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  1. Ah well, that's four people who agree that I've posted in the wrong forum. Darn me for getting Art mixed up with Politics! But it does seem that there is a general desire to move this subject. As a newbie, I don't know how that works. My hope is that, if the postings have to be moved, that the content and arrangement continue on the new site, pretty much as they are now. Is that how it works? If it is moved, I would like to add a subhead to the title of the topic to prep viewers that the subject, although now designated a matter of politics, does start with the presentation of a painting. The subhead could simply be just that: A painting. I must admit that I had to google Warner Sallman to know who he was but, of course, I recognized his head of Christ immediately. I can't tell, however, whether your connection is approving or not. :-) Sallman's image, famous as it is, tends to be somewhat prettified
  2. Thank you for those responses. ______________________ quote
  3. Now, to me, this is strange. Over 500 people, probably mostly Christians, have visited this page in the 17 days since I posted my painting "Intercession" here on March 21st, 2008. That's an average of 20 people every day, which is gratifying. Since the day of posting, only three people have commented on the painting, which is no great matter
  4. The room that appears in my painting is the death chamber at the U.S. Federal Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana. The walls of green tile and the vinyl floor would seem ready to facilitate easy cleanup that might be needed after an execution. The table on which the condemned is killed is simply a standard medical examination chair with folding arms for any kind of injection, and that has been adapted to this purpose. This would be the table on which Timothy McVeigh was put to death on June 11, 2001 for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995. Of course, it is in the face of actions such as those of McVeigh that the challenge to true Christians is greatest and that is when Christians must steel themselves to live the teachings of Jesus. And, too, that is when all Christians might ponder the idea that, with their tremendous voice, they could stop Capital Punishment by the U.S. Federal Government. Christians could do this if they acted as one. Once victory in that area is achieved, the individual states -- some of which are all ready for such thinking -- would eventually follow. The painting is meant as a trumpet call to rally Christians to the message of Christ: Love ye one another.
  5. To be a Christian automatically means familiarity with a death sentence. Here is a painting I did some time ago to address how this knowledge can be used. It's an oil painting on canvas and it's 84" wide by 60" deep. Pretty much life-size. The title is "Intercession": Click here for a larger image This is the statement that I've associated with "Intercession" : ___________________________________ A country that has "IN GOD WE TRUST" as its motto, and which professes faith in Christian ideals, ought to ask itself whether taking a life is the Christian thing to do. If Christians truly believe that Jesus Christ died for Man's sins, it would seem to follow that there is no need for anyone else to die for their sins. His intercession surely removed any justification for a society to take a life as punishment for any sin. _________________ INTERCESSION n 1. Entreaty in favor of another, especially a prayer or petition to God in favor of another. 2. Mediation in a dispute.
  6. Beautiful work. I visited your website. Thank you for all the pleasures. You have wonderful talent, a discerning eye and a unique way of expressing your thoughts.
  7. Sometimes, when I paint, I am responding to some inspiration. A thought occurs. I start sketches. Do research. And eventually I paint. It's all really quite organized, it was the way I was taught to create. But then, at other times, other things happen. Whilst on the phone, I would doodle on tiny PostIt notes.Sometimes they'd go on from call to call, for a week sometimes. They'd be interesting. I'd stick them on the studio wall. One day I took one, 2" wide, a totally random thing drawn without thought, with different pens or markers, and I redid it in oil on canvas 8 feet wide. It was great! I ended up doing about 15 such paintings. They came essentially from -- nowhere. What is that? It's not inspiration. It's seems to be just -- instinct. But to me, at least -- and those that bought them -- they worked. They were art.
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