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  1. Not a fan of Bono's new 'do but I'm very much looking forward to the June 24-25 shows which Thomas and I will be attending. Will any other Image board folk be there?
  2. Saw it last night and really enjoyed it. Loved Brian Blade's drumming on the score. Kinda iffy on the ending myself but not sure what a proper ending would/should be.
  3. The 2014 Publishers' Weekly list plus a spreadsheet of other lists.
  4. The Storied Life of AJ Fikry is a fun read about book nerds but I wouldn't put it in any top 10 overall list for the year.
  5. Poking my head back in here to put this link to recent acoustic performances of "Miracle of Joey Ramone" and "Every Breaking Wave" on Italian TV.
  6. LibrarianDeb

    Mud (2012)

    Saw it this afternoon and loved it. Am so thrilled it's playing wide, even in Rockford!
  7. LibrarianDeb

    Ebert Watch

    Stream of Ebert memorial service http://www.rogerebert.com/balder-and-dash/live-stream-roger-ebert-memorial-tribute Starting out with a gospel choir rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Always" followed by a gospel song I'm not familiar with. Interesting.
  8. Those of us who were fortunate enough to be at the Glen West open mike this past August had the pleasure of hearing one of the songs on the soundtrack, Elayna Boynton's "Freedom." No kidding.
  9. If you purchase your Criterion goodies (or anything else at bn.com) anytime from the 10th-15th AND mention MPOW Bookfair number #10866218 the library gets a small cut of your purchases. Shop early and often! And thanks!
  10. As I said on Facebook, I'm breaking up with Denzel until he picks a good script again. I quit if this gets a Best Picture nod.
  11. Craig confirmed for two more Bond films
  12. Dead at 54 two months after suffering heart attack
  13. I'm also in favor of an every five year Top 100 list. Maybe I'll have time to finish watching the films with that much time.
  14. Kickstarter campaign to save the Catlow Will The Catlow Go Digital Or Go Dark? Hello! My name is Tim O'Connor. Along with my co-partner and fiancé, Roberta Rapata, we run the Catlow Theater in Barrington, Illinois. The Hollywood movie studios are committed to reducing their movie production and distribution costs by eliminating the use of film. Very soon, every movie theater in the country will either have converted their film projection systems to the new digital format or they will be out of business with no movies to show. The message from the movie companies to small theaters like ours is clear: "Go digital or go dark." Hollywood’s edict means the 85-year old Catlow Theater must upgrade its audio and visual equipment at a cost of at least $100,000. The multiplexes and large chains are getting substantial discounts for their digital conversions. We are not! We intend to stay in business, but we’ll need a lot of support from those who love movies and who appreciate historic movie houses like The Catlow.
  15. LibrarianDeb

    Ebert Watch

    Ebert on how "movies don't stream themselves"
  16. Chicago-area (Rosemont) screening on May 1st: More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/254101587976760/
  17. *Poking my head in* FWIW I grew up in a non-church home (I became a Christian in high school) and went to public schools until college. I know a few people who were homeschooled for some it was a good experience and some it was not. Same with public schooled friends of mine. As for me, I think that my parents deep involvement in my educational and intellectual life had more to do with how I turned out than the school I went to. My parents (especially my father) loved the arts and so we went to art museums, the ballet, classical music concerts etc. We had hundreds of books in our home. I was expected (but not required) to go to college. Most of my school friends didn't have these opportunities and were the poorer for it: meaning lower grades, test scores etc. So my conclusion is that home environments are usually a primary influence on a child's education no matter where the child attends school.
  18. We saw them in St. Louis last Saturday and they were amazing, ponytail and all. I'm not even much of a Radiohead fan but now I need their catalogue and some really good headphones.
  19. This librarian has ruled that it's not cheating.
  20. FWIW, Spike Lee says that the Oscars are stuck in 1940 "“Despite what the [Motion Picture] Academy thought that year, Denzel’s performance in Malcolm X was one of the greatest ever, and the lesson I got from that is that I will never put myself in the position for other people to determine what is good and not good,” he said. “After that, I have never cared what the Academy said.”And recounting how he had to turn to wealthy black celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to finance “Malcolm X” when the studio pulled the plug, Lee stressed Malcolm X’s mantra about self-reliance and self-determination remains still relevant to the black community today. Lee, complaining that the first African-American to win an Oscar, Hattie McDaniel, garnered the 1940 award for her role as a maid in “Gone With the Wind,” and this year two other actresses, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are up for Oscars for similar roles in “The Help,” said America and Hollywood has far to go on race issues. “Something crazy happened the other day. Your guy, Barack Obama, gave his third State of the Union address, and ironically, the next day, the Academy put out their Oscar nominations. In 1940, our first great actress is a slave maid. In 2012, we have two maids. The difference? They’re not slaves. Progress?”"
  21. The nom for "The Ides of March" is the most unexpected all of the noms.(Well except for "Extremely Close" for Best Picture). It's not a terrible movie but not memorable. I mean how about "Dragon Tattoo,"?
  22. I was just feeling guilty about last year's! January: 1) + Hugo (Scorcese, 2011)
  23. Here's my list of faves so far, there's plenty I haven't seen yet. (Not necessarily in order) Of Gods and Men Tree of Life Certified Copy Midnight in Paris Moneyball Win Win Bridesmaids 50/50 Muppets
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