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  1. Wow, I had no idea what y'all had picked for the theme until just now. I can't wait. People have been itching to do a comedy list for quite awhile now, yeah? Glad we finally did it. I will peruse the list and see if I have any nominations.
  2. Thanks, friends. I will still be around for sure!
  3. And I just learned a new phrase. And I just learned a new phrase that describes all the film and TV I love.
  4. I saw that Rob Thomas tweeted something cryptic about Les Mis but I didn't click through! This looks like it will probably be absolutely horrible AND AMAZING, except that there won't be music. Boo. Count me in anyway.
  5. That sounds awesome and I wish I were reading all of the unread books I own already.
  6. So, for the last six years, IMAGE's website imagejournal.org has been hosted with a company called Medium (thisismedium.com). Our bandwidth is hosted there, our web editing is on their proprietary software, and their in-house developers have managed our large edits (small content edits have been by IMAGE staff). But Medium has closed its doors, so we need a new place to call home. Unfortunately, we don't have the means right now to start over from scratch and redesign our website entirely, which is too bad, because we'd been hoping to do so this year. So what we need is a new company to take on our hosting, our software, and our development, until we have a chance to launch a redesign. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Me neither. I think it's because of an FTP issue. Jason and I are working on it. Also: I had to go to the very bottom of the page and click "Change Theme" next to the orange RSS icon, and choose "Image3". Before I did that, it only showed me the new skin when I wasn't logged in.
  8. Can you guys see the new skin? I set it to default (THANKS JASON!)
  9. I can't wait to see it again. It might be my favorite of the three, but I'd have to watch TWE and Hot Fuzz each several times in succession to accurately make that judgment. Poor me.
  10. Anna J


    I'm looking forward to seeing gormless Jon Snow's single expression for another two hours.
  11. Ok well maybe he can sing but I can never forgive Carrie Underwood.
  12. I just mainlined the entire series in the past week. I am LOVING it as well. The faith elements keep getting more intriguing. Mark Richard is a consulting producer and has written several episodes. I heard him read at Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing last year. Wish we could get him to write for IMAGE.
  14. When I get back to the office on Monday I'll check this out. Thanks, everyone.
  15. Is it working ok for everyone now? Any more errors? We probably won't be able to get to the skins until after Glen West (second or third week of August), so...have fun with the blue board for awhile
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