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    Born in California, raised in Colorado, did two years of junior college in Kansas, before I finally arrived in Seattle. Graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Theatre. This means I have a day job while I try to pursue a career in the arts. So to pay the bills I work for Community Health Plan of Washington, an HMO. Yes, I can hear your screams of horror. I work in the call center, and count the minutes till I am off work. The rest of my time is spent doing as much acting and writing as I can. I am a regular performer in Taproot's Improv troupe, and I am currently trying to write the million dollar screen play that will make me rich and famous.

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  1. Anybody else watch this on the SciFi Channel over the last three nights? I gave it shot on Monday, and got hooked. I was really impressed at how well they were able to use the Room and the Objects in such clever ways, and not feel they had to go into long explinations about what they were doing just to make sure the audience was cathing on. They really treated the audience as if we actually have a brain. I didn't buy Peter Krause as a police detective at first, but fortunatley he doesn't stay in that role for very long. They had a nice supporting cast including the gal who played Ms. Klugh in Lost. Maybe she has a contract that says she will only be in projects with the word Lost in the title. There was also a glass eye involved. Hmmmm. Maybe that's the secret of Lost, they are all in the Lost Room!!!! Anyway the show is encoring this Saturday, and folks should check it out. The SciFi channel almost gives the Science Fiction genre a bad name, but with shows like this and Battlestar Galactica I will still tune in.
  2. Saw it last night with Jeffrey. Watched Touristas right before. Liked Touristas better. 'sall I'm saying.
  3. Anybody else watch last nights episode? So far it is continuing to do more that just hold my interest. Last night they added another little step outside of the Groundhog Day rules. He wakes up, and it's the same day again, but this time something is different, and the change seems to have come about due to his "previous day's" actions. It seems to have changed because he helped bring about the healing of a past broken relationship. I wonder if they will use this in episodes to come. They show has many different little mystery threads, and the main character has taken steps along each of the threads. I wonder if he will learn he needs to follow each thread to completion in order to break out of this ever repeating day?
  4. Ok. Maybe this show is starting to find it's legs. Last night was another fairly descent episode. Finally the sketches are actually funny. I thought Whitford pulling a Lorne Micheals interuption of Howie Mandels monologue was very funny. Of course Whitford is a much better actor that Michaels. I liked the drama in the writer's room, and the new guy they brought in. And YEAH!!! The brought back the PA, and gave her a promotion to Matt's assistant. I think her characters name is Jeannie. That actress and her character should be a gold mine of story material. Here's hoping the keep moving in this direction.
  5. I'm still digging this show, but I agree that last nights episode wasn't spectacular. We did learn some cool things to add to each Heroes origin story though. I read in TV Guide this morning that Christopher Eccleston will be joining the cast in January. His character has the power of invisibility. He has had his powers for longer than any of the other Heroes and will become a mentor to Peter. Cool!!!
  6. Yes they sort of skipped the honeymoon of the characters discovering there powers, and having fun with them. I do like that there are characters who are afraid of their powers, and that they are now very different from anyone they know, but they could have had one or two have a little fun. Hiro did in the first episode, but then things became un-fun very quickly when he found a guy with the top of his head sliced off and his brain missing. And then theres the whole New York disappearing into a ball of flame thing. Kind of makes you take life a little more seriously after seeing those kinds of things. But I take your point.
  7. I say thee nay!!! STTMP was a great SciFi story. Yes it was way too long, (The trimmed Directors cut is better, but even this is still too long.) but discovering what V'ger is was just good storytelling, and the Enterprise never looked better.
  8. Ah. Well, that character was faily two dimensional so I can see why you would take insult. But hey, she redeemed herself in the end by telling Claire to run. Ok, not really. Cut in half? I don't remember that happening, at least not in last nights episode. However, it is true that I have been frequently surprised at how Heroes has been pushing the envelope on the amount of blood, and ripped up bodies they show.
  9. Hm. I am still really loving this show. Not sure what you are talking about here. PC? Guess I missed that part. Not sure why this name is a bad choice. What's wrong with Wilcox? Um... well he didn't really "Bump" into her, he was looking for her. Sure, he thought he was looking for the other cheerleader (the one with the awful Wilcox name ), but once Sylar showed up, and the screaming started, he would have found her anyway. What I found interesting about Sylar is that he can't sense who has powers and who doesn't. He was fooled by the newspaper article as well. For some reason I thought one of his powers was to be able to sense when a person has powers. I guess it makes more sense now why he didn't go after Hiro last week, and just took the waitress. Anyway still a great show for me.
  10. Saw this last night. I really liked the first half, wished they would have chopped about a half hour out of the middle, and then liked how it wrapped up. I loved Dunst's performance. It's the best I've seen her do. I wish they had given Schwarzman more to do. His character didn't really come to life until their first baby was born.
  11. Ok. Last nights episode wasn't half bad. I actually quite enjoyed it. That last moment when Busfield brings the sketch of the new stage design made me almost feel like I was watching a Sports Night episode.
  12. Croaker

    Casino Royale

    Um... nope. Nothing of the kind. When Bond is in the hospital after suffering at the hands of LaChifre, Mathis is pretty much out of the picture already.
  13. So... Is there really no topic started on this show yet? I did a search and couldn't find anything. If there is sorry. Anyway, I didn't watch the first season as it aired, I got the discs through Netflix, and I loved it. It was one of those shows that has a season long arc, and you can tell that the creative mind behind it know exactly where the story is going. Even to the extent of introducing characters that seem to be there just for the one episode, but then are brought back later in such a surprising and rewarding way that it made me cheer several times. I was always so impressed that they would introduce the next step in the plan for escape, and the plan was alway so clever, then to have that plan foiled, so they had to figure out a new plan that was at least as clever or even more so. The acting, directing, and writing are all superb. I love Robert Knepper who plays T-bag. It is such a deliciously evil character, and a huge break from the Tommy Dolan role he played in Carnivale. That was the first season. I have been watching the second season unfold on Monday nights, and while it is not as good as the season one, it is still engaging. The introduction of William Fichtner has been alot of fun. the main thing that causes the second season to suffer is the fact that all the characters Not sure if they are going to be able to sustain this for another season. Not sure there will be that much more story to tell.
  14. Wow. Is nobody watching this show anymore? I think it's the best hour on TV right now. I loved this last Friday's episode, and how it was centered on Adama. We learn some messy things about his past, and it finally gets Tigh out of his room. And we got to see Carl Lumbly from Alias! I hope we get to catch up with Starbuck next episode. The only disappointing thing about this season so far, for me has been getting a look inside the Cylon baseships. Not really what I was hoping for. The concept for the mechanics of their ship is interesting, but not very visually creative.
  15. Croaker

    Casino Royale

    I've never been much of a Bond fan. Most of the movies have just been too silly for me to get into. Even the Brosnan films, though much better, were still pretty silly. Casino Royal was not silly. Maybe a cornball line here or there, but nothing so bad as the typical Bond fare. I even liked how they slipped the innuendo Bond Girl name in there with a nod and a smirk to the past films. I liked the movie. Craig makes a great Bond. I loved the opening teaser scene, and the major action sequence that followed it. Unfortunately the rest of the movie doesn't really measure up to it's begining. Some of the action scenes felt thrown in so they wouldn't have to make the audience sit through a long boring poker game. And I must protest the Other than that it was fun. Not silly
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