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  1. I don't post here very much but my question from last night's episode is: is Jacob God/Christ (or something symbolizing that) and is possessed Locke really Satan? I think Locke is very much dead. The reason I ask is the conversation the two had at the beginning of the show. "you know how bad I want to kill you" and so forth. Anyways I thought the finale was great.
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    FYI--this film will be shown on the Sundance Channel on 7-25 at 4pm ET.
  3. Ben Folds--Still Fighting It Stevie Wonder--Isn't She Lovely
  4. Maybe not the greatest but the one's I loved the most: 1. The Lord Of The Rings 2. Magnolia 3. Schindler's List 4. The Big Lebowski 5. In The Mood For Love 6. Three Colors: Blue 7. Finding Nemo 8. Heat 9. Eyes Wide Shut 10. Before Sunrise 11. Fargo 12. The Iron Giant 13. Band Of Brothers 14. Road To Perdition 15. Ed Wood
  5. U2--Unforgettable Fire tour in Jacksonville, fl REM--Green tour I saw Rush also during the Hold Your Fire tour. The drum solo alone was worth the ticket.
  6. Ive been wanting to watch some TV series that Ive missed in the last several years and was wanting some suggestions that I could put in my queue at Netflix. Ive seen most comedies since I can watch those sporadically and dont need to know the storyline. Ive also seen CSI, Law and Order, and other shows like them that also dont have a storyline thats crucial. Ive also seen X-Files, Firefly and, Freaks and Geeks. Ive had people tell me that the new Battlestar Gallactica is particularly good and have also been recommended 24, Nip/Tuck, and Homicide. What do you folks think and do you have any other suggestions?
  7. Berardinelli didnt like it and said he thought it was Gilliam's worst: Berardinelli TIFF coverage BTW he also trashed Revolver.
  8. Surprised one of my favorite Kurosawa films hasnt been mentioned: Red Beard
  9. I loved the film. A couple of things struck me on a personal level. Despite the personal flaws of the characters, which have been noted by Diane, I loved the Ekdahl family and the joy they find in each others company. Despite whatever troubles they may have going on they still find time to get together and celebrate life and each other. I have a family very much like this so I could really relate. I wonder if Bergman is trying to make a statement with a comparison of this secular family and the love and color that is put forth versus the "religious" home of the minister and all its coldness and bleakness? This leads me to my second reaction which was one of sadness. I feel sadness for Bergman if this is truly a biographical account of his experiences with those who follow Christ. Having lived in a home filled with joy, love, inclusion, AND Christ I wish he could have a experienced a little of this in his life. Im really wanting to now go pick up the DVD box set and watch the longer version. I WANT MORE!
  10. I have the theatrical version to watch. Will I be in left field if I dont see the TV version?
  11. Id also like to nominate Red Beard as a future potential film for discussion.
  12. While I dont really have a lot to add I would like to say that the responses to this film(especially the passion held by Darren H) are the reasons I love this forum. While the film didnt connect with me, some of you have really expressed aspects that I possibly missed in one viewing. I definitely can be a judgemental son of gun, so those aspects have me re-examing my take and considering a rewatch.
  13. I didnt really care for Slacker. Ive seen several of Linklater's films....Waking Life, Before Sunrise/Before Sunset, Dazed and Confused, and School of Rock. I loved BS/BS and found the conversations fascinating. I really enjoyed Dazed and Confused and School of Rock; the former really reminded me of high school. I also enjoyed most of Waking Life. I found the animation to be spectacular and I found some conversations to be interesting, although, I also found some to be pseudo-intellectual crap. All of that being said, Slacker fell short for me. I think I understood what he was going for after the setup in the initial scene and the discussion of different realities. He seems to follow that and those realities from one group to another. I also assume he's wanting to explore Austin and its underbelly of losers which he obviously has some affection for. Really what fell short for me are the characters and their enabling philosophies that allow them to continue to be losers. I didnt find them amusing, I just found them to be annoying. These are the type of people that when Im having a conversation with them Im trying to find ways to end the conversation and move on. All their whining and paranoia about "the man" essentially is a way for them to avoid life and responsibility. I respect artists and their passions, but I dont think most of these characters fit into that mold. Wannabes maybe. Anyways those are some of my intial thoughts.
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