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  1. yes I have heard rumors about it. Most credible is that the reason why many have not been taking sides on the emergent church is because this book has not come out yet. People knew of Carson's upcoming book and have been wanting to wait and see what he says before making value judgements regarding the emergent church. Like most of Carson's work it should be well written, researched and thoughtful. Worth a read. . .
  2. After being too consummed with school I have finally caught up with Alias! It is interesting that nobody has mentioned that Jack could be "playing" Syd. Do any of you think it was a whole set of by Jack and Sloane to get Syd to think warm and happy thoughts toward Jack? I do agree though that the scene was very well written and creatively done. Also, the birthday connection to last season is intriguing. Do you know what I am referring to? The one where Syd dreams and sees her dad standing next to a birthday cake? Anyways, I have promised myself this season not to read into every little jot and tittle and it has been much more enjoyable! I do think we are in for a mind blowing season finale though. . .
  3. Nice to see that somebody noticed there was no Little House. It is rediculous for Lone Ranger to be at the very bottom. Other neglected themsongs I think are Saved by the Bell and like it or not. . .FRIENDS. . . it was pretty revolutionary I think to have The Rembrants do the song and have it be on the top of the charts for as long as it did. The Monkeys obviously did it but it was a show about a musical band. . .Friends was different. Price Is Right got slighted too. . .that should be higher. . .pretty long standing. And what about the NBC News intro? Just some thoughts. . .
  4. so what all did you guys think? For the first time in a super duper long time I am actually anticipating next weeks show! The old writer's contracts may have expired and J.J. finally got his old crew back. Bringing back some of the old plot lines has been stupendous eventhough some of the writing is still a bit pathetic. But I'm pumped about Sloane beinge evil again!!! And Jack being Mr. Godfather "I'm above the law person." (Does Jack ever remind you of Zoolander or is it just me?) But little pet peeve. . .when Sloane said he was giving over the task to "JACK BRISTOW" all dignified and what not. . .why not say I'm handing this task over to "Jack" it isn't like there is another Jack they might get confused with? Little pathetic lines like that are still driving me nuts. However, to end the show with a cliff hanger is very rewarding! And wowsers did Sark have some good lines or what? Anyways, love you know your thoughts!
  5. so good to see this post. I'm a middle school Bible teacher at a Christian School. A few weeks ago a note was found which was written by two guys who were joking about some sex "ideas." Teachers and Administrators were shocked an appalled. Unfortunately the action take was to have stricter snack time and give blue slips (i.e. slap on the wrist). I was very frustrated and as the school was recupperating from their loss of innocence I tried to express my ideas that this is a coming of age time for the boys and these notes represent a type of rights of passage. I would be very, very interested in knowing your thoughts regarding this concept. Anyways, as the parents were coming to grips on what to do I told one mom about the 3x website. Her interest was high and seemed to be exceedingly grateful for the information. She shared that it was difficult for her to even go get groceries because she knew her son would be on the internet as soon as she left. So it seems as though even if the views of anti-masterbation are seen as extreme by some. . .the website is allowing some moms to go grocery shopping with a bit more peace of mind. What I would like to ask however, is what resources are out there similar to this? There are the books "Every young man's battle" and encouraging accountability and etc. But what can a female Bible teacher do to try to address this "problem" for jr. highers besides having them read a book and talk to a youth pastor? How can we get beyond the surface and down to the deeper spiritual issues? Any ideas?
  6. Wow! Dan you could serisouly make a killing on this stuff. Thanks again! As for the Barth question. . .start a new thread on Barth and I'll be posting like a mad (wo)man! My
  7. I was impressed by Dixon. However, was it good for him to play his cards? Sloane seems to always get even. It was nice however, to get some of the old GOOD plotline into this season. Seems as though J.J. is pulling through. Episodes that do more than unlock something in a new way are good. Freaky show but I was glad the resisted the temptation to go sci-fi. . .
  8. Thank you! Thank you! I could really use this stuff at my school This is good stuff. . .Great set up. . .Would you be willing to share anymore of the resources like the Alfred Hitchcock page? Could totally use things like that. I would be willing to speak to our headmaster and principal to see if we could compensate you if you are ready to begin marketing it! Seriously, I am implementing various cultural awareness assignments but have not done anything like this because of time. It would be great if you could help me out some! Currently, I'm in the process of developing a consistent k-12 Bible curriculum that is from a Reformed perspective rather than a dispensational. Having a blast with teaching catechisms, creeds, the patristics, Calvin, Barth, Lewis, Packer etc. . . It is great stuff and loving it. Just takes a ton of time and my music and movie component to the curriculum is getting the shaft. Noticed you did an ACSI workshop. Good for you. How was your information received?
  9. One of my fav quotes from Princess Bride is "Have fun storming the castle" As for other "high art" quotes. . .Bonnie Hunt's character in Return to Me: "Hairy Legs are your only link to reality."
