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    Alien vs. Predator

    Re: continuity errors and speculations about the source: Alien v. Predator is a very popular videogame. My 15 yr old loves it. So the movie joins the ranks of video games brought to the screen, for better or worse.
  2. Per Terry Mattingly of Gospelcom.net, per Jeffrey's column, apparently Jonathan Bock and Grace Hill Media are starting to actually do what Dr. Baehr claims he is doing - getting Hollywood insiders to understand that there is a big market for "moral" films. http://tmatt.gospelcom.net/column/2003/10/08/ Per the article: "We promote films with a moral message, films that encourage people to lead better lives, that explore God or hope or faith," said Bock, a Presbyterian churchgoer and former sitcom writer. "Our goal is simple: we want Hollywood to make a ton of money from religious people. And if they're doing it, then that means they're successfully tapping into those themes." Why do I believe that this guy is succeeding where Baehr's claims are full of hot air? Maybe because of the way he measures success, which is um, humbler, than Baehr's: "We've begun to see regular occurrences of studios making subtle changes to their product so that it appeals to this sizeable audience." (emphasis mine) Still, does anyone else think there's something not quite sincere about the comments made by the "Hollywood insiders" to the representatives of the "sizeable audience"?
  3. HJRoho

    I, Robot

    I remember seeing Nightfall in the video store, and I have vague recollections of seeing movie ads, but it might've gone direct to video. It's listed in IMDB. One of the best-loved sci-fi short stories, but personally I don't think it could sustain a feature film. More like an extended Twilight Zone episode. Read a lot of Asimov in my teenage years.
  4. MINOR SPOILERS: Saw it last night and loved it. Gut reaction: want to see it at least twice more before I catch it all. But I don't have much to add to what's already been said, except to list my favorite scenes: Charlotte looking from the taxi window, with the city reflected in it, Bob in the bathtub - and what does he say to his wife? besides he wants to "eat healthier", Charlotte putting the paper on the tree in the shrine. Bob and Charlotte on the bed, her foot against him, and, before the scene fades, he puts her hand on her foot. The absolutely surreal Japanese talk show host. My wife is Japanese-American and both of us loved (perhaps too much) every intentional joke about language and height. We thought the scene where he was filming the commercial (the director giving him instructions) was hilarious. I find it very intriguing that Copolla wrote it soon after she was married. I can understand that. No, I don't believe Bob will divorce his wife. But of course he comes home with a new insight into his marriage and life. But I also think Copolla isn't saying what she thinks. Not going to comment on Movieguide, but I may put a comment on his rating system in the Baehr thread.
  5. HJRoho


    I also haven't seen it, but here's a very interesting interview with three teenager girls about it from Salon: http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2003/09/0...teen/index.html BTW - you'll probably have to get the daypass to Salon to read it. Appropriately, it's a commercial for thirteen.
  6. Overreach. Way out of control. I think Lucas took himself way too seriously for the prequels. Eps 4-6 are great because they're fun. Ep 4 is not a great movie, but it's a fun movie. I still love it, after all the times I've seen it. The idea that Eps 4-6 touch myth and archetypes blah blah blah are true, but an afterthought. In between the series, he got caught up in what everyone was saying about the power of myth and lost his way. He needed (probably still needs) someone to tell him No! and slap his hand. No George! Someone has to edit your scripts. No George! Let someone else direct - someone who can work with actors. No George! Stop using so much CGI. No George! No romantic scenes - ever! No George! No Jar-Jar, already. Slap, slap, slap. And he needs someone to just shoot Hayden Christensen. Put him and all of us out of our misery. Ep 2 had its problems, but he made it irredeemable. (Isn't that right, m'lady.) There is a bootleg cut of Ep 1 that cuts out Jar-Jar. I'd like to see one of Ep 2 that cuts out Christensen. But despite all that, nothing will keep me away from Ep 3. Even if the word is that it's awful, I'll just go to a cheap show and have a good cry. But even so, I'm sure there will still be some sequences that be a good Wow. I think it'll make money, but if it's not good it'll take a dive after a couple weeks. Success is not guaranteed.
  7. Anyone know of any Christian artists groups in Chicago, particularly for writers? Would like to be in the same mold (attitude, quality, theolgy) as this board.
  8. The joys of public domain. But I think it's because it's safe, because whatever controversy surrounded the film at the time is long dead, or at least unknown. (I am actually guilty of this, being fond of 70's punk rock, music I wouldn't've touched when it was current.) And I am surprised at how edgy some of the movies from 1933-1965 could be. And without any evidence to back me up, I would agree that the "Church" had little to do with standards for movies in that era, largely shunning them (ironically). And have you ever noticed how much alcohol and cigarettes are consumed in those movies? My boys are fond of pointing that out to me.
  9. Didn't know that about the Klan in the church, but it doesn't surprise me. The Klan was in its highest political power in the 20's, when it represented old-fashioned Victorian values in what was seen as a world going to hell. Not all that much different than the current Christian right, really, only speaking to their generation. Blacks, as well as immigration and urbanization, were seen as both symptoms and causes of the nation's downslide. They tried to mainstream as much as possible, and tried to downplay their past "extra-legal" activities such as lynching. At the Klan's nadir of political power they were about to have a vice-presidential candidate, but he got involved in a scandal (a sexual scandal, I believe). All of his political supporters abandoned him, and the Klan's political power took a nosedive after that.
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