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    Jesus Anime

    Christ is the God-Man. He is not Astro-Boy. The second commandment is constantly swept under the rug in our entertainment-obsessed culture. The second commandment says: "You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them ..." I wonder how you think we should apply this. If you take it at its most literal meaning then the bronze snake made my Moses was a breaking of this commandment, and possibly even the cherubim on the ark. And this interpretation would have implications for many fields. Is photography by definition a breaking of this commandment? Is depicting any living thing then breaking this commandment? What about my children's drawings? what about the fish signs on all the Christians' cars - are they breaking this commandment too? I would think that this commandment in rather saying that we should not worship these things, not that we should not represent them in art.
  2. I would agree with this. I can look back on The Last Temptation of Christ as the watershed which highlighted and accelerated the divide between the churched and non-churched in the West. If you weren't a Christian at the time you would have wondered what all the fuss was about. Christians have learnt a lot in the last ten or twenty years and we can see the difference in the approach most Christians have had to The Da Vinci Code. Christians by and large used the film to start spiritual conversations and get people talking about the topic instead of spouting anathemas at the film. This is very relevant to me at the moment because where I am (Hong Kong) the church/culture situation is at a remarkably similar stage to the West in the 80s. Last year a student magazine published a survey on sex practices which included questions on bestiality. Many of my fellow Christians wanted to protest this magazine, and ended up doing that. I instead wanted to let it pass or use it as an opportunity to present a Christian perspective on sex. As it turned out the protest turned into a tar-baby when the magazine editors turned it into a free speech issue (big issue in HK) and said if their publication was going to be banned then the Bible should be banned for its depictions of rape, incest, etc. Here in Hong Kong, we have a chance to arrest that slide into irrelevance that the church faced in the West over the past generation at a much earlier stage. I just don't know if the church here is ready to see, and to make changes
  3. karludy

    Jesus Anime

    The people who made the JESUS film are working on a new anime version with Barry Cook (co-director of Mulan). They have released an early concept video of one segment of this film on youtube. The clip is the encounter that Jesus had with the demoniac of the Garadenes. You can see it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5rDrcdz7yE. They are looking for feedback before they start work on the final product. Would you be interested in seeing Jesus in anime, and how would you like it done?
  4. Top 20 Christian albums would have to include Larry Norman and Keith Green's work. They were the real pioneers of Christian Rock. I would also include DC Talk's Jesus Freak. It is probably the biggest Christian Rock album of the last twenty years. I would also like to second the calls for something by the Lost Dogs. Probably Little Red Riding Hood. I haven't listened to much by the 77s (they're almost impossible to get hold of) but my two favourite tracks of theirs are on their Sticks and Stones album and from what I hear they were just one great U2 album away from worldwide fame.
  5. I bought a copy of Manga Messiah when off the Doulos last year because I thought it would be interesting to see how they communicated Jesus through this medium. It is certainly very high quality and you can definitely feel the Japanese manga style coming through. Importantly it was drawn by Japanese manga artists so they were to remain true to the genre. Interestingly, although the English version came out in 2007, the Japanese version is not out till 2008, so you can see that the international side of things has taken prominence. I wonder: are there more manga readers in the English-speaking world than the Jpaanese-speaking world. Or is it just that there are more Christian/churched manga readers in the English-speaking world? everyone I've shown it to has thought it was very good, although some felt the style was aimed at too young an audience.
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