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  1. What is with this spoiler hysteria? Blacked out text. Bright red warnings with exclaimation points. Is it really important to protect that minority of people who: a. haven't seen the movie, which has been out on DVD for some time; b. have nevertheless decided to read a thread about the movie; and yet c. believe that their movie watching experience will be degraded if they know the details of the plot? Where exactly can people go to openly discuss a film if not here?
  2. I don't think I really believe in the concept of a Batman spoiler. What's to spoil? We all know that Batman will survive the movie, that the themes will be the same as they've been since the late 30's, that the iconography will be riffing off of the same set of images that were mixed and remixed in all of those Legends of the Dark Knight comics. The only suspense for me relates to the kinds of things that can't be spoiled in advance, like the actual acting and filmmaking. Will Heath Ledger sucessfully pull of a kind of satanic lunacy or will he just be hammy? Will the action sequences be
  3. I had to quit halfway through Anna Karenina, and I haven't cracked War & Peace. Maybe I'll give him another try someday, like in my late 40's. Tolstoy is the only person in the history of the planet Earth (outside of France) to have rejected Shakespeare. He believed that a conspiracy of 18th-century German critics was responsible for Shakespeare's status. Orwell wrote a couple essays about Tolstoy on Shakespeare, and they're really interesting.
  4. In regard to all the questions about Pullman's use of Milton and Blake above: Blake said that Milton was in the Devil's party without knowing it. But Blake invented a complex, mythological system to say all sorts of interesting things. He seperates the God of the OT, a removed law giver sitting in clouds on top of a mountain, from the God of the NT, who is incarnate, walks among us, suffers with us, loves us, etc. He calls the OT God Urizen and the NT God Los. Los is associated with Christ, but he's also associated with Satan, because Satan rebeled against the God of the OT. So Blake isn'
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