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  1. There is a 30% off B&N coupon good through this weekend. Here's the instore coupon. The online code is BNBFRIDAY16. Alas, like just about all other coupons this sale, it excludes Criterions. I printed a few and used them on signed books (by Tony Bennett, Billy Collins, and Jon Klassen). You could probably also get some solid discounts on vinyl or non-Criterion films.
  2. I picked up A Brighter Summer Day, Chaplin's The Kid, and the Whit Stillman Trilogy. Also I believe the sale goes through the end of July, so I might snag The New World when it releases on the 26th. I will absolutely draw the line there. But not before considering A Touch of Zen. No more after that. Unless...
  3. Sorry y'all. The 8/40 coupon is indeed no longer working, according to multiple reports. Bizarre, since I used it just yesterday, and was planning to use it a few more times. B&N must have put the kibosh on it. Apologies for leading you astray, my fellow Criterionphiles... I believe you might still get the coupon to work if you get a friendly cashier willing to override the system. Personally I don't like making waves with coupon stacking on Criterions, since they are already worth the money. And also I am a coward in general. The only coupon that seems to be working on Criterions is a $10 off $50, which was emailed this morning. It's an individual specific code, so I don't have a link. If you're a member you may have gotten one in your inbox.
  4. UPDATE: Members at the bluray.com forums are reporting that B&N may have stopped accepting the 8/40 coupon overnight, at least on Criterions. Someone tried to use one this morning and the system didn't accept it. I'll try to see if this is indeed the case. I hope not, but if so, my apologies for unduly raising hopes.
  5. If you've a Barnes & Noble membership, you can use this coupon in store to save another $8 on top of the 50% off and member discount. I picked up The In-Laws blu-ray for about $10.50 with tax.
  6. I think it is a puzzle. How about...Odd Man Out (the Carol Reed noir)?
  7. The Jacques Tati boxset is out now, and looks wonderful.
  8. I'd be willing to trade my unopened Criterion copy of Paris, Texas on blu-ray (which is a great movie, but...let's just say I wouldn't leave Solaris unopened). DEAL! I'll message you to swap shipping addresses.
  9. Well, it was going to happen to me sooner or later. I bought the Solaris blu-ray only to realize I already owned it. Instead of returning it I wonder if anyone would like to trade me some other Criterion blu-ray for it? I don't have any particular titles in mind.
  10. I bought The Hidden Fortress and Il Sorpasso.
  11. The Sale has returned.
  12. Totally agreed.
  13. Some great C. S. Lewis criticism/literary history ebooks are on sale for $3.99 at Amazon. Incidentally, I wonder if there is a referral link I might use to benefit Image for links like this.
  14. Jason Diamond at Flavorwire predicts Grand Budapest Hotel will help create new interest in Stefan Zwieg's books. I rather hope so. Incidentally, you can find a nice piece on Zwieg in Cultural Amnesia by Clive James. I remember hearing that Lost singlehandedly caused a spike in Flann O'Brien interest when it used his great novel, The Third Policeman. What other examples might there be of movies or shows calling attention to lesser known books?
  15. Let me take a parenthetical moment to recommend a classic Anthony Lane piece about Lego from 1998. Now back to your regular programming.