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  1. One short story--Neil Gaiman. Second short story--J.K. Rowling One creative non-fiction--J.R.R. Tolkein. Second CNF--Stephen King Well. I'm not sure I've read any of Neil Gaiman's work. 8O
  2. I just finished "Ancient Highway" by Bret Lott. I'm currently reading "Resurrection in May" by Lisa Sampson. I'll probably start "Innocent Traitor" by Alison Weir and "Fireflies in December" by Jennifer Erin Valent over the weekend.
  3. Intriguing. I've just added it to my long list of books to read.
  4. I read a book review of it somewhere--CT or Books and Culture, I'm thinking. It sounded like it might be a bit over my head, so I'm curious to see what others' opinions will be.
  5. I'm planning on reading Steig Larson's books, eventually. I've read "The Help" I've read "Dear John" and, while it was a good book, it's about all of Nicholas Sparks' writing I can handle. . I'm passing on Stephanie Myers' books.
  6. Loved Minnie. I think a large part of Skeeter's being naive was the world she grew up in was so different from those of the domestics that a lot of what they dealt with just never occurred to her b/c she had no frame of reference. But the certain action of Skeeter's you referred to certainly increased the tension in the story. 8O
  7. And I've blown right past the deadline. Ah well, someone has to be the exception to the assumed rule.
  8. The Brothers Karamozov and Eragon.
  9. ha. This sounds like my sons. Mammalian sub-human issue. ::hysterical:: That's the best description--and most accurate--I've ever heard.
  10. Nice job with the prologue--I'm intrigued to read more.
  11. I read Three Cups of Tea and The Memory Keeper's Daughter in between hiking trips last week in AZ. Currently, I'm reading A Private History of Awe by Scott Russell Sanders and Forgotten God by Francis Chen.
  12. Ultimately the pilot in command is responsible. LDM may not have had any idea he was lacking the certifications needed to fly that particular plane. Anyone not familiar with aviation wouldn't know where to begin to ask a pilot about certifications and what not. I think people assume it's like driving--once you can drive a car, then the model really doesn't matter. Driving is driving so isn't flying, flying? (No, it's not. you can't even begin to compare the two.) Overconfidence in personal ability kills a lot of pilots--just like 'get there-itis'. JFK Jr comes to mind. If I remember ri
  13. Actually, the fault lies with the pilot--legally he's responsible to know how much weight a plane can carry--information that is kept with the plane--and to determine if the load he's asked to carry is over the limit. I don't know how much training the pilot had--but if it was a clear day and all he was doing was doing was a flyover of the ranch, he wouldn't need a lot, as long as he was checked out as competent to fly this particular plane. But, pilots overestimating their abilities isn't rare, either. (We own a Piper 160/180. My husband and oldest son are both private pilots, w/ my s
  14. Nice. . I look forward to reading the prologue--the connection is slow as molasses right now and I need to get off the computer and get my day started! Writing that explores the supernatural always interests me! I have bits and pieces as well, but haven't worked on it enough to see if they will fit together or not. Maybe I'll pull it out later today and fiddle with it. Hey Jeffery, thanks for posting this topic. It got the fiction brain cells firing again--quite necessary since summer is going to be spent working on a fiction portfolio for grad school submissions.
  15. I've had a book idea bouncing around in my head for years. I've worked on it, put it aside when my niece became ill 6 years ago, and didn't work on it again until pulling out a section for a workshop in my fiction writing class 3 years ago. I used it for 2 reasons-I didn't have to write something from scratch--it was toward the end of the semester and ideas were lacking--and I was curious to see how receptive people would be to it--they liked all 27 pages pretty well. . At this point, those 27 pages may be relegated to backstory, but I'm not sure. I've also written a short story that plays
  16. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin A Private History of Awe by Scott Russell Sanders
  17. Sounds to me like a kid who got hold of his mom's credit card, not a FB game issue. The games themselves are free--but they try to entice you to spend money on things to upgrade your farm/cafe/whatever. I've played/play the same game--it was a great stress reliever when my brain was shot from school--and I've done it without spending real money. (now that I've graduated, those same stress relievers are now just an annoyance.) The game itself isn't the issue; I think it's more of a kid not seeing a problem using his mom's credit card w/out her knowledge. And if she did know, then she has no
  18. I'll never look at Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods gang the same again.
  19. Drawing from Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing, I'll toss out a few names: Scott Russell Sanders Joshilyn Jackson Leslie Leyland Fields Thomas Lynch ( I didn't hear him, but I've read some of his work) Gene Luen Yang graphic novels Others that come to mind as I scan some of my books scattered about: Lisa Sampson Sherman Alexie
  20. Very cool. Thanks for posting!
  21. I like to lurk on chats --just being honest from the get-go. I find the whole process overwhelming if it's a free for all. My personal interest is authors--I'm clueless when it comes to most anything movie related. 8O
  22. I went to that one, too. There weren't that many people there, either, so we might have seen one another without knowing it. A distinct possibility.
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