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  1. I imagine if you are a fan of Bill Mallonee's work with VoL you probably already know about his free download offer on his site. If not, he is offering his "Summershine" project for FREE. Also, he has a special offer which if you buy one project you get a second one for free...pretty nice. He is doing this in an effort to introduce his music to a wider audience. Here are the details at his site.
  2. A song I found just recently was released in 2007 by Canadian singer/songwriter Peter Katz. The song is called Forgiveness and is perhaps the most powerful song I have EVER heard. Check out the story behind it as well as the song.
  3. I think some of the comedians mentioned in this are funny...others, not so much but the thing about comedy, even moreso than music, is that it is totally subjective. I won't bother trashing the ones I don't like. I have seen John Branyan, Thor Ramsey, Bone, Sherri Shepherd, Leland, Tim Hawkins and Ken Davis...of those, Hawkins is clearly the class of the group followed IMHO distantly by John Branyan, Leland and after that for me it doesn't really matter. There are some comedians who are Christians working in the mainstream. Anjelah Johnson who is on MadTV is a believer and gained some small amount of fame on the net for her bit on getting her nails done. There are others but most of them are very careful to not be "outed" at this point in their career. They say it this way because once you are labeled a Christian in comedy, regardless of how funny you are people will say...yeah, so and so is funny...for a Christian. that's my two cents.
  4. WOW...that song is incredible.
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