in the castle!) which evolved into "Chainmail" and then Dungeons and Dragons; now kids that grew up playing D&D enjoyed the LOTR movies, some in the games industry (at Games W
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