  10. The book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was an all time favorite of mine as a child. I remember watching the movie and being completely devestated by the interpretation of Willy Wonka. From that point on I wished somebody would make a movie more like the book. And when I first heard that Burton and Depp were again going to partner and do this book I could not be happier. However, I am guilty of my childhood experiences causing me to be very biased. I have seen the movie since that tragic day of childhood scarring and I do see more redeeming factors to it. One in particular is the love that Charlie has for his grandfather. This was something I missed as a second grader. The reason why he takes the fizzy lifting drink is because his grandpa was wanting to do so. Charlie loved his grandfather so much that he would rather make his grandpa happy than have an entire factory of fun! Could it be interpreted that it is this love for grandfather and people that convinces Willy Wonka to give the factory to Charlie? Wonka didn't want somebody who necessarily followed rules to the strictest interpretation to take over the factory but rather cared for other people's happiness (which is what Wonka candy is all about). I think this interpretation does bring about some redemption to the seemingly poor portrayl of Dahl's Wonka by Wilder. However, I do wait with great anticipation to this new portrayl. I do echo the concerns of others on this post that the younger Wonka does give me some reservations. . .but I do remain confident in know that both Burton and Depp love this book and want it to be done well. And I really don't think there could be a better pair to do so!
  11. A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow by Mitch and Mickey
  12. I think I continue to be too idealistic to think that could actually happen. Carl F.H. Henry, Harold Lindsell, Harold Ockega, Nelson Bell had such higher standards for this magazine. Oh for it to go back to its days in the early 60's when they were actually discussing issues like Christology, election, church and state issues, Karl Barth, etc. . . Ughhh!
  13. I've been pretty busy this semester so I haven't been following this thread however, I revisited it when I saw the article this month. My Master's thesis is pertainining to American theological education through CT. One aspect I have found particularly interesting is a column that CT used to run called Refiner's Fire. It was during the 70's. This column would critique various forms of art throughout its running. It was very interesting because it seemed to be educating the readers how to crtique film, poetry, literature, television etc. My concern with CT currently, is that it seems to be encouraging people to find a "papal" figure and simply agree with that person. Rather than providing tools to its readership to formulate opinions for themselves. These papal figures come in all forms from Brian McLaren to Ted Baher What is the point of interviewing Ted Baher? Is it to develop little Ted Baher disciples? Or is it to educate the readers of CT to engage with culture on their own standing. Unfortunately, it seems that the goal of CT currently is to take the easy way out and provide its readership with an interview that does not empower, educate or inform. It seems as though CT may be looking for a means to redefine its place in the current evangelical landscape. Unfortunately, this issue shows it's confused. This interview was in an issue that had a cover story on the emergent church seeking to engage with the postmodern culture. However, in the same issue it also has an interview with Ted Baher that only disconnects Christians with culture. This is confusing to the readers. All this to say. . . it is my hope that CT can begin to develop a consistent ideology and be more consistent in their reporting rather than running like a business and trying to cater to all forms of evangelicalism in order to have a broader readership.
  14. Well, I just got back from a weeks vacation in Colorado Springs. Through a twisted turn of events my friend and I found ourselves on a Focus on the Family tour and in the Book center. Yup! The evangelical papal figure himself is endorsing the Christina alternative to American girls. (What was wrong with Felicity, Sophia and Kit? And how nerdy would it be to go to a slumber party with the cheesy Christian doll instead of the super-duper cool Felicity of the initial American Girl Dolls). Of course they had the Bush praying thing prominantly displayed as people entered. In addition they have a section for singles. Since I am one I thought it would be interesting to see what the family man himself endorses for myself. Needless to say it was a great arrangement of Joshua Harris type stuff and True Love Waits literature for 20somethings. As I was holding a copy of a girl came up raving about the book. So I took this as an opportunity to encourage her to read A Sever Mercy by Vanauken (sp?). Of course Focus on the Family did not have it. . . And to conclude this trip to the book center of Focus on the Family my friend and I saw the magazine version of the NIV which advertises the NT for girls to learn how to get a long with their mom and how to behave around boys. I don't know. . .maybe it's just me. . .but I thought I was supposed to read the Bible to get to know Jesus more, not for some utilitarian means to have a happier family. . .oh well And finally when one enters the welcome center to go into the art exhibit (I didn't go in their for fear of loosing all control) there is a LARGE movie poster of The Passion which is signed by none other than evangelicals new best friend. . .Mel Gibson. Anyways, just some "realism" to pass on to others!
  15. Great Work Dan ~ I am starting this next school year as a jr. high Bible teacher and assistant chaplin at a local christian school in Massachusetts. Of course I'm not trying to rock the boat too much in order to possibly get my foot in the door at the local Christian High School the following year to possibly do something to this extent. In regards my discussions with the administrators they are very, very open to using art and other areas of culture in my classes. However, their view seems to be that they support it because of issues of "relevancy" and ability to speak with culture. So. . . the first day of class I will be using a Switchfoot song to talk about upcoming expectations of the year however, I am wanting to somehow get it from using movies/music etc. for relevancy but to actual expression of Christian thought. Any ideas of how to do this at a jr. high level? My
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