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  1. Keep with it, Jeffery. I was much like you after my first couple hearings. A shrug of the shoulders and uninspired "meh" was highest praise I could muster. Flash forward two weeks into listening to the album and it is on near daily rotation on my Ipod. There's nothing that wows right out of the gate in the way "Vertigo" or "Beautiful Day" did. Instead they chose to launch the album with the single "Get on Your Boots", a song so grating and charmless to my ears it quickly made "Discotheque" look like "40". But even 'Boots', the only u2 song I've ever actively disliked, continues to grow into something less annoying with each hearing. It is this new 'slow fuse' approach I see as the biggest departure for U2. And that is the very genius of this record. At the risk of blasphemous paraphrase, this album recalls a chapter from a later part of Isaiah in that it lacks stately form or majesty that we should should be attracted to it. But take heart, pilgrim! Deeper listenings will reveal the album to be much more. No Line on the Horizon may not be the second coming of MacPhisto but it certainly is cause for much joyful noise. Get on your earphones Jeffery, find a cozy chair, and let it let you in the sound. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  2. Bob and Doug McKenzie in Strange Brew: "We're from the department of justice and we're, uh, adjusting the beds." That, or virtually any scene from Fletch.
  3. I want to respect the decision of some to wait for the album to hit stores and not fill my post with spoilers, but to those who've heard the myspace stream: Did I hear that correctly? Did track seven just reference the best documentary of last year??
  4. "No work of art is necessarily followed by a second work that is necessarily better. Given the methodologies of science, the law of gravity and the genome were bound to be discovered by somebody; the identity of the discoverer is incidental to the fact. But it appears that in the arts there are no second chances. We must assume that we had one chance each for The Divine Comedy and King Lear. If Dante and Shakespeare had died before they wrote those poems, nobody ever would have written them." -- Wendell Berry, from his Harper's article Faustian Economics of May last year.
  5. Perhaps not the funniest but this Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World ad was certainly a favorite of mine.
  6. A most excellent idea for a thread, Jeffery. As my inaugural post, I offer the following: Blind Pilot - One Red Thread Sparse and luxurious at the same time, this duo from Portland makes music that sounds great over coffee or anytime at all. The Weepies - Orbiting Husband and wife singer/songwriters from Southern California, destined for high rotation on the iPods of indy-lovers everywhere.
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