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  1. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/37791 One of the first reviews, written by a Christian no less.
  2. Wow. I think Dave Poland is being pretty harsh with his "Uwe Boll of studio filmmaking" claim in regards to Cohen. He's no Kurosawa, but both The Fast and the Furious and XXX are very entertaining and well-made movies (not to say that they're great, just that when I was a 13 year old boy I considered them two of my favorite movies ). Haven't seen Stealth, but at best I hear it is very-dumb fun. I think that he actually might be the right guy to take on The Mummy series, which was never great cinema anyways and (for me) fell into the same category of preposterous, goofily entertaining movie
  3. Don't know if this is up elsewhere, but here is the actual trailer (not teaser) for the film http://www.slashfilm.com/2008/07/29/harry-...t-do-you-think/ Good stuff.
  4. Wilson Smith


    Apparently it's good cheesy fun, according to Moriarty at Ain't it Cool, but it's only opening in 50 theaters and then straight to dvd. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/37566
  5. I really am sorry and I don't want to keep harping on these guys (life's too short), but I felt like I had to post this bit of news I found on there: "While 23% of American computer users are on a social network (like Facebook or MySpace), only 10% have a blog and only 14% post on blogs. The research states that blogs are most common with single adults, Northeast residents, homosexuals, those not registered to vote, atheists, and agnostics."
  6. Jeffrey, the exact same thing happened to me. I have no idea what's going on.
  7. You know, as unenthusiastic I am about McG directing and the general attitude I've heard about this one from those involved (pg-13, seriously?), some geeky part of my brain still gets a kick out of seeing a new Terminator project on screen. The trailer didn't really do anything for me until the end, which left me in a state of "I'll see that, even though I know it will probably suck". Can't wait to see the teaser on the big screen though.
  8. Question: Does anyone here know anybody personally who uses Baehr and Movieguide as their source for movie "reviews"? I'm wondering because for all this talk of it being "the loudest voice in Christian film criticism" I don't know anyone who reads it or at least takes it seriously. Surely there would have to be someone out there who is taking Baehr's advice to heart
  9. I love this movie. I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, I thought it was well made, but with lackluster villains and a weak story. This one however, was a marvel, with great characterization and a strong villain who had clear and understandable motives. It's like I was telling my friends afterwards, every movie these days has big, destructive showdowns between superpowered beings, but it was the other things, such as or when , that really make a movie memorable and distinguish Del Toro as a first rate director of popular entertainments. Bring on The Hobbit!!
  10. http://chud.com/articles/articles/15591/1/...ILER/Page1.html According to CHUD, the Watchmen trailer is no mere teaser, but a full-blown trailer featuring clips of lots and lots of memorable scenes from the book. My anticipation for seeing this in front of Dark Knight(in IMAX!!) could not be higher.
  11. "Hopefully, the better-made Christian fantasy movie PRINCE CASPIAN will make a whole lot more money than HELLBOY II, but that won’t happen if the world’s Christians don’t take a stand to choose the good and reject the bad." -From Movieguide's review of Hellboy 2 It is all our faults for not making Caspian the biggest hit of the year, apparently, but I am pretty sure that Andrew Adamson doesn't have one-fifth of Guillermo Del Toro's vision or filmmaking skills. I don't know what I was expecting. I mean, it is called Hellboy. That right there is enough to get a bad review, even without the "mi
  12. That's pretty lame when "Brief Smoking" is a rating qualification. The first movie that I watched, 101 Dalmatians, had both heros and villains who smoked constantly, and I was also brought up on old classics like Casablanca where smoking was just a part of the culture. Miraculously, I didn't grow up to be a chain smoker! And I totally agree with Bobbin that these measures will only make smoking seem more cool and rebellious rather than off-limits.
  13. As a lifelong reader and fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's memorable hero, this sounds like an absolutely terrible idea. Robert Downey Jr. could, in a better project, make a decent Holmes. But the fact that Guy Ritchie is directing fills me with dread. The last thing this character needs is some hip, ultra-edgy, violent and ironic reboot. At this point, the comedic Sacha Baron Cohen/Will Ferrell version will be more faithful to the original characters
  14. 101 Dalmatians in the 1991 re-release. My parents took me and my twin sister to see it, thinking that they were going to have to take me out during the movie, because they thought I would get restless and talk. Well, as it turns out, I didn't speak for the entire duration, I was so completely transfixed by what I was seeing.
  15. http://www.dvdactive.com/news/releases/the-new-world5.html Cover art added. Can't say that I like it, it doesn't seem to represent the film all that well, what with the "action shot" of Colin Farrell valiantly battling a Native. Oh well, whatever gets people to watch the movie.
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