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  1. A filmed version of the West End production of Merrily We Roll Along (directed by Maria Friedman) is playing in selected US movie theaters on Wednesday, 10/23. I live near Chicago and there are many theaters showing it, but for one night only.
  2. What is this Kate Bush Christmas music that you speak of?! She released an album called 50 Words for Snow last year. A great album. That's what I suspected. I've firmly put that album into the 'winter' mix rather than Cmas so that I have something to look forward to after the New Year. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything else!
  3. What is this Kate Bush Christmas music that you speak of?!
  4. benthere

    Sufjan Stevens

    I've been slowly making my way through these over the past week. I just listened to #8. I have a downloaded version of this one - originally called, "Astral Inner Planet Space Captain Christmas Infinity Voyage". 'Christmas In the Room' is one of my favorite SS Cmas originals. I was surprised to hear a completely new version, plus there are a few other songs not originally included and a couple of the same tunes, but completely different arrangements. The best part was hearing a clip from 'Impossible Soul' in the middle... I'd love to read some interviews with him about this project if an
  5. I saw this on Pitchfork yesterday. I wanted to like the first one, but didn't at first. Finally, a year later, it's growing on me and I'm really looking forward to the new release.
  6. But hasn't Anathallo been making music and going in this direction at the same time as Sufjan? It doesn't seem like Sufjan released the Michigan cd, then Anathallo formed and started copying him. I've always felt that they are really different. The marching band sound of Anathallo is different than the more symphonic sound of Sufjan -- just because there are a lot of unique instruments doesn't make them the same. I suppose it's inevitable -- most piano based rock music gets compared to Tori Amos, but I've always wondered why we tend to be narrow minded when it comes to instrumentation.
  7. File this away with Charlotte Church and Josh Groban...
  8. Pitchfork weighs in today and it's not pretty. I remember this from the Floating World review. They're too busy comparing Anathallo to Sufjan to pay attention to the music.
  9. I agree! In fact, I found most of the article filled with "fightin' words"...but I apparently like cloying goop...
  10. benthere


    I couldn't agree more... hijack: You should give the Cyndi Lauper version a listen, too... it was a hit for her before Roy Orbison (though it was written for him). I think that one is worth listening to...
  11. benthere


    I've always felt that her voice would be well suited to country music. That fragile-esque warble...add a little yodel and it could be great. For me, it's not a matter of talent, but mis-guided talent... and lack of taste.
  12. I just read that they've signed with Anticon, but I can't seem to find info about the release date of the new cd... What is the date?
  13. Why stop there? Heck, let's pick on her for growing horns and wearing pink party hats, too...
  14. benthere

    Joanna Newsom

    I purchased tickets today to see Joanna with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in August... Ask me how excited I am!
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