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  1. Irreversible Perks of Being a Wallflower Mysterious Skin
  2. Surely others saw this one? I just caught it. I didn't know quite what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the visuals were quite wonderful. I think it would make a great triple-feature with My Neighbor Totoro and Song of the Sea.
  3. So...one trilogy in which the main character becomes a Jedi, another one in which the main character becomes a Sith, and a third trilogy where two characters meet in the middle? Well...okay, I guess.
  4. This ended last night to wild acclaim, as it should. Leftovers tackled faith, doubt, and mystery unlike anything I've ever seen before (and better than many things I've seen) and I'm surprised more people here didn't watch. One (non-spoilery) thing I found really interesting was that this final season started on Easter and ended on Pentecost and this was definitely intentional. I have the same question as spoon: Did anyone else watch this?
  5. FWIW, the IMAX version is still playing at World of Science every day at 3pm. I'm hoping to see it this week.
  6. I had no idea that Armond White was back, so it felt very fitting to find him back at his old shtick on this movie in particular. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/get_out/reviews/?sort=rotten
  7. I read the book on my flight up when I moved to Vancouver from Kansas 4 years ago. It was a goodbye gift from my sister. Tears for the bulk of that plane ride, tears again when watching the trailer a few months ago, almost certainly tears when I see the movie. I've given several copies of the book away over the years, so many more tears.
  8. But I just bought the blu-ray box set of all his films last Christmas and it doesn't even make room for future features the way that Bond box sets do. What am I to do?!
  9. I spent a good chunk of my monthly data allotment to watch this over the weekend. I do not regret it at all. I spent the whole first episode wondering why everyone was referring to El as if she were a girl. When I looked her up and found out she really was a girl, then I couldn't figure out why I thought she was a boy. Then I realized why I'd thought I recognized her:
  10. I spotted that earlier tonight. I was able to make it through about 5 minutes. I consider that an achievement.
  11. "This is the deep-down freshness anticipated on his debut…" A Hopkins reference was about the last thing I expected in an article about Chance. I'll take it!
  12. It is, at least, one of the two bonus tracks that comes with the Special Edition. It would have fit well on this album, but I'm glad they're at least releasing a high-quality version.
  13. I've taken the plunge. Scattered thoughts: Yes, the lyrics are awful awful awful. Yes, UltraLight Beam is great. Simply great. I've listened multiple times to the album, and I think I may be able to cut it down to a playlist of 10 songs that I might enjoy. The original version of Wolves that was being passed around a couple weeks ago is much better than the "album" version. I'm not sure what exactly this album IS. It seems an awful work in progress, like Kanye was finally surrounded by too many yes-men and started to believe that he could really put out anything in any state and have it be incredible. This is not. The production is often a mess, the clipping is horrid, and the lyrics. I don't want to think about them. The second/third track, for instance, starts out fascinating and then the lyrics screw it up. The model/asshole couplet is unbelievably horrid and stupid. In other news: Sunday Candy was my favourite track from last year. Endlessly fascinating.
  14. I just read Travels in Hyperreality last week for a guided study. Sad day indeed.
  15. THANK YOU. The myopic thing seems a new development, no? But it's all I hear now to the point where it made me doubt the "traditional" pronunciation. Also, either way, I'm with Tyler.
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