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    avoiding the phone, ballet, barbara stanwyck, the beach, biographies, brigit pegeen kelly, broccoli, bunnies, cadbury creme eggs, cate blanchett, cooking, crappy television, creativity, dana gould, derrida, ed hirsch, editing, etymology, fairy tales, films, freckles, glasses, grammar, ice cream, intelligence, live music, mascara, mental floss, mix tapes, monkeys, naps, npr, origami, pablo neruda, paris, philology, pirates, poetry, ponies, predators, rainy days, reading, red herrings, restraint, road trips, rube goldberg machines, sarcasm, silliness, singing in the rain, singing in the shower, slumber parties, snapple peach tea, sountracks, stained glass, thursday next, tim o'brien, trashy romance novels, travel, vanilla, vegetables, vivaldi, wine, words, writing letters, zombies

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    The sad cheese snowman loves you; he wants you to take him home.
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    I highly recommend this triple feature: Ball of Fire, Army of Darkness, Radioland Murders. (They're not favorites, but they do illuminate my questionable taste.) Others include Joe Versus the Volcano, Big Trouble in Little China, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Nightmare Before Christmas, Elizabeth, Goonies, Primer, Big Lebowski, Persuasion, Dear Frankie, A Little Princess, Beetlejuice, Scrooged...
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    ryan adams, air, fiona apple, the beatles, beck, edie brickell, jeff buckley, solomon burke, neko case, cave in, miles davis, death cab, the decemberists, del amitri, the doves, bob dylan, g love, iron and wine, jump little children, patty loveless, maroon 5, van morrison, over the rhine, tom petty, madeleine peyroux, radiohead, damien rice, semisonic, elliot smith, spoon, sufjan stevens, thicke, tortoise, troubled hubble, u2, lucinda williams
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    carter beats the devil, shopgirl, how to read a poem, bird by bird, come on in, southern sideboards, the blue castle, ella minnow pea, tender is the night, a farewell to arms, hemingway's chair, from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler, the westing game, into thin air, me and my baby view the eclipse, the alchemist, the country between us
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    walter anderson (whose original art got attacked by hurricane katrina), alfonse muchas, rodin, amadeo modigliani, a. hayes town

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  1. etpetra

    The Prestige (2006)

    Plankton if you want to hide your spoilers behind the black bars, just enclose the text is spoiler tags. Just like how you enclose italic text in the "i" tag, only instead of the "i" it's "spoiler" between the brackets. If that makes sense... My thoughts on your questions (others may disagree): 1. 2. 3.
  2. etpetra

    The Prestige (2006)

    If this sheds any light on the #2 plot twist mentioned about (the one), the book went a bit more in depth.: It doesn't make the chain of events less convenient for the plot, but it does make the process from A to B feel more natural and less contrived.
  3. I got this from my beloved Diane just now: Any New Yorkers going? I'm putting the March 10 on my calendar...
  4. Stu's fabulous mix arrived Friday, and I've listened to it several times -- it takes a while for new music to really sink in, so I've had it playing while doing my regular weekend stuff. It's a really nicely put-together group of songs, so thank you, stu!
  5. etpetra

    Tristram Shandy

    Matt, Rob Brydon does a hilarious Alan Partridge imitation in the movie. Time Out New York interviewed Coogan and Brydon, oh, maybe a month ago? Now I wish I'd saved that issue (the interview was the cover story) for the interplay between them. Aha, here it is.
  6. etpetra

    Tristram Shandy

    So I saw this last night, and the deck was stacked against the movie. I was cold, hungry, incredibly sleepy -- even going so far as to crouch down in my seat so my head wouldn't bob around if I dozed off -- and I had to sit by myself in the back since the group I was meeting hadn't saved me a seat. Even so, by the end of the movie I was in a great mood and had laughed myself to full awakeness (though I was still kinda hungry). Those who are unenthusiastic about Shandy -- you can save yourself 6 bucks and rent the DVD when it comes out, but I still think you should see it. It's all the different kinds of funny I can think of -- smart-funny, mean-funny, with-a-heart-funny, and so on. There's a vein of affection running through the movie that makes it all quite enjoyable.
  7. etpetra

