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  1. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention. Definitely recommended and the perfect double bill with Ishaguro's The Buried Giant, which I also recently read and--even though I found it frustrating at times--am unlikely to forget any time soon.
  2. I've been following this with a bit more interest since you brought up this topic, and came here today to say this as well. The numbers just don't support the conclusions that I sensed was being pushed about Evangelicals and Trump.
  3. I don't watch the show, but have seen House of Carbs jokes on twitter.
  4. For a number of reasons, my wife and I make a point of not getting too political in front of our six-year olds, but they came home from school saying that Donald Trump is a mean man who shouldn't be allowed to say what he does.
  5. Rod Drehrer, who is Orthodox but writes frequently and with empathy for Evangelicals, has been blogging a ton about Trump. I don't believe he supports Trump, but neither does he reflexively dismiss him either. (This could have changed; I don't read his blog every day). Here is a fairly recent letter he posted from an Evangelical who will probably vote for Trump. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/letters-from-other-america-trump/
  6. After last night's Season 2 Episode 1, I think it is fair to include the television series as Coen Bros. canon.
  7. Hi, M. Leary. Of course, I hope you are mistaken, but nothing you said seems impossibly wrong. I am inclined to trust Noah Hawley, because a lifetime of watching television had convinced me that season one would be a disaster and I was wrong.
  8. How was Dawes? "All Your Favorite Bands" has penetrated my Passenger Side anthem love.
  9. I guess I'm the main one carrying the torch for this TV series on A&F. It would make me happy to hear if anyone else enjoyed it, particularly some of our Coen film experts. It is remarkable to me how the first season managed to live in that while being its own thing as well.
  10. NBooth, this seems like a book written for you: The Decagon House Murders. After reading this review yesterday, I was pleased to see that it is available in the Kindle Lending Library, so downloaded it last night. So far, I've only read the introduction by Soji Shimada, author of Tokyo Zodiac Murders, which praises the genre of puzzle mystery books. I enjoyed it because I have spent so much time reading criticism that argues the exact opposite point.
  11. I listened to this as an audiobook with my wife on the drive for a family vacation this week. I consider To Kill a Mockingbird a book I remember enjoying somewhat in high school, while it is a treasured classic for her and with that as background, I think I enjoyed it a bit more than she did. I had read this blog post prior to hearing the book, and I agree with its conclusions.
  12. Two listens in and I'm enjoying the other album released yesterday. I'm a longtime Isbell fan and liked Southeastern plenty, but I think I'll listen to this one more in the long run.
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