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    Biblical exegesis, Christian history, thought-provoking films, especially European and Asian cinema (with the occasional Hollywood blockbuster or truly funny comedy), music of many eras and genres, (from classical to jazz to punk/indie-rock), and quality novels and poetry.

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    It's a long story :-)
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    1. La Dolce Vita 2. Ponette 3. The Tree of Life 4. Cries and Whispers 5. Ordinary People 6. The Best Years of Our Lives 7. 2001: A Space Odyssey 8. Poetry 9. The Shining (Kubrick version) 10. Persepolis
  • Favorite music
    Not always in chronological or preferential order: Gregorian chant and other liturgical music, Palestrina, J.S. Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Wagner, Debussy, Mahler, Robert Johnson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Kool and the Gang (especially the "hard funk" days, '69-76), Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Gil Scott-Heron, Shuggie Otis, Lafayette Afro-Rock Band, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, The Clash, Television, Ramones, Patti Smith, Wilco, U2, John Cale, Velvet Underground, Laura Nyro, Journey, Corinne Bailey-Rae, Mark Heard, Talking Heads, Cheap Trick, The Replacements, Rickie Lee Jones, Charlie Peacock, Daniel Amos, Larry Norman, Portishead, Hum, Arcade Fire, Camera Obscura, Broken Social Scene, Reverie Sound Revue, Van Hunt, Alabama Shakes, Avett Brothers
  • Favorite creative writing
    Saint Augustine's "Confessions," Shakespeare, George Herbert, Gerard Manley Hopkins, T.S. Eliot, Jean-Paul Sartre's "Nausea," the general work of Flannery O'Connor, Dostoevsky, Thomas Merton, Walker Percy, Anne Sexton, Amiri Baraka (formerly, Leroi Jones), Louise Gluck, Scott Cairns, C.S. Lewis, Peter Kreeft, Father James Schall, some of Francis Schaeffer's work, and the non-mysogynistic, not-so-misanthropic aspects of Charles Bukowski's work (he can be admittedly rough reading, but when he's insightful, he's great!).
  • Favorite visual art
    Not my strongest field of knowledge at this point. I can only offer this: Catholic and Orthodox art and cathedrals (such as Chartres), Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Munch, and others whom I can't remember at the moment...

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About Me

I'm just a man who, very imperfectly, wants to love and serve God and others. Ok, not only that: I'm also a book, film, and music freak with virtually unclassifiable tastes! smile.gif

(I apologize for using "I" so much below, but this is "About Me," so here goes:)

Insofar as movies, I lean toward European and Asian cinema and smaller American films. I admire the intelligence and verbal articulation (although not, in every case, the political positions) of William F. Buckley. I enjoy some of the films of Jean-Luc Godard. Ingmar Bergman is my favorite director, although my spiritual beliefs are as far from his as can be imagined. I love the Canadian "hipster-rock" perennials, Broken Social Scene-- and Steve Perry-era Journey. I like some "noise-rock," and the classical works of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, and many more. My most beloved vocalist, in any genre of music, is Nina Simone (with Frank Sinatra a close second). Gil Scott-Heron's voice (especially in the '70s and '80s) is an expressive thing of wonder. I enjoy being challenged by books and films which play with form and linear narrative, though I also very much appreciate a straight-forward story. I hate much of modern art for its soulless (and not-very-creative) celebration of nihilism. I'm also deeply intrigued by the paintings of Francis Bacon, an openly nihilistic 20-century painter. I treasure the works of my two favorite 20th-century writers of fiction (and practicing Catholics), Flannery O'Connor and Walker Percy. I can also see the worth in some of the better work of the notorious "barfly" poet and novelist, Charles Bukowski (as much as I deplore his unashamed celebration of self-destruction and depravity). I "lean" conservative in my political views, but I am often ashamed of the Republican Party in the United States.

I have a degree in English and a physical disability. If you want to know about my work situation and have about an hour, ask me. smile.gif I am a Catholic "convert/revert" (with much appreciation for my years in evangelical and Reformed Protestantism!) who believes the Bible to be true but not a scientific textbook. God bless you, and thank you for reading!

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