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    Music, literature, religion, faith, hockey, social media, technology, innovation, community causes, etc.

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    I still enjoy listening to 80's bands like U2, R.E.M. and Midnight Oil. I love singer-songwriters such as Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine, and Josh Ritter. Having read A&F posts the last couple of years, I have discovered all kinds of new music.
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    Books fromP hilip Yancey, Frederick Buechner, Lee Strobel and Francis Schaeffer have helped me a lot spiritually. I also enjoy reading fiction; my favorite authors would have to be John Gardner, Frederick Buechner, Marilynne Robinson, Mary Doria Russell.

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  1. Here's an enjoyable article on Feist's upcoming album. She makes some interesting observations about her songs and music in general: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/18/arts/music/feists-solitary-road-to-new-album-metals.html?_r=1
  2. I've enjoyed watching both teams throughout the World Cup, but I'd like to see Spain win it. Paul the Octopus has chosen Spain as well: http://www.theglobea...093895895253914
  3. Thanks all for the great suggestions! I will be checking these out in the weeks to come. I like the list format everyone is using when making their suggestions, so I will try to do the same. Here are a couple for now: Daily Plastic (Podcast on film - not much recent activity) Grammar Girl Any video podcast recommendations?
  4. I've only listened to the American version, but recently noticed that there is a Canadian one too. I will have to give that one a listen. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. I seem to be listening to less and less music these days. It could be my age, boredom with the current music scene, or just getting more from a good podcast. So I was wondering if there was anybody here that listens to podcasts and if you had anything to recommend? I know this request is pretty generic, but I am open to pretty much any topic: News, culture, arts, spirituality, Canadian news etc. I like listening to This American Life, Christ and Pop Culture, Kindlings Muse, Q podcast, to name a few. I have a long commute and enjoy listening to podcasts on the way to work and on the way home, so any suggestion is welcome! Mike
  6. Nice short review of the Josh Ritter album in the Globe & Mail today.
  7. The Matador Records blog has the tracklisting for the new album. There is also an MP3 of the song "Your Hands (Together)" at the link below: http://www.matadorrecords.com/matablog/2010/02/22/everybody-put-your-hands-together-right-now/ Mike
  8. Rolling Stone came out with their best of the decade list today Lots of Bruce Springsteen and U2 albums on there, but nice to see some nods to Arcade Fire, Wilco, and Bob Dylan. Radiohead's Kid A makes number one again. It's a great album, but not my personal fave of the decade. Check out the list here: http://www.rollingst..._of_the_decade/
  9. Has anyone seen the news coverage or read about the newest fossil find callled Ardipithecus ramidus, or Ardi for short? There is special coverage about it over at Science magazine. I'm typically skeptical about these kinds of fossil discoveries, but the byline in last Friday's Toronto Star caught my attention:Did Apes Descend From Us? It is quite a discovery regardless of one's interpretation of the evidence. Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of discussion about it, even though some of the original reports seemed to overturn the long held belief that we descended from apes. Apparently, the headlines like the one above were mistaken, and the scientists are reaffirming that we did evolve from apes:Yes, Ardi Evolved from Apes Any thoughts on the discovery, and whether we should pay special attention to these kinds of fossil finds? Publicity stunt? Genuine science? How much can we learn from the bones?
  10. Mike D.

    The Mountain Goats

    They played a new song called Psalm 40:2 on the October 6th show of The Colbert Report. Stephen also interviewed John Darnielle and asked him about the name of the band and some of his lyrics. For those interested, the show can be found at the link above.
  11. I've only heard one album from the db's back in the late 80's; I'm sure that I still have the vinyl record for the album "The Sound of Music" somewhere in the house. I didn't mind that album back then, so I'll be keeping an eye out for this new collaboration. Next you're going to tell me that Let's Active are getting back together too (Actually, I'd love to hear some new Mitch Easter material). Thanks for the heads up Andy,
  12. Great review Josh. You're first impressions are more revealing than most of the other magazine reviews that I've read to date. Having listened to it a few times myself now, I definitely hear influences from various U2 albums as well. Musically, the album doesn't sound very cohesive at first, but now I see it more as a mosaic. Also, I think a couple of tunes such as "Breathe" and "Stand Up Comedy" sound somewhat Beatlesque lyrically and musically. I even hear a little bit of the Band in those harmonies on "Moment of Surrender". With the songs themselves, I think GOYB is my least favorite track right now, but it works in the context of the fun middle section; I really enjoyed "Unknown Caller" and "White as Snow" at first, but am becoming more intrigued with "Fez - Being Born", "Breathe" and the title track. I liked half the album immediately, and the other half has really grown on me. The music style changes are a bit abrupt in a couple of places, say from funk rock to experimental to ballad, but I think the overall pacing is better on this album. There were one too many mid-tempo tracks on the last couple of albums, and I don't find the added textures as annoying this time around either (i.e. I never cared for the sonar sounds on "Stuck In Moment"). Overall, I think this is a great album. I've probably felt this way about every new U2 release these last 25 years, and I hope that this one will stand the test of time.
  13. Peter, FYI - They are also streaming the whole album on the muchmusic website in Canada.
  14. Hi Peter, If you're trying to listen from Canada, then it might not work. I read somewhere that it's only streaming in the U.S. I can't seem to stream it either (here in Ontario); all I see is the "get on your boots" single. I guess I'll just have to wait a few more days.
  15. Great job Andy! I got a chance to listen to most of the interview on the commute home. It was moving to hear that one of your paste articles generated a good discussion between a father and his son. I loved the baseball and music stories as well; it's too bad that the interview didn't last very long, I was really enjoying it. Hopefully Paul will make good on his promise and have you on again real soon.
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