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  1. The nomination for 13 Hours was rescinded because the mixer was calling voters to campaign for his work.
  2. Shooting has begun, and this site has some photos. They also say the title will be Phantom Thread, but there's no official announcement about that yet.
  3. Title is now Song to Song. Release date is March 17.
  4. Richard Adams died on Christmas Eve. He was 96.
  5. Link to the Film Foundation fundraiser mentioned in the video.
  6. Glad to hear the movie is good. I just read the book again, and if "Neil Gaiman novel" is a genre, A Monster Calls is the best one of the last ten or so years.
  7. Teaser is on YouTube now. So uh, do replicants age?
  8. Golden Globe nominations for Best Drama, Director, and Actor (Garfield).
  9. Seems like they're playing up the thriller aspects of the story, unfortunately.
  10. Kennedy and Edwards confirm there will not be a Rogue One sequel. Because that's just Star Wars.
  11. Can't find it on YouTube yet, but the trailer is on the Paramount Twitter page.
  12. Tone seems kinda dark and gritty for Cars 3.
  13. I tried to articulate how it felt to watch Arrival after reading "Story of Your Life."