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  1. For anyone in the Seattle area, I'm in Valley Community Players final show of the season: "Funny Money." It's a very funny farce and I play "Bill" the spirited taxi driver. (The play is waaay better then the movie, if you've happen to have seen it.) We open the first weekend in April and continue for the next two weekends. Their website has all the information if you're interested. Stick around and say "Hi!" afterwards if you do come!
  2. This came up a couple days ago and I didn't see anything pop up here so I was just curious as to any reactions to this or if anyone actually cared: It sure seems a shame that she wasn't up front to begin with and categorize it as fiction. Not only is her writing career probably over but what is apparently such a powerful story will now be covered in a cloud. I wonder what she was trying to accomplish with her subterfuge? Too bad. (Uh oh, I tried to save this four times and it never refreshed, but it looks like it actually did ... sorry.)
  3. That is really funny. #3 made me bust out laughing.
  4. Check out this blog entry by Jason Geyer - a former merchandise designer for the Star Wars franchise. He found a bunch of ideas he and his team came up with recently and posted them to share. I must say, I am very disappointed by some of the ideas that were rejected. I mean, which male geek wouldn't love this:
  5. That was a great article. Thanks for sharing. Inpiring and humbling ...
  6. Sorry, but it was mentioned in the post from CrimsonLine just above it. Also, it really isn't a spoiler because it's just a sub-plot for future episodes. It's a mere 30 seconds at most, total, in the second episode.
  7. My inner Geek alarm went off -- Does it bug anyone else that, in the opening narration, it describes SkyNet as a computer system "programmed to destroy the world" when it clearly is not. That's what it basically ended up doing, but's that not what it was programmed to do. Did the writer even try and watch T-2? It's a defense network that became sentient and turned on the creators. Big difference. Even so, think about it, wouldn't programming something to "destroy the world" be slightly counter-productive. Who would stand to benefit? (Also, it would have been nice if they had at least a
  8. Wow! That's really nice. I love the cross imagery, perfectly stated - not to much, not to little. (That's one of my favorite carols also!)
  9. Thanks for the response, it's been good to read. It seems like it's come down to two schools of thought: Is what takes place on stage real or not? 1) Technically speaking, there are people on stage speaking words and engaging in actions so by the very fact that real people are doing this makes it "real". 2) On the other hand, a play is not reality but the illusion of it. While we try and make a show as believable as possible it is still only an illusion and by that definition cannot be "real". Am I splitting hairs here? Disecting this to much? Going too James Lipton? Please let me kn
  10. Yeah, I agree with your comments - I just meant that I, personally, couldn't utter so much profanity at once. I guess, right now, that's one of my lines I can't cross. Matter of degrees I suppose.
  11. Thanks, these are great perspectives. I think of Mozart in "Amadeaus" and how it is vital to the show that he be a profain and obscene character. It would be a great dis-service to the work to "clean him up" (so to speak). That being said, I doubt I could ever do David Mamet show.
  12. I'm just curious as to what the various opinions are concerning whether or not a Christian should swear on stage. Specifically I mean in a non-Christian setting, like a community theater production. Is there a line between gratuitious profanity and staying true to the character? Does "staying true to the character" justify it at all? Can it be broken down into "a little is okay, a lot is not"? I guess you see where I'm going. Thanks very much in advance!
  13. Ah, that's right! Forgot about that -- and yet they still managed to come out ahead. Lucky, lucky...
  14. And the Patriots are only going to get .... BETTER! :shock: As I was listening to local sport radio on the way to work this morning, the morning host reminded us that the 49's traded their 2008 first round draft pick to the Patriots for their #28 first round pick last draft. So, depending on how the draw goes, the Pats could pick #1 or #2 in the next draft. Holy Smokes ...
  15. I have not been since I've moved back here. Enron now Minute Maid Park in Houston was a retractable-roof and it really made for some nice Astro games. And yeah, I'm more of a baseball fan myself. Yeah, that was pretty pathetic ... No, not really. I just remember seeing the ball, on a punt, hit the ground and bury half the ball in mud. I just saw that being someones ankle and having it snap like a twig, a-la Joe Thiesman. Yikes!!! I did a quick search and Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D says "It is not a widely disseminated, downloaded or discussed fact that the average life expectancy f
  16. So I guess playing baseball on astro turf is still a good idea, eh. That field was in un-playable condition period and both teams are lucky there was not serious injuries all over the place. That field directly contributed to the game being completely boring and not worth watching at all. 200 pound guys smashing into each other is enough - they don't need to add a bog into the equation. With the amount of money those guys are payed I would think the owners would be all over protecting their investment and not jeopardizing them needlessly. I mean, after all, it is still just a game and no
  17. Anyone see the Monday Night Steeler/Fins slop fest last night? Game should have moved or rescheduled. Not only did it bore to tears (I did not watch the whole game) but I agree with the commentator who said it was also dangerous. :sleeping: I think it was a bad choice to play it under those conditions. Sub question: Who think the Pat's will go undefeated this year? I think they will. Even though Philly scared them on Sunday, 3 out of their last 5 games are at home with the only realy challenge being the last game at the Giants. Once they get to the postseason, that is where Brady really
  18. No, but I sure wish I did. That would be most coole.
  19. I came across this site a while ago and thought I'd toss it out here. It's called Shakespeare in quarto and - right off the website: Basically, its extremely high res scans of these actual copies of Shakespeares plays. Go straight to the "The texts" section to take a looks. It's quite awesome.
  20. The National Tour came through Seattle last month and so the wife and I attended. It was very funny and very well done. I was amazed at the amount of elaborate costumes or set pieces used for just a quick gag. If you're a fan of "Holy Grail" or just Python in general you will enjoy it. There is a wonderful song called "The Song That Goes Like This" and it is a spoof about romatic ballads, that just describes how them, without actually being one. It was brilliant. From the evening:
  21. Did we all see yesterday's Garfield? Here's a link to it, just in case Yahoo! doesn't like me hotlinking to it. (shhh!)
  22. Hmmm... well, perhaps I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to suggest that you just pick any section out of a book. Certainly not a 3rd person section. That would not be good. What I recommend looking for is first person narration. Generally, what is a monologue but the relating of a story by a character in the first person. There are many first person sections in literature that are that. I am a director myself and have auditioned many people. When I look to cast someone I want to see in their audition verisimilitude, technique, depth in their character ... among other things. I really wou
  23. I've always enjoyed: The Subject was Roses (2m 1w) Sea Marks (1m 1w) and the classic Barefoot in the Park (4 main characters with a couple of extras ) If you bump it up to 5 (4w 1m): The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol -Funny title, even funnier play.
  24. One of the best suggestions ever given to me was to use literature as sources for monologues. You can find great, narrative passages that are new and fresh. For example, I have found two excellent pieces from "My Name is Asher Lev" by Chaim Potok and one in "Trinity" by Leon Uris. One of the pieces from "Asher Lev" tells of the first time Asher viewed a piece of art that moved him to tears. It is rich and emotional - a great way to showcase your talent, IMHO. So, if your looking for something out of the ordinary, pick up a classic book and read it with that in mind.
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