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  1. I've started downloading magazine issues to my Kindle--so far, I subscribe to One Story and Narrative. Once my battery is re-charged, I'm going to download Ploughshares. I like not having to worry about where to store or how to dispose of the back issues.
  2. If only I could, but it's required reading for a class. I'll keep East of Eden in mind since I'm sure more Steinbeck is in my future. I've had several people say Of Mice and Men is a better read, so that's another one I'm keeping in mind.
  3. I'm resurrecting a dead thread just to say, I'm glad I'm not the only one not inspired/impressed/moved by the Grapes of Wrath. It's why I'm posting on a lost thread--I'm stalling and don't want to read it right now. I'm only a few chapters in and have the urge to say "Move on to California already!" =; But, I shall persevere, because I must. I think what's really driving me nuts is the dialogue. Trying to decipher the almost phonetically written lines is annoying. Maybe someday someone will be able to convince me why it should be considered a classic. But not today.
  4. I have read any from Amazon's list, but I do have one of their books perched on a 'to be read someday' pile.
  5. To me, the whole thing doesn't deal with the issues at hand--overseas passengers and cargo who aren't screened. Let's not even start on the unlimited access grounds crews have to every plane sitting on the tarmac.
  6. One of the books I downloaded didn't have the illustrations either and that's a bummer. Whoa. The speed of that made my eyeballs vibrate. :shock: It was still pretty cool, though.
  7. Why buy? Download the free stuff. Well, nuts. Nook now supports color, which means Amazon will roll out a color supporting version sometime in the near future. That's the biggest complaint I've had so far w/ the Kindle--no color support which makes book covers really boring. Oh well. For now, I'm mainly using my Kindle for grad school reading.
  8. I bought a Kindle this week--the 3G+Wi-Fi model. I haven't done a lot of reading with it, but I have noticed it's easier to read on a kindle than it is on my computer.
  9. The Tower, The Zoo and The Tortoise by Julia Stuart is both funny and sad and full of quirky Tower of London history.
  10. Poetry and I have a rocky relationship, but I'm enjoying her work. I'm also reading "The Best American Short Stories"--moving between the 1999 and 2010 editions, while still dipping in and out of the earlier books I mentioned.
  11. Dabbling in various books: Spirit of Food edited by Leslie Leyland Fields Apparitions & Late Fiction by Thomas Lynch Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing edited by Marilo Moore Inside Out which is a book of poems by l.l.barkat Just finished Angel Time by Anne Rice
  12. Yes, I've been to an ACFW conference years ago. It was an OK experience. I haven't been to one since, mainly because I started back to school and didn't have the time. I'm also a member. They have a very active email loop, but it's been a long time since I've looked at any of the topics. In the past, I've headed a crit group or two and worked on the ezine. Probably one of the best aspects of the group, esp. the email loop, is the willingness of multi-published authors and well-established agents to share their advice and experiences. The biggest reason I haven't followed the loop discussio
  13. Same here. So far, I've found other works I'd rather read.
  14. I'm working my way through Flannery O'Conner The Complete Stories.
  15. Saw this on agent Chip MacGregor's Facebook page: Article from archives of The Atlantic on fiction writing and imagination. Telling Tales by Tim O'Brien
  16. The tennis balls had me chuckling. Nothing like taking a simple, shutting up the inner critic method and seeing a potential mental issue in the future. Thanks for posting.
  17. Poets and Writers Glimmer Train Relief Image Books and Culture Bookmarks Ruminate The Writer's Chronicle (Part of the membership in the Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Relevant Log Home Living Early American Life American History Smart Computing Food and Family (cooking) Healthy Cooking (cooking) Fighting the impulse to subscribe to Nat'l Geographic. Will probably succumb soon. (Various flying magazines also arrive at my house; even though I read them they aren't mine!) Hello. My name is Cheryl and I'm a magazine addict.
  18. I'm not a fan of reading on the computer screen either--I'm not sure which will give out first, my eyes or my neck. . Nice to know the screen on the Kindle is much easier on the eyes--it's one of the things I've wondered about. I just can't justify the cost/reasons for buying one--yet.
  19. If you don't mind the electronic version, Amazon has a lot of Chesterton's books for free. I downloaded several the other day--including The Ball and The Cross. I've mixed emotions reading off my computer, but downloading does give me access to books I couldn't get otherwise.
  20. I have downloaded the Kindle app for PC. I haven't read any books with it yet, but I'm having a grand time downloading free books; mainly Chesterton's works. So far. Cheryl
  21. There's a 3rd generation Kindle on the way. It's lighter, faster, longer battery life, sharper display, smaller with twice as much storage. This one also comes complete with WiFi for $189. A version with WiFi only is also on the way at $139 which is cheaper than B&N's Nook and Sony's Reader. USAToday article Amazon's blurb I may invest in one yet.
  22. Well, I'm running w/ the assumption that what you're asking for is opinions on your review and not to discuss the politics. My suggestion would be to take out any personal opinions you have of current government/policies b/c I'm not sure they pertain to the book itself. I'm thinking these in particular: As a conservative / tea party sympathizer myself, I have to warn everyone that if they follow Woods' suggestions, they are going to send the Tea Party movement down the abyss along the way of the "birthers" and other outside of conservatism wackjobs. Oh (slaps forehead) I know, If
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