    Tristram Shandy

    Wow, no posts in this thread in a while. Has no one besides Darren seen it? I'm going tonight with a fellow Steve Coogan fan.
  8. etpetra

    Regina Spektor

    Could "If" be the Ezra Pound song? I've heard it referred to as both "If You're Never Sorry" and "The Ezra Pound Song," and it's one of my favorites of hers. I'm fairly certain it's not on any albums, so lucky you for seeing her live.
  9. Stu is being kind and not mentioning a rather major reason for delay: Though he asked me for it over 2 weeks ago, I didn't give him my address until today. Maybe I should mail him a Mars Bar as well by way of apology? Surely it will survive the trip across the ocean... Anyway, here is what's on its way to Stu, assuming I followed proper mailing procedure (and we are far from sure that I did so). Stu, if you want to be surprised, don't look! 1. Johnny Cash: Train of Love 2. The Be Good Tanyas: The Lakes of Pontchartrain 3. Sufjan Stevens: What Goes On 4. Bobby Bland: Stormy Monday Blues 5. Rachael Yamagata: Even So 6. The Decemberists: The Gymnast, High Above the Ground 7. Jeff Buckley: Forget Her 8. Michael Flynn: Everything Is Exactly What It Seems 9. Tina Turner: I Wanna Take You Higher 10. Muddy Waters: Baby Please Don't Go 11. Amanda Kapousouz: Do You Love an Apple 12. Cave In: New Moon 13. The Gossip: Fire/Sign 14. Josh Rouse: Why Won't You Tell Me What 15. Explosions in the Sky: A Poor Man's Memory 16. Madeleine Peyroux: This Is Heaven to Me 17. Bjork: I've Seen It All I tried to keep it ecclectic but interesting. And enjoyable, of course.
  10. I just wanted to chime in and add my love for this movie. I'd seen it a couple of times already when my parents chose to add it to our movie watching list for Christmas break. As much as I enjoyed watching it myself, it was ten times better watching it with family, especially my dad. That's not really an insight into the movie, but it is a recommendation -- watch this one with the family.
  11. Maybe I'm a little overeager, but... New year, new round of the mix club?
  12. etpetra

    Ender's Game

    I honestly can't picture anyone as Ender, but I freely admit I'm not in the know when it comes to child actors. And though it's important to the story how young the Battle School kids are, I think the movie will benefit from aging them a bit. Ender's Game is also one of my favorite books. Kebbie, it's the book that turned me into a scifi dork. And my older brother MADE me read it, because I was completely uninterested in it at first. He pulled a trick that my mother did on both of us when we went through a "I Hate Reading" phase: He read the first 2 chapters to me, and then put it down. Of course, after that I was hooked. Petra is one of my favorite characters; she's the one I really want to dream up casting for...
  13. I love my ipod, I do, but there's something I wanted to point out. The iPod works well for that, although I think you're unnecessarily complicating things here... Unless you download software that specifically allows you to do so (such as PodWorks) you cannot use and iPod to transfer music from one computer to another. For example, I have a new job that lets me listen to music while I work. In order to listen to my music, I had to re-rip CDs that I'd already copied onto my laptop and transferred to my iPod, because the iPod wouldn't allow my to transfer songs OFF it and ONTO my work computer. I ended up downloading PodWorks, which is a great program and no trouble to use -- but you should be aware that you'll have to do that should you purchase an iPod and want the ability to transfer songs off of it.
  14. I've heard amazing things about the Creative Zens. I just filled up my 10 gig iPod, and I'm thinking of switching over to a Zen myself.
  15. Dang, I hate that I didn't see this before the deadline. When's the next round? Also, can I suggest guidelines along the lines of these (from another mix club I used to be in). That way you can specify if you can ship internationally, etc. Just a thought. Can't wait for next time!